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Don't Mess with a Bear's Owner

Need more Harry~


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Characters and MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.</i>
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The Guardian's Body Guard.

AnubisD1944MK2's avatar

You are a Russian, Harry

SpaghettiVortex's avatar
Holy shit that's a YAO GUAI
TechZeroPyro's avatar
You know, I STILL can't get over the fact that Harry the Bear actually exists.

....I wonder if Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash remembered to watch his cave/house after they were done with Pinkie's surprise birthday party....
RECoyote's avatar
He may be Gental Ben most of the time.  BUT Harry has a Dark Side.
Duckyworth's avatar
Heh, I do like Rainbow and Harry's dynamic in the show, so this was funny to see. :XD:
MyCandyOrCoffee's avatar
Fluttershy (talking,laughing) plz : Um... Harry, I Think That's Enough Warning Rainbow Da- 
Fluttershy (hug with bear) plz : *Growls At Rainbow Dash*
Rainbow Dash (what) plz : Uh, Yeah I'm Gonna...Go Now. *Flies Away Really Fast*
GryphonStar5678's avatar
 Bear: Sorry, but I don't support Flutterdash.
I-am-bae's avatar
Wow this is truly beautiful, I just love the colours and the attention to detail you have put into this artwork. I also love your style of work. Well done. And if you could, would you look at my artwork, it would be much appreciated
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
That is a bodyguard.
blackheartzero's avatar
You don't have to be afraid, Dashie; if it tries to harm you in any way, Flutts will snap it's massive bear neck like a dry twig! :)
Phoenixfirex's avatar
The way Harry looks in your style...
If he was gray instead of brown, he could almost pass for Baloo :iconbalooplz:
littlekookygem10's avatar
Dont mess with a bears owner beuz it will kill u when u sleep XD
verdigry's avatar
I love harry!Chibi Fluttershy Icon 
PacificGreen's avatar
I dunno why, but I find Harry strangely adorable.
Rule-Of-Loco's avatar
This is Beautiful
09099aazz's avatar
those are some fluffy ponez
Gosh, I really love this picture! Well done!!
doomsdayultra's avatar
The bear is ready to strike
TwilightIsFriendship's avatar
Harry was the MVP of the episode, together with Ponk. Though here, I like the Flutterface the best - something about her mane and eyes and expression in general.
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