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A Nap with Chaos

I had this drawing finished for days now. No idea why I never got around to upload it.
It kinda works after the season finale~


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Characters and MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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im so behind on mlp i have no clue why fluttershy has claws on her wings or where this ship even came from
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What is the last season you watched? Fluttershy had a couple episodes (a few seasons ago. They just finished Season 8) where she became a Vampire-Pony cause of magic. Cause she wanted to talk with fruit bats. As a Vampire-Pony she is more impulse, and monster-like. She goes after apples in this form (why people make the joke of Flutterbat going after Applejack). 

Also Discord becomes more of a good guy over time and Fluttershy is his first, and closest friends. They have a few episodes over the seasons about Fluttershy and Discord's bond. 
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i stopped watching after the first equastria girls movie if that helps any, idk what season it was XD but i see, ill have to catch up sometime
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 That is a few years ago. I think they had the whole big story arc with Tirek and a episode or two around then. 

You will want to. :D There is actual progress for characters and not just the main ones. There is more focus on other species and different villains. :nod:
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There is a lot to see! :iconpinkieismindfckedplz:
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Couldn't answer the last question for you. This "ship" makes absolutely no more sense than it ever has. 

But she draws Fluttershy like that for some reason. 
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Just cause you dislike Fluttershy with Discord doesn't mean you should go after everyone whom supports it. 
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I don’t? I literally replied to a comment. And Fluttercord is a pretty ridiculously toxic shipping. I think it’s fair game to complain about this fandom’s degeneracy.
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To pretty much every comment that supported them in a positive way. 
Just cause someone dislikes something doesn't make it toxic or degrade a franchise. There is actual good reason for the two. They have had actual relationship development and connect well even with their differences. They get on each other's nerves and work through their problems. They do their best to make the other happy. Even if not a love relationship, they are the best of friends. :nod:
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They ARE friends. But they’d LITERALLY be in an unhealthy relationship. That’s why I’m so against the ship. It’s not right. And no one understands it.
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Добре, Бьянко, добре
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fluttercord all the way XD
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Very cute. I love how they are literally in-twined with each other. 
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This. This is so cute.
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Well, in one of the official comics, one of the side characters, a rebel cat (an old "friend" of Discord) says, " don't just have friends...", acting sweet toward Discord. She also mentions, rather sadly, that she knows that one such as him must eventually move on.

Also, when Fluttershy goes to say goodbye or something, the cat angerly hisses at her for no reason. This was also after Discord had just moved off to the side. Mere coincidence? Nah, I think not.
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