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And yes. This is a 100% vector.

I downloaded Inkscape and I thought I should try to do real vector.
You know what, vectoe artists? I salute you. Seriously guys, it's so many work, that I don't know how you do it all the time. You guys are awesome.

About the vector. Probably you ask, why Blossomforth. Well, not just because I love Blossom and her design, but also because there isn't much Blossom vector. Only 2, I think. Of course it's logical as the poor girl only appered that much in Hurricane Fluttershy.
HOWEVER, there was another pony (who probably has a name, as I know this fandom, but I don't it), who has the same design as Blossom just with differnt colors and cutie mark. So...well I think you know what did I do.;)

I probably do more vector, because it's interesting. But not much. It take so much time.^^'

Feel free to use this vector if you want to. You don't need to give credit, but it would be nice.
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detailedatream1991Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great job for making blossomforth
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AmrasFelagundHobbyist Writer
Nice vector work!
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SparrowsonggHobbyist General Artist
Blossomforth <3
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AceWolf2000Student General Artist
What is a vector? Sorry, I sound dumb.
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How do you make a vector too? I don't really know what a vector is either.
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JusticePrevailHobbyist Artist
a vector is a image that is clear and has a transparent backround (well that's my description)
you can copy an image from a screenshot like i did here… (original characters were replaced with my own) and…
or you can create your own like this…
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Is this a trace?
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ShadowtheHedgehog137Hobbyist Artist
shes adorable!!! awesome job!!
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BejeweledLovePotionHobbyist Digital Artist
How are you and Cato going? ;)
ShadowtheHedgehog137's avatar
ShadowtheHedgehog137Hobbyist Artist
BejeweledLovePotion's avatar
BejeweledLovePotionHobbyist Digital Artist
lol. :XD:
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CrohnieOwnieHobbyist Digital Artist
It took me a long time to find the toy Blossomforth but I wished her profile was like this. It would have been awesome on the box. :3
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KyoshyuHobbyist General Artist
I found that the trick with vectors is to treat just about every different part of an image as a single object, superimposed on multiple layers, each layer grouping objects that belong to a part of the image (like, say, the head.)

However, that is my take on it, and it's not meant as a must-do for aspiring vector artist. (Much like every painter have their own technique.)

And for a first time try, this is good, damn good!
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MysticalFGHobbyist General Artist
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You are just too much -ing AWESOME!
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Is it possible for you to provide the SVG file? I'm trying to get better at vectoring, and some exemplars would be nice. Thanks!
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InuHoshi-to-DarkPenHobbyist Digital Artist
I could and here it is: [link]
However, I'm also a newcomer in vectoring, so it's kinda messy and hard to follow.^^' But I hope it helps someway or another.
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Hey, it looks cleaner than the stuff I've done! Thanks a bunch :D
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Very cool.
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Great looking Blossomforth. I really like her design for whatever reason. I hope we get to see more of this flexible mare in the show.
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Nice job on the vector.
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ex626AKAKeonHobbyist Writer
So...flexible :icondatplotplz:
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