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Becoming Friends

"Tirek and his brother Scorpan came here from a distant land, intent on stealing Equestrian magic. But Scorpan soon came to appreciate the ways of Equestria, even befriending a young unicorn wizard." - Princess Celestia


I almost finished this drawing when I realized comics kinda show how Scorpan looked. I totally forget it, so he looks like how I imagined him.
Also, even thought Celestia said "young unicorn" the illustrations next to it showed Starswirl with a long beard. I kinda thought maybe to Celestia he was young, compared to herself.

Also, fun fact: the filly's colors and what type of pony they are, comes from blind bag toys, three of them I actually own.

Also, talking about looks and how Scorpan looked in the comic, I know the comics also have an idea how Starswirl looked like. But when I can I try to follow the show's design.


Characters and MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Starswirl's CM vector (c) :iconmrbarthalamul:
Artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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I like to think of Starswirl looking like a ponified version of Merlin.
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Aaaww...! I really like this idea! How cute and lovely... :aww: :aww: :aww:
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"Why am I covered in children?"

"It's how we show trust."
"You ponies have very strange customs." said Scorpan, adjusting his flower "crown". Starswirl chuckled "You get used to it. Eventually."
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Took the words right out of my mouth.
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Ultimate diplomacy.
BB-K's avatar
Just like how he love them before betraying Tirek.
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
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All I can hear from this is Starswirl going "You get used to it."

- Polecat
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Well, about time someone paid more attention to poor Scorpan. He needs a better agent.
In any case, I love this picture in every single way. Great job. 
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For some reason I kept thinking this was based on "Where the Wild Things Are" when I saw the thumbnail. Now I see, though!
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What a beautiful concept!  I would like to imagine that this was Scorpan's experience in Equestria.

A being from another land entirely, he came here with his brother in hopes of taking magic.  Instead, Scorpan was given something, something that would follow him all throughout his life: friendship.  Scorpan, haven grown up with a sneer on his face, stares around, perplexed by the happy faces of the ponies.  The little fillies walk up to him and are curious to know more about him.  And there's this bearded fellow who wishes to learn from him.  Before he knows it, Scorpan is thrown into a world beyond anything he expected.

The kindness, honesty, generosity, loyalty, laughter, and friendship he witnesses in Equestria far outweigh the desire for magic he and Tirek came to steal.  He finds joy in sitting amongst these loving fillies, talking to this wizard whom he regards as a friend.  And for once, Scorpan smiles, for he has found something in life more wonderful than a lust for power.

I love the foreground and background detail.  Every blade of grass is given such great attention and the castle exterior gives plenty of room for our imaginations to stretch, wondering where it is that these characters are.

Thank you for creating this piece.  There aren't very many pieces that depict Scorpan or his time in Equestria, and it warms me that there was someone who thought to create such an image.
So much hippie-ness :)  actually kind of reminds me of this:…
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AWESOME! Love this interpretation!
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Very nice interpretation of Starswirl's beard.
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Cute foals are way too cute.
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I hope we will meet him soon.
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The ponies in this are super adorable.
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The little foals are adorable.
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