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I Won't Let Go

Inspiration song:…

It's been like, forever my plan to do a drawing for the awesome song, 'Don't Say You Want Me' by Tarby and Feather, but the first sketch I did for it when the song came out I didn't liked later and didn't redo it. But not long ago I listened to it again and I could finally do the drawing.

Also, I wanted to do more Lyra and Bon Bon.:3

Characters and MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
CM vector (c) :iconooklah:
Artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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Man I wish they would just make it Canon... I mean really we need just two gay cartoon characters! 
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Your wish has been granted.
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This is my greatest dream coming true.. No not a world without Jews though!
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Rainbow Rock has screen where they do something.... interesting.
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Never let her go, Lyra! This is one of my favourite shippings!!! :D :D :D
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Great amount of detail and tons of feels! Beautiful job! 
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Did you draw this?? This is beyond amazing!
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I'm pretty sure she drew this...
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That look in Bon Bon's eyes. It just looks like Lyra needs so much more than Bon Bon can give.
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Wow! You, always draw some of my favorite pairings! I might have to commission something for a fimfic someday. (if it's ok)
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Jeez ... this one makes me want to write fic ...


A very evocative and poignant piece. That look in Bon-Bon's eyes, the subtle shape of Lyra's mouth, the play of light ... absolutely gorgeous.

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Positively stunning.
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Perfect, tons of emotion without things getting raunchy.
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VERY COOL! but couldn't you just DRAW the cutie mark? why make yourself give credit to others?

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Ah, yes. After reading the last chapters of Changing Lives, this takes a different meaning. Have you read that story, by any chance? ^^

I really like this pic..not sure why exactly, it looks so sad and happy at the same time.
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I second this opinion.  The story is fantastic.
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