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The Iris



               It was bedtime. Dylan Davenport had been suffering from these recurrent strange vivid dreams for the past 4 lonely nights alone in his Apartment he’d been renting out within the last half year. Soon before, the last several days till his departure from Virginia back to his Hometown in Texas, after the dreadful planned 4 months prior to his crucial trauma that happened to him, he got a message to come back to Texas from his older brother Ryan; realizing in the past events that have destroyed him most recently; there was another sudden occurrence he didn’t want to experience or hear. His Mother’s recent passing, of a tragic heart attack. Just less than a week ago. His only parent in this World, in his Life, now gone. It was a sudden full acknowledgement of the day both your parents are gone; is the day you realize you are truly alone in this World. The Funeral was going to be held in 3 days in Ardendale, Texas, where Dylan grew up. Realizing more loaded misery and despair keeps striking down on him like thunder, in no lesser than just one year, seemed coincidentally like the right timing to go back to Texas for some reason in a gleam of morbid optimism, as now everything inside Dylan was internally damaged further beyond his grasp. Now everything was shattering. He thought at this point nothing could get any worse, plus nothing was left for Dylan anymore in Virginia, but bad memories. Inside Dylan, he just felt nothing but cold emptiness, with only the motive to leave.

    In the aftermath, he was staying his last night for the next morning. Everything lightly packed. Nothing and no one left with him, but tomorrow will be a long drive with an early wake. He drank his night medications, set the alarm clock early and finally turned off the lamp. Dylan made himself comfortable underneath the bed covers and, on the pillows, he closed his eyes for a long day tomorrow on the Road that lay ahead of him…and started dosing off and subconsciously in stages started to drift.


    In every same recurrences of dreams Dylan experiences, a presence of an unknown voice that allures him. A type of entity, with a soothing hypnotism that’s so sophisticated, haunting and cryptic. Some how he felt it was certainly a conspirator and proselytizing tranquilized confidant only to him, sending messages to Dylan through random flashing visions. Following telepathic conversations carried out to each other in soft calming whispers. Before and after the dream and always towards its end; the voice will always tell him to open his eyes. Instantly from that point Dylan wakes. Tonight being, the last night, tomorrow will be his leave.

    Dylan fell into sleep.


            { Dylan Davenport’s Iris – REM Sleep Stage Status – Eye Color: Green }


            (It was cold and foggy here, difficult to capture far distances around me. Looking down upon my scarred wrists of Life remembrances and self-mutilated mistakes, was my confusion and realization that I had fallen into a deep sleep once again; stepping back into my phasing dream cycle. I needed to know this time that I was here again? To solve some sorting of logic within this lucid moment most crucially, hopefully this time I’d be able to do so? Figure out why and what all this meant? Kneeling and pulling myself up from off the ground, I peered up as far as I could into the hazy misty sky, saw nothing but chilled gray clouds that covered up the entire atmospheric upper air surrounded by woods and dead scraggly trees all around me, making me disoriented. Having no clue as to where I was? Seemingly here isolated outside in an austere wilderness that felt so far out in the middle of nowhere. In absolute nowhere, I knew nothing of where I was; just the imagery of withered dried up coldly woods in a Wintry weather like time frame season.

            “Do you Remember this?”, a stoic pale voice started speaking to me. It was amplified in my head.

    “I’m back here now. Why are you doing this?” I questioned it. “Why is this happening all over again. The same illusions? The same circle of dreams? What are you?”

            “Take three steps, turn to the left and your head feels rest and you will live forever. Didn’t you know?” the voice answered. The sound of cold musical wind and a faint hypnotic music box gave off almost miles away just at that very moment; yet I could actually still hear it. Almost as if I were sensing it. I did as the voice ordered me to do, just like I used to know the times before. Three steps, felt like I was walking on air for a long stretch of time. I turned my head to my left. Within that very instant, everything around me was different. An outdoor Gated entrance leading to a secretive Castle Garden on the other end it seemed, with a huge elegant decorative Angel Goddess Water Fountain in the center of the Courtyard? Just as always. My Green Iris opened up from the light, a fragile faint Dawn from amongst the large structural Windows beckoned down to me as I took image in upper view at a figure moving inside the Castle, a shadow? Upon the top, walking strongly towards the Clock Tower as I lost sight of the dim mobile statuette.

            “There’s Someone up there! Inside the Snow Globe Garden. I can’t see their face…?” I stated. This I recalled.

            “Find whom upon, this answer is what is purpose I give you A Creative.”


