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Battle Armored Twilight Sparkle



Yeah, I just not going to hide it, that I again head over hills for the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha seires. So yeah, crossover and ponified picture expected in the future.

So, the seires kinda made me to start putting the ponies into strange armors (started with Celestia in the last picture). And I even went and give Twilight a magic weapon. I don't even know what weapon is started from. From a dragger, maybe?

I know it's strange (as 99% of people never heard about that show before), but it's so much fun. So I will defenetly do for other ponies too (at least for the Mane 6).

For last, maybe you notice, but I actually loosly based the armor of her gala dress. Why? Hm, no reason.^^

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twilight will a lot form nanoha for use magic intel gear!