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Advice from the Devil Himself

Twilight being princess and Discord being a "usefull" consulter. What is he whispering into her ear? Who knows. But Twilight definitely not thrilled about it.


I just had this image of Discord around Twilight's throne and I just had to draw it.

Two thing to note:
1) I know I should had draw Spike mini throne too, because it's next to Twilight's, but the conposition would have looked weird, so I had to left it out.
2) drawing princesses in full princess gear is my weakness, so I draw Twilight like that time to time. Even thought I know she doesn't wear her crown all the time.

Characters and MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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Woah llove their expressions
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Oh look its satan himself
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Such a 'Diabolic Tutor'.
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I'm assuming it's good advice, I mean Discord has the best and most logical advice ever!
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Imagine if Twilight and Discord got lost together!
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Or he brought her somewhere, to show her something. 
Something very important. 
A secret, even? 
We'll see...
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That would be an adventure. LOL
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D: I tell you, Twilight, you need to hear me out.

T: no! I'm not trusting you to do something like that!

D: please? The history books need to tell my side of the story as well, at least.

T: if I let you write in the books, we would be teaching our children lies!

D: lies? Oh, no, no, no. Quite the contrary, my dear. It would be even more accurate if I-

T: no! For the last time, if we got emotionally involved in history, the education system would collapse!

D: but it's already been corrupted, Twilight! Celestia has been nothing but deceitful about me.

T: no! She's not deceitful, Discord, how could she be? 

D: oh, tisk, tisk, Princess. Don't you know that defending a tyrant will do nothing but bite you in the flank later?

T: she's not a tyrant! If she was, she wouldn't be the ruler of Equestria. 

D: suit yourself. All I can do is try to make you see the truth. 

T: the truth is that you're the bad guy, and she's the hero. Don't try your twisted logic on me, it's not working!

D: oh, I'M the bad guy? May I remind you that she's dished out the 1000-year sentence, not once, not twice, but three times! She controls what you ponies learn, doesn't allow an alternative perspective, and in spite of all that, I'M the one that's in the wrong?

T: no, you've got it all wrong. She AND HER SISTER imprisoned convicts for a thousand years twice. So, by your own logic, it would be just as much Luna's fault. And that wasn't even by themselves, that was with the Elements of Harmony. And one of those times, it was you! You took over Equestria, fully aware that you have no place in politics. You made life miserable for them and-

D: it was a satire gig, Twilight! I was only trying to stop her. Do you even know what my life has been like before the idea popped into my head?

T: not... Exactly, no.

D: do you want to know?

T: well... I don't see why not.

D: too bad.

T: what? Whaddya mean? 

D: well, first of all, I'd kinda like to forget. Second of all, even if I wanted to tell you, I couldn't.

T: why?

D: I'm not allowed to.
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This is really good I would +fav +fav If I could
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Oh wow, thanks! Umm... that was a while ago though... want a sequel?
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This totally reminds me of a Heather Dale song, and, here:

As we were out a huntin'
One morning in the spring
both hounds and horses running well
made the hills and the valleys ring

but to our great misfortune
no fox there could be found 
our huntsmen cursed and swore but still
no fox moved over the ground

and up spoke our master huntsman
the master of the chase
"if only the devil himself come by
we'd run him such a race"

And up there sprung like lightning
a fox from out of his hole
His fur was the color of a starless night
and his eyes like burning coals

And they chased him over the valley
and they chased him over the fields 
and they chased him down to the riverbank
But never would he yield

and he's jumped into the water
and he's swum to the other side
And he laughed so hard that the green woods shook
as he's turned to the huntsman and he's cried

"ride on, my gallant huntsman
When must I come again?
for you should never want for a fox
to chase all over the glen

and when your need is greatest
just call upon my name
and I will come, and you shall have 
the best of sport and game"

And the men looked up in wonder 
and the hounds run back to hide
for the fox, he changed to the devil himself!
Where he stood on the other side

And the men, the hounds, the horses
went flying back to town 
land hot on their heels come a little black fox 
laughing as he ran...
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burn them, burn them all
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Discord Icon 3 "So have you made a plan for when Celestia, I mean, if Celestia goes bad?"

:twilightsparkle: "Discord, that's insane. Princess Celestia has ruled for a thousand years. She's so kindhearted and caring, how could she go bad?"

Discord (anyway) plz "Oh, Twili, you are right at the heart of the matter and don't see it, how sweet. Yes, she is kind hearted and caring, and loves all her subjects, but think of all that time passing. How many more ponies do you think she can handle dying on her before she goes mad with grief? Thousands? Tens of thousands?"

:twilightsparkle: "I can't believe you are still so cruel, Discord!"

Discord (laugh) plz "Cruel? I'm growing to like you ponies. I'm just trying to point out the current largest threat to Esquestria."

:twilightsparkle: "I think that's you Discord."

Discord (i actually never said) plz "I'm survivable, I don't even like breaking my toys. Someone would rise up and put me in my place. Can the same be done if the Sun is dropped onto Equestria? You've seen how fast the sisters move the Moon and Sun. Equestria would burn before the Elements of Harmony even charged up. "

:twilightsparkle: "..."
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:iconmlptwilightplz: If I can attack anypony I want and nopony can stop me for 1 hour, who should I "get rid" of?
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:iconmlpdiscordplz: "You should try putting a cup of sugar in your coffee works wonders.."
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Discord: Raise the taxes, Twilight. Raise the taxes and you will be able to pay yourself servants to maintain your castle.
Twilight: Would you stay quiet Discord? I won't hear any of your insubordination.
D: This won't do with me. I got plenty of practice with Celestia.
T: Urgh! And she never thought about making you mute?
D: Well, she shot at me enough time I can't remember...
T: What about telling Fluttershy? Want me to tell her about your bad behavior?
D: Uh.... no. Urgh. Fine.
T: Wow. You really care for her don't you?
D: She made empty all her animals litters last time I made something bad.
TL: Yeesh! I see now.

Wonderful work. I like the composition of the scene and Discord standing on Twilight'S throne like that.
This is amazing! Very nicely done!
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Every royal needs a mysterious, treacherous vizier to hang around and give them bad advice. :)
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Someone make this fanfiction, because I kinda like TwilightxDiscord
susannna16's avatar
Yeah!:happybounce:  Thanks. 
susanna16's avatar
Already read that one. I want more and new Discolight stories. (Twilight x Discord)
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I'm smelling shit going down.
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