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Fluttershy Day - 2016

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It was such a long time ago since I draw Fluttershy.
So the Fluttershy Day over on EqD gave me a great opportunity to do so.^^


Characters and MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
CM vector (c) :iconblackgryph0n:
Artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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MonocerosArts's avatar
There's a Fluttershy day? OMG what day is it? :D
nightshadowmlp's avatar

It's adorable, that's what it is :)
I-am-bae's avatar
Ohh my that bunny is adorable
Jatheus's avatar
:jawdrop: Wow! Well done! That is fantastic! :clap:
theTwilightCat's avatar
angel bunny is me at school
NeonHeartXOX's avatar
So pretty :D! GOOD JOBBBBB
jadecutewolf1234's avatar
I'm not a big fan of mlp but this artwork is amazing! I love your attention to detail! c:
Wolly-Dream's avatar
Do I see the fang left from when she became Flutterbat? Nice attention to detail!
shark235's avatar
Look somebunny is grumpy today.
Nachtetraum's avatar
Grumpy Angel is grumpy
Rosabird5673's avatar
She's so adorably beautiful!!! :iconlovesplz:
Kyoshyu's avatar
cajobif's avatar
Awww.... Sweet sweet Fluttershy. How adorable you can be. I see that you kept those fangs. Did you know that horse actually have canines? They trim them so they would not hurt their lips.

Angel misses Starlight (check s06e06).

Wonderful work
spacewolflord's avatar
That bunny, hehehe
Thank you for sharing.
DaBronyGamer's avatar
So sad we can't download it to put as wallpaper :(
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Just impressive, your style is my fav style.
Hap-Sunshine's avatar
Beautiful. I love the fangs!
bobshmit13's avatar
Oh my god, she is SO Snow White!
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