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FBP - White Canvas



Introducing White Canvas, somewhat a new character/ponysona of my. While DarkPen forever be my number one ponysona, but she isn't 100% represents me. I always kinda thought of her as my dark half (and my fursona, InuHoshi representing my sunny half).
I always wanted to create a character that I really would be, if I would be a pony. And that would be White Canvas.

Her design and name comes things connected to my personality, physical apperence and the like:

- her name connected to me being an artist, also to my real name. My real name comes from the France word 'Blanc', which means white
- also, I have really white skin, thus why she has light coat color
- Cutie Mark: well, if I have to name a talent for myself that would be that I'm fast with my art. Atleast according to my art teachers.
- the coat markings and really fluffy hooves comes from work horse's design. I really love the look of work horses, this is why I always loved drawing Big Mac :3
- mane color and style comes from my real hair. Also the eye color
- really big eyebags the proof of the years of sleep I don't have
- she is a pegasi, 'cos that's my favourite pony type
- but wings are tied up. Not because they are injured, but because I have a fear of heights
- also it can't be seen but she is taller than average mares

And that's about it. She should be a bit chubby to but I can't draw chubby ponies.^^'''' Though I think it's better this way.


MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Character and artwork (c) me
Screentone used (c) :iconscreentones:
No stealing. Thank you.

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Awww shes Adorable. great work!