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this is my personal interpretation of nge... in many eyes it may not right but for me its enough to explain the complex storyline.
but of course i am curious about your thoughts and you are invited to help me to complete it or to correct missunderstandings and mistakes in the interpretation.

the main aspect of this explanation is the approch of a never ending circle of death and rebirth, even for immortals. the only difference is that immortal souls keep their knowleadge even after rebirth. in this case immortality is not a gift but a curse and kiel tries to overcome this curse.

i recommend to download this chart in its original size to view all details for better understanding.
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So why did Lilith give life to humanity?
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I may also be wrong, but I hope I can answer some of your questions. This information can also be found in the Evangelion Wiki. 


Anyway, let's start from the beginning--or rather, First impact. First Impact is Evangelion's take on our real life 'First Impact'. In Evangelion, Lilith crashes into Earth after Adam, putting Adam into what should have been a permanent cryostasis before he was able to birth the Angels, emitting a plethora of debris in the aftermath which created our moon. Of course, everyone knows our real life theory which replaces a powerful space being with an asteroid. The Lance of Longinus comes into play with this--each F.A.R (First Ancestral Race) seed/egg was given a lance which was meant to ensure that no two seeds activated on the same planet. Lilith's lance broke on impact, though I theorize that Lilith's lance might be the Spear of Cassius which Kaworu possesses in Evangelion 2.0, and Adam's lance--the Longinus Lance--activated and put Adam into cryostasis. 

After the crash landing, Lilith created the seas with her LCL which is also the primordial ooze that we, Lilin, come from. Evolution proceeded as such through Lilith's blood which is why and how Lilith gave birth to humanity. There is speculation that the F.A.R are actually just us on another planet and they had followed a path similar to the one that Lilin followed where they had reached the peak of their evolution and a new Impact had to be created. In the case of the F.A.R, though, they sent these seeds to recreate their race. Again, no two seeds were meant to land on the same planet. Adam would have created an Angel filled planet and Lilith would have created a planet much like our own in real life. 

Also to answer your question about Rei. Rei is a clone of Yui, however, she was unable to harbour Yui's soul and that became muddled in the transition to a new body. Rei III is the Rei that initiates Third Impact in the End of Evangelion and Rei II is the Rei that we see up until her sacrifice for Shinji's sake. Rei I is the Rei that Naoko Akagi, Ritsuko's mother, chokes to death due to her shit talking. The same 'soul' is transferred to a different body, however, it's distorted in the process. So while one Rei may have a soul very similar to Yui's--as is the case with Rei I if you believe that Yui was the evil, manipulative 'mad scientist' many speculate her to be--another may have a very different one as her memories will either be lost or altered in the process of giving her a new body. Rei III loses many of Rei II's memories hence why she seems so cold and distant to Shinji. She has memories of meeting him, yes, but she has no memories or feelings of the bond the two of them created or her sacrifice. Hence her comment "then I must be the third." It's all very interesting when you think about it. 

Also, I just realized how long ago this question was asked, but I do hope you're able to see this. Maybe, by now, your question has already been answered, but I hope I helped in some way.
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i might be wrong but its not stated in nge...
further i would even say that it is not relevant for the plot itself.
maybe the creators of nge just needed somekind of controversial image for the mix of religious context and biological evolution.

there is one aspect stated in the end of the movies. the eva is like an arch for the souls. its just a hypotheses but it also can be that adam and eva might be both archs. adam as the arch of the earth and lilith somekind of arch from another solar system or maybe both and by chance both landed on earth.
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Well Lilith did it for some reason or other.
What does the Adam' fruit of life stand for?
I know wisdom stands for the fruit of the tree of wisdom in the book of genesis.

Lastly, during third impact did you notice Rei/Lilith being quite pleased once instrumentality started to kick off.
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these are just images.
religious metapher to explain the scientific theory of evolution.
a theory that follow strict principles. and in many cases the metaphors and dialogues in nge refere to these principles.
the only difference is the end and the artificial evolution that has nothing to do with science anymore.
japanese movie makers in the times when nge was created were influenced by western mono- and polytheistic religions.
like in secret of blue water gainix use the religious background to explain the evolution of humans in and very interesting way.

the point about the rei and lilith is quite interesting but i think it referes to another apsect of the plot. rei developed her own will and wants the controll of her body. she is in her puberty and finally is able to emancipate herself from ikari.
thats the reason why ikari is shocked for a moment. he lost the controlle of his "puppet".
it is a twist in the story to legatimate the end as the decision of shinji.

if you know more about the question please tell me. the chart is anyway old because of he rebuilt of nge ;)
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Old, unless rebuild takes place in a different universe.

Still a very detailed chart. :)

Now that you mention it many Japanese shows tend to take a lot of ideas from Christianity.

Also another the thing about Rei, did you notice after she died and made the great sacrifice,
her personality did a revert. Going back to being more the way it was at the beginning of the show.
Maybe it's because she's a clone?  
However I've heard that she can transfer her consciousness to a new body if the one she's currently occupying is destroyed.
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i dont really know if rebuilt takes place in another universe.
it might be. but its strange that there so many references to the past and the old series...
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i need read that on spanish 
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since rebuilt of evangelion it is obsolete ;)
i should update it
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if i wasnt confuse about evangelion b4 now im extremely confused
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i am sorry. maybe i read more into the plot than i should have done :)
its not perfect and i know there are better explanations.
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no, its very good but when i watched evangelion the last thing i tried to find out about was the history behind it since it was kinda confusing and weird and there is so many characters in evangelion that i hate a lot. U have a done a great job :)
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thank you.
now i am curious about the movie pacific rim.... watched all trailers and teasers and it seem to be a bit a hollywood remake even if the producers would negative it ;)
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This, this is way toooooooooooo enlightening. You clear my mind. It's even richer than the official interpretation (you can find it in my journal) in some way...
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i dont understand japanese.
but in a way its enlightening too :)

but is it really the offical interpretation? i mean gainax was always a bit silent about right and wrong and the symbolism in the series. its like art: every individual has its own interpretation... and the artist stands near and watch at the confused people :)

thank you for the fav and comment.
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Well, it's more like a basic introduction/summary of the background/design of the Evangelion world. Maybe it is because it has a GAINAX label on the last frame. I feel confused about that, either :)
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hm.... strange but ok. why not :)
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BEST explanation ever :) awesome picture i loved the illustrations
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thx. glad you like it.
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It so gave me headaches again. ><
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me to.
i read it after some time again and i feel the same
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good to know that I'm not the only one XD
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