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Mostly the idea was just drawing Gallus as in a seapony form, but in the end added a bit more to it.

Because gryphons are not so different from hippogriffs Gallus's seapony form is not so different looking from Silverstream's, just has a few shark-like features.


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HanamiYumenoHobbyist General Artist

Lovely sea version of Gallus~

Plus I love his reaction~

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Charles-FarrowHobbyist Digital Artist

Fish out of water, but like. Reversed.

Bird out of air.

BB-K's avatar
BB-KHobbyist Writer

When Silverstream showed her boyfriend her underwater realm

xAjelandrox's avatar
xAjelandroxHobbyist Filmographer

go get a Ship!

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EverlastingJoyHobbyist Filmographer

Such a cool idea. Good call on making Gallus's design very similar to Silverstream's based on the idea of them being very similar in design. The overall shark-like design was a good choice for Gallus too.

DragonTurtle2's avatar

His form's face reminds me of Shark Tale.

templar127's avatar

Yes! I finally get to see gallus as a seapony!!!!

Jamisjon's avatar

Please do more of these two especially Silverstream and Gallus exploring the sea and what the rest of the student six would look like in seapony form

BeesMeliss's avatar
BeesMelissHobbyist Digital Artist

I got inspired! :D

Martinuslunaris's avatar

This is so silly and cute that we can only love it. ^^

Interesting theory. Then i wonder if now that he has shark parts is it possible that he also has instincts like a shark?

UltimateBenMan10000's avatar

Always wonder what Gallus looks like if he transformed into sea form

Jamisjon's avatar

Me too along with the other student six

Delta52775's avatar

This is awesome, I hope you draw some more of these two soon!

DanDrazen's avatar
DanDrazen Writer

I picture Silverstream singing "Part Of My Wooooooooorld."

EmilyTheAngel47's avatar
Although I don’t like the show where this is from anymore, I have to say, this is cool!
FireYay2's avatar
FireYay2New Deviant
So cute
ABB0002's avatar
ABB0002Professional Photographer
Awesome and cute
Tiger-Hawk's avatar

He looks pretty good as a sea pony

BrightBulb13's avatar
BrightBulb13Student Traditional Artist

while im unsure if that's how gallus would turn out underwater i can imagine silverstream saying 'YIPPEE NOW YOU CAN MEET MY MUM'

Unkownbrony52's avatar
Woah! That’s awesome. I totally ship these two.
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