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Eggman the Eclipse Emperor

By inualet
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for Sonic the Hedgehog, Eastern Legends colab.

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*All written in Korean
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He looks like a first 중국 황제 (中國 皇帝), 진 시황제 (秦 始皇帝)...
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Amazing detail and color!
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ALL HAIL KING EGGMAN!! Junjie  bow 2 

and HOLY COW HE HAS NO GLOVES!!!! i like it :La: in Love with :Dummy: 

but honestly I love all the details you have put into this its just FANTASTIC!!!!!!
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"Long live" would be better because he looked like Chinese Emperor and they always cheer him by saying "Ten of thousands of years".
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oooh my goodness i love the amount of detail and colours you use... it's so ornate if beautiful... I had a friend show me your drawings and they're absolutely gorgeous! your brush strokes and colour placement is very soft and warm and defined. i love it.
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This is stunning! I love all those details *//A//*
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Your Eggman drawings are fantastic like the rest, but seriously, fuck Orbot and Cubot. He's better off without them.
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They're still better for image composition than Scratch & Grounder... xD
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That's like saying AIDS is a better disease than bubbonic plague. They both suck, but Orbot and Cubot are much offensive to look at.
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Wow this is stunning!
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This is stunning!!
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This is amazing and so beautiful! :love:
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Wow, this is so beautiful!
Firstly is really detailed (I love details) and really accurated.
And then his face, when you look at it, even if you don't know that he is evil, you can feel it.
So, great work! Keep it up👍
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Es tannnn hermoso <3/
It's so beautiful <3
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