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Published: November 11, 2009
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It is a favorite Pokemon in the fifth title. :-)
It has not raised.
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Narutopowers88's avatar
Narutopowers88Hobbyist Artist
Giovanni doesn't care about his Pokemon so this ain't sweet. He thinks of Pokemon as accessories tools for business
Joetheteamrocketguy's avatar
what? the boss caring for his pokemon? that cant be right?
ncox69's avatar
ncox69Hobbyist Writer
Aww :) Giovanni and his Nidoking! so sweet! Great job!
thats-a-moray's avatar
thats-a-morayHobbyist Writer
B'awwwww. <3
YaibaKitsune's avatar
YaibaKitsuneHobbyist Artist
Very nice!!
hippie-monkey's avatar
Why does this seem eerily slashy?
Shadowstar5293's avatar
Dude, awesome pic! You should do more pokemon pictures.
AceOfKeys72's avatar
AceOfKeys72Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Giovanni...showing love. I hope his kid doesn't see this ;p
KryoKnight's avatar
It's actually kinda touching... Who knew Geovoni was cabable of such acts. *food for thought* Could this be Geovani before he went sinister with Team Rocket?
pazmental's avatar
I love it! (: nidoking is one of my favs pokemon
inubiko's avatar
Thank you!
I am one of them of favorite Pokemon, too.:D
MatthewSmith's avatar
My knowledge of Pokemon is, frankly, negligible, but I know a spiffing pic when I see one. The idea of someone tickling a big scaly armour-plated dragon thing under the chin is endearing in its own right, and combined with the wonderfully warm, glowy lighting the whole piece has got a huge amount of charm to it. Super.
inubiko's avatar
Thank you!
This picture is the thing which I drew quite in old days, but I have you like it and am very glad!:D
KaizokuShojo's avatar
KaizokuShojo Traditional Artist
Awwww.... It's big for a nidoking. XD But I like it!
ZiR1402's avatar
The guy is Giovanni? I thought he didn't cares for his Pokemons that much, except maybe Persian... Anyway, great job!
inubiko's avatar
Thank you!:D
The person calls it a sakaki in Japan.
ZiR1402's avatar
Hah, it's an easy name, why they changed in occidental version? I'm not sure if you guys have the same problem with conversion names, probably yes with some TV series, but I really hate them. They are usually stupid and meaningless. Anyway, congratulations for your nice job with this, and your whole gallery. I'm looking forward your next arts.
bagasuit091's avatar
bagasuit091Hobbyist General Artist
Lovely line work. Haha, I love how his shoes also have 'R's.
inubiko's avatar
Thank you!
I am glad to look finely.:D
Blackninja63's avatar
Blackninja63 Traditional Artist
Giovanni looks kinda cute
inubiko's avatar
Gentle one side wants there to be it just a little.:D
Axel-Comics's avatar
Axel-ComicsHobbyist Digital Artist
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :3.
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