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Basketball team of the dog

I drew it and was fun.:D
I want to do basketball.
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What are these characters from?
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It is my comics.:D
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What are the glowing green necklaces for?
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It is the proof of the team member.:D
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Great pic!!
can  i ask you a favour? I play in a basketball team in
Italy and i'm looking for a logo similar to this one to print on our
t-shirts. Are you disposed to draw it for us?
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You are welcome! :heart:
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I am ALL about the St. Bernard in the back!!
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little bit fail cause in basketball is no numbers like 1,2 or 3 x\
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but i love it!! :DDD
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This group basketball portrait is the very picture that first drew me to your gallery, Inu! This is an amazing piece of art! As Matthew said earlier, the team is highly diverse in both appearance and personality; I adore the various expressions present here.

You've got some serious talent, Inubiko!
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This is absolutely wonderful! The diversity in the design of the characters is tremendously impressive, and you've imbued each of them with their own vivid and distinctive personality. Plus, the colouring and lighting effects are gorgeous. Top work!
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Nice teeeam, they have a name?
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There is the name!:D
From the left
hasu gin hikomaro mameta sendou Hiromi oumi kogi bangi

I do not yet decide it well.
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and the name of the team?
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nice character design! :thumbsup:
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VERYYY NICEEEEE!!!!! if this was a manga it would be named...BONES lol This is epic
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Thank you very much!
I draw the comic and want to see it.:D
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