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Lair of Bats

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Published: February 28, 2019

Bat Pony Head-canon:

+Their Home:
Bat ponies only live in bat only colonies and not venture out from it, hence why it's rare to see them around. While there are numerous bat pony towns, their biggest one can be found in a large cave under Canterlot, called Stallyonia (ponified version on Transylvania). The 'capital' design wise looks like Canterlot, but more blue and purple in colors and more Moon symbols. Some family homes can be found on
the cave's walls.
They use flames that mimicks the glow of the Moon. The caves natural habiter is a variant of the firefly, dubbed 'starfly', which emits blue light and feeds of the glow worms, found on the ceiling of the cave.

+Their Royalty
The bat ponies naturally attracted to Princess Luna, she's the princess of the night and moon (side note: In my head-canon design of Luna she has some bat pony like features), and accepted her as their sole ruler (any of their phrases doesn't contain Celestia name or symbols to her. Example: instead of 'By Celestia's name...' for them it's 'By Luna's name...').
During Luna's banishment bat pony guards refused to serve Celestia and join the Solar Guards, so they resigned. Celestia accepted their wishes. During those times their were reports of Nigthmare Moon worships among the bats. For them Nightmare Night was a celelbration for their beloved princess.

+Their Bodies
Bat ponies originally nocturnal, but most of them used to being active during the day too, tho the night still the most natural to them. They can see in the dark and their eyes glow too. They can't see in complete darkness, but they have the ability to use echolocater, just like actual bats, tho not as precise.
Their coat and mane variants are different shades of black, white, grey and brown (more 'natural' colors). There are no bright multicolored ones, if their is, that bat ponies ancestory have some non bat ponies in it.


This has to be the longest head-canon I ever written (porbs full of grammer and spelling mistakes), but I wanted to do one about bat ponies for a long while now. Also, needed to gather up my head-canons for them in connection for my AU, but that's for later;)

This piece has such an over-detailed background and most of it can't even be seen (probs also why it took me days to finish this). Backgrounds not my strong point, hence why most of the time I don't bother with them.^^'''''

I kinda like some of the bat ponies designs I created for this drawing. I may use them in the future.


You can support my work on PATREON


MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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jotunnheimarHobbyist General Artist
Makes you wonder why Luna was so effing jealous of Celestia.
Considering that she had a whole race who worship her and her only.
Were they not enough for her?
Very inconsiderate of her.
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MLPSkyFlyerHobbyist General Artist
Thats really good I love all the of colors great job! Clap 
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This is some very nice work. 

You have a wonderful concept here of what a Batpony town may look like. It doesn't quite line up with the headcannon I had for the "Night Pony" city of Stygian Cove mentioned in the FIMfiction that my friend and I are writing  (… )  but I am SO loving this. 

Very well done.

Dang... this makes me want to see how you would draw our story's "Bat Pony", Earshot.  
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Imagine being a normal pony lost in a storm of sorts and then you stumble into here and then they all turn towards you.
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CigarsCigarettesProfessional Digital Artist
Loving the artwork and vision. We share almost the same head-canon for the Batpony nation.
My main Oc is a batpony and she would feel right at home :heart:
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Wonderful work. More love for the bat ponies. Hoping to see at least a couple more in this last season
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smokeydopsHobbyist Artist
Great art :)
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UndertaletrashaHobbyist Artist
First place I'd visit if I went to Equestria.
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KSchneeProfessional Writer
Nice concept. I also like this art style, which is a little more realistic than the show itself in terms of body proportions.
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That looks great! A lovely depiction of batponies and their towns/villages!
(And now the same thing... But with the (unreformed) lovebugs!)
Wabefuhon's avatar
A fanfic involving that society would be cool to read.
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this looks so awesome.
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Wouldn't you call this a... Bat-Cave?
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Looks great good job 
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I want to go there!:D (Big Grin) 
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DaralydkHobbyist Writer
so many BATZ! I love it :-)
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SPQR21Hobbyist General Artist
This is spectacular! XD
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This should be cannon
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berrypassStudent Digital Artist
It's "canon" :)

Cannon and canon mean two VERY different things...
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Really beautiful <3 
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