    Wearing exactly my sleeping clothing and socks, I was shivering with goosebumps on my arms as I locked and tightened up my arm grasp. Consecutive frigid breezes of air knocked into me. Ambulating in my night clothing, I could feel the cold stones and light gray dirt that was underneath, my feet starting to get numb and rough. Coming towards the Entrance. At a stop, I looked upon me to view a locked intimidate tall black colored steel bar Gated entrance. Then noticed, a needle thick prickly sting heavily poked my forehead. Barbwires, a “Crown”!? I wore on my head, a Barbwire Crown. Was it mine or crowned to me? Not painful, just worn. Had I become a King, worshipped somehow. Yes? No!? I can’t remember? No, I don’t remember this part? I can’t remember much. But I do remember, all the believers were long missing or gone withered and dead. Removing the barbwire Crown from off my head, I tossed it to the ground. I decided to walk alongside the area investigating the territory, I have no place to go, I need to find a way around to get into the Castle Garden? As the gate was locked and sealed. An answer awaited inside there for me, something needed to be shown to me; almost like something were trying to show me a revealing secret. An answer, a path, a doorway of light waited for me in there. But I always hinder. No. This was almost the same like last time. Déjà vu.

    I was pacing and touching the walls. Cold sleet, on enormous large bricks. Frozen ice blocks, soon it felt warmer and turned into small chips of fire that burnt my hand from the embers. My palm suddenly started a fire on a Chimney. I’m …here it is again. Everything around me transformed.

     “Do you see how Kind I am?” it answered back to me. “It’ll become yours. A gift to bestow. For others. One day you will understand why…But you must first experience to understand.”

    This next part I didn’t like. Moving into the steps of air further downward.

    No, not this part, my Brother Ryan. I knew this part distinguishably. I saw him somewhere in a dark corner covered all over himself, surrounded underneath a puddle of blood! Was it his blood!? Or Someone else’s!? Cradling “someone” warm in his arms, inside a heavy garmented blanket. It was extremely cold. 4th time, this time, this felt so real! I don’t want to remember this… I’m not sure where I was? A person or someone was covered up on top of him. Kept warm. Kept discreet. Kept safe. Ryan had his head down, barely breathing, fog coming in through and out of his mouth and alive…

    I didn’t hear that voice speak, for a while and momentarily everything became pitch black, as I was drifting; almost floating in dark air. I wanted to stay with my Brother, wanting to do something and help? Try, anything? But the dream sequences, would not allow it. It was only a vision.

    “You see with your eyes…you see in all their eyes. But you don’t connect with them, you don’t understand.”, the voice chuckled lightly. The voice usually says something around these times. Gives me clues, riddles, rhymes? Yes! This one stood out familiar. This part I always remember this part, because it’s Ryan.



            This. Now we came to it, this is it! The part in my nightmare, where the unspeakable terror begins! Please, anything but this part. The voice suddenly yet in a wistful woeful voice, “you must remember your faults, this is what haunts you in your subconsciousness…”

            “No. No please, not this all over!!” I begged out loud in my Mind to the Being.


            My Mother, eight years ago before her current recent passing. I remembered a flashback, spraying the Holy Water on me that felt like sulfuric burning acid, the water stabbing my shirtless skin deeply with every stinging drop. The water on my bare chest felt like the sharpest of knives and razor blades slashing me all over my body, but left no cuts. No blood. Just painful sensations. I panicked and yelled in fury and roared out in pain and agony. Screaming at the top of my lungs in Ancient Latin Languages. “Aaauuugggghhhh, stop please!!! Just, get it out of me!!!” I said so loudly in malignant torment my personality tone changed deeper and was no longer mine. Barely conscious, my eyes rolled back into my sockets. I was drenched in my Own sweat and Holy Water. It was so physically strong, powerful, full of rage, I was practically fully in standing position on my tip toes.


            NO! No more walnuts. Eat no more walnuts. I will not leave! Te abyssum non descendi repulisti nos aeternos legionis!!! I-I will not leave!! He is mine!!! You cannot destroy us all; WE WILL TAKE HIM!!! No. No walnuts, we agonize you!! No eat no more walnuts! Tu infirmum et impotens, infirma et impotens!!! Domine dominus noster elegit nos ante te inferno. Aaaawww!!! DYLAN DAVENPORT MURDER YOU HERE! You, you…you is die here!!! Vos erant electi notata a et vasa!!! You will rotten here to die!!!

            Minister Gabriel said over the phone on speaker, to me as I had fallen oppressed to the ground, “Daemonium locutus est nomen tuum, et notum tibi domino Iesu Christo!!! In the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit!!! Leave Dylan Davenport’s Vessel in the name of God the Father Son of Lord Jesus Christ he rebukes you and ALL evil in his name!!! May Michael the Arch Angel; Right Hand of God the Father Almighty, come down from the Heavens and cast you out with his Almighty Spear and everlasting Strength. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit you are rebuked we expel you Demon leave Dylan, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit you are rebuked we expel you Demon leave Dylan, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit you are rebuked we expel you Demon leave Dylan!!!” As Minister Gabriel and my Mother started both praying simultaneously in rough influent fueling stress, battling with the ‘Our Father’ Catholic Prayer and continued the versus in Philippines from the New Testament of the Holy Bible, reciting them consecutively. I suddenly blacked out while having a seizure. My Mind turned off. The voice returned and spoke slowly,


            “You never asked for that… Why do you hate yourself for it?”. I had no answer in my Mind, but trauma and no words. Instantly feebly trembling with fright.  


            Dark? It was extremely dark now? Then, I heard the sound of moaning. Pregnancy, a woman in labor, giving birth? None of this made any sense? It didn’t sound human. It was making an odd sound, I could just hear the contractions and pushing pain of a woman. Something was awkward about this?


            “Where am I now, this…this is different?”, I spoke telepathically calling out to the unknown voice somewhere.

            “Remember a girl with no sockets in her eyes, she’s validated to you. She will be the approximates and path, to connect back to reality, a fragment of the last time” the repetitive voice hurled back around me this time. Sounded off, yet softly with reverb. I couldn’t understand how this ‘thing’ was able to hear my thoughts and speak back. My revealed consciousness combined subconsciously came to become more quickening and lucid, I tightened my eyes and grinded my teeth. Twitching my head shaking it quickly nodding away to snap out of it all,


    “Mother please help me!!! Please!! Make it stop!!!”, I couldn’t stop thrashing on the ground uncontrollably. As the other Demon spoke out and shrieked in uglier Latin. With loss of time, I realized this Exorcism had been going on for more than several hours now. Demon after another demon followed inside me. I rose up off the floor. I released my closed eyes at the right time on my own terms of judgement, to find myself being instantly doused and stabbed again with Holy Water mixed with Sea Salt, this time; I assume this had gotten more excruciatingly severe. I had no shirt on as I fell knocked down to my knees on all fours, to the ground. Yelling Latin viciously again, it followed with a pitcher of Sea Salt and Holy Water poured all over my back by my Mother as she continued praying loudly and crying out, it felt like actual fire! The mixture of blessed waters burnt right through my flesh as I screamed in agony! The next Demon spoke,


    Shantasas non est mori, abyssum facturus. Deo placere. Lumen comedit me. Ego paenitet. Non accipies me. Im 'non non non non non sum ego morior mori mori i. Shantasas enim mori. Do not kill Shantasas. A Human cannot kill a Demon. Impossible. No, Nooo, dying…No kill. No kill. Please. Sorry. Leave. Leave, Leaving. Leave, I leave, I leave, I’m dying, how does Human kill Demon!?!? Stop!! Stop!! No more!!” It squealed pathetically in its Own evil voice and persona. I had to end it. We were all going to kill it. Kill a Demon.


     Slowly getting up exhausted and regaining myself, I brushed up and against the sink, leaned downward into it trying my toughest to vomit out the walnuts. I held my arm out and pressed a blessed Scapula against my forehead as it literally made my eyes teary feeling swollen in anguish, it scorched me as I shut my eyes for mercy in deep pain. I fought back, practically embedding the Scapula it into my forehead pushing it so rough I couldn’t feel my skin anymore, to fight off the Demon stalling it, shouting at the top of my vocal cords brutally in muttering cries!


    “You remember the suffering?”

    I grabbed dishwasher soap and chugged it!

    “No this was nothing, compared. I remember, how it happened after it opened my eyes.” I told the mysterious entity. Sticking my index finger down my throat, pushed all the way down. So far to the deepest of my esophagus I could feel it squish and gag for moments, each Demon more incredibly stubborn for me to not vex them out and puke the walnuts after saying one of the Demon’s names already!!!


    Everything eventually turned bright. That vision suddenly stopped.

    “You’re almost here. Keep going…It’s almost over, I oath you this will be your last nightmare you suffer of.” Up till this point, I’ve never gotten this far passed up to my lucid stage, I was headed towards the peak climax and pinnacle to where this just might be the end? Hopefully make sense too, when I wake up?


    My Iris re-opened in My dream. As did my eyes. I was back in the Wintry Castle Garden

     “Follow the Back-Gate entrance and you will come to your acknowledgement, enter to the Castle Garden. You’ll understand the rest?”


    I was automatically teleported to the Back Gates of the Castle Garden, attired back in my sleeping clothing again. So suddenly, a girl with no eyes in her sockets, just as promised by the Entity had a bunch of keys in one of her hands, she heard my footsteps echo in the Hallway brushing against the Garden leaves. The young girl, thin, pale skin and straight black hair wearing a pearly beige silky shimmering night gown lingered the sound; moved her head gently sideways towards the locksmithing collection of keys; I’d say barely eighteen stood directly in front of me to the sounds of my footsteps. She automatically approached the back Gates slowly, with her arm and hand guiding her. Unable to see anything she opened the gate doors for me, searching each key until she unlocked it. The mysterious young lady with no eyes, turned around and said,

    “We’ll need each other another time. But not now. Right now, you must walk your path through the gates and find the answers you seek. I will see you again in time.” She stated to me in a frail voice, as I just watched her move the gates open slowly. I knew somehow, somewhere, someway, I will and would cross paths with her again. This I did sense in all truth; I just didn’t understand why or for what reason? But my gut feeling assured me I will. I said nothing in response. The girl made no eye contact with me, for she had no eyes to make contact with, she pointed the way as she motioned her face position down the path. Walking past her I realized it was simply a long tunnel sidewalk with cold gorgeous fresh seasonal Autumn Trees. Just then within a few steps and a split second’s eye all around me everything morphed into a Sewer with a Well in the center? I continued onward, it felt even more realistic, now it felt like I was walking yet at the same time floating in mid-air, all together. A ladder at the end of the Sewer tunnel finally? Following the path to the end. There was no more, Castle Garden? Now a simplistic ladder to descend down into unknown depths? This was no longer a Castle!? I didn’t understand? However, coming to this point; I knew I was near the end.


    What was all this, what happened to the point of the Castle Garden? What was the reason of me going down a ladder into a Sewer!? What was the purpose of seeing that whole shadow silhouette person up upon the Clock Tower? Who was that person anyway? Wasn’t I supposed to find that person for the answer to everything!? …Yet… or never!? Was that person in the Clock Tower not my key to why I’m having these recurrent dreams!? Drained I put my head down and inhaled a deep sigh of frustration. I felt so much utter confusion and resentful bewilderment, that only left me more clueless with much more dozen questions left unanswered. Why is all this happening during my Mothers current death? Why now!? Of all times, during so many awful things happening to me? Why am I having these recurrent dreams all at the wrong time frames in what seems to be my Life’s worse phases right now!?!?


    “Do you see how Life is constant and changes now? Fate… You can change your present if you’re aware of it, to create a differentiation future towards Reality, illusions change all the time. So, do we. Such does time; it deceives the division of facts from Reality. Always remember this Dylan.” The voice said as it echoed.

    “What was that the point of that!?! What’s the point of all this!? Why a Castle Garden leading me to a Sewer…?”

    “You are beginning to attain hints and acknowledgement to what this might symbolize, mean and represent. For who said I was directly telling you something? Have you ever considered it’s all in you? All is in you. Or did you never stop to even consider that? Yet still even now, you are certainly not ready to understand this, not yet. You have a long way to go, so much to experience, so much for comprehension to complete; not much time could be given to you... Your dreams cannot tell you all your answers in your Life. That is just the way it works sometimes. Not the way this was to work at the very least. But you know where to go now, at this point; to what lies in front of you. There’s not much longer now. It will all be over soon.” The voice redirected me, yet still with no definite answers.


    This was starting to extremely anger me; I became enraged to find now as always that this telepathic ‘Voice’ does this repetitive aggravating cycle and I’ve grown sick of playing games since all these past several nights, doing this all over again with continuous nights followed!! The exact cryptic quick inputting puzzling statements, it always does to me, leaving me to suffer in a quick instant nightmare, pull me out of them, to another next vision; yet under Its’ control. Then teleporting me out to some other, to another, then another direction, left and right, only to throw me off in its Own optionable words opinions, all to position me with more mystery and no logic or sense, making things all the more difficult for me to analyze. As I go back to square one once again, all suffering to figure out everything on my Own? If there even is anything to figure out!? Or if this ‘Voice’ is just simply screwing with me!? So, agitating. What I also find suspicious, it’s seemingly always odd and unfair, this ‘Voice’ speaks any remark it chooses that ends with reversal psychology, rhetorical question or hypothetical spiritual nonsense type statements that I cannot fully grasp? Always choosing to be in full control of my lucidness, bringing me into whatever It wants. In distracting circles with never an answer. Poking at me, just showing me my exact replayed traumas and darkest terrors from my obscured imaginations. Most of all never given me so much as legit hints to ITS’ name after so many nights we’ve had sessions…? Another major thing that’s creeped me out about this, it just doesn’t feel right. Hmm? I began to question all this now? Putting this into realization. Perhaps this “THING” enjoys getting off on my pain, anguish, trauma and nightmares, there could be something I’m missing, something disgusting in this malevolent form of Creation; that’s doing whatever it wishes and pleases to do with me? It may or could have something evil later on to do behind my back down the line, something so strong in store for me in Its methods of holding and waiting to any favorable desires… Whatever this Entity’s secretive plans or intentions are if my theories are correct, having it out for me, could it possibly be a true motive it was carrying towards me instead? Is this Entity, this ‘Voice’ in actuality some sort of deranged haunting? As if it’s trying to intentionally give me hideous bad dreams all consecutive nights, to drive me slowly and slowly to the point of insanity? I’m growing weaker in Life. Yes, this is valid. True and so much trauma in reality that it has overcome me, the rising perspectives of mine grew if this ‘Voice’ was taking repulsive advantage of me, seeing as I’m fading out and finding weakness in Life. I started thinking, my relationship with this Entity at this point? Not knowing what “IT” is exactly, I needed to remain cautious and weary of it now. Now I needed to find out, should I actually entrust to it as a confidant or regarding it as a hostile? I had this “Being” to myself now on my guard in the back of my Mind, needing to be careful. But as of now, this dream. This recurrent nightmare, it needed and was vowed to end. I need to see it through.


    So, I was here. I’m here now, it was obvious where I needed to go. I peered down the dark vented hole leading to the bottom of the ladder and saw nothing but blackness. Building up my courage, I cautiously climbed down the ladder. Everything started to go in slow motion. As I eventually made it to the bottom ground, facing a large wall I turned to my left shoulder all the way around me as everything started to change once again, transformed; the Hallways grew tarnished, tainted. The walls, became a brown reddish charred rusted color and the smelt of decay rotted factory metal smelt like Aged years of Iron. I had no idea where I was, but fear struck me heavily. It was extremely narrow in this place and had an icy cold dry air.


    Suddenly I heard something in the distance. My anxiety grew, deep fear heightened in me as it was so bleak and faint here; inside me my heart started beating quickly and chest grew tight. The sound of squeaking wheels sounded off, as eventually soon an oddest stranger carrying a blurred distorted face came out from the shadows in a wheelchair. This is new…A stranger in a ragged worn towel sat in a handicap mobile chair? There was an instant halt and stop, once it saw me. The distorted creature froze and stared and me, pausing for a moment, twitching his head. Freakish looking, his head!? What the fuck was wrong with his head!? Oh GOD!? Where was I!?!? Flipping out the Stranger grunted and moaned and wheeled towards me in anguish. I wasn’t sure, if he was going to attack me or he/it needed help? I backed up. I looked around my surroundings. There were narrow bricks everywhere and it was very cold. The gruesome monstrous person in the wheelchair was groaning something in some language that I didn’t understand. Couldn’t make sense of any of this, I started to panic and my heart started rushing and palpitating as I backed up. My night clothing. I then splatted my foot on something squishy with my socks. Bloody. Immediately looking down I saw pieces of rotted corroded fleshy body parts twitching on the ground. They were alive and pulsing, moving around like dead fish with no oxygen on land. I gasped in disgust!!! I started moving away from this hideous life and this freakish person in the wheelchair as it hideously neared me or begged me to stop. Tripping over a skinny sharpened staircase, instantly in shock to my realization. I tripped and lost my balance. But caught myself up. Thankfully, simply stood still. No fall? I didn’t fall? However, everything around me changed. I didn’t know what to make out of all this nightmarish scenario!? But I leaned away and shut my eyes for it to end. I wanted it to go away. I said a self-prayer. It slowly all went away. As I opened my eyes.


    Returning, in a fast blink of an eye, I smelt heavy scented Dawn dishwashing soap, once again. I smelt it so strongly, thinking bubbles flew in my nostrils as I coughed up and spit out nothing but bile. It was Citrus Orange Antibacterial. I knew this, because I was pouring and drinking it down, in sips. My Minister Gabriel on the speaker phone said,

    “Dylan, vomit it out now! You need to expel it out of your system!!”, so desperate I was using Dishwasher soap to make myself physically sickened to regurgitate the 2nd Demon into the sink. Sounds of violent hacking, empty gurgles and coughing routed off the Room loudly. But no vomit. I remembered I hadn’t eaten all day that day; therefore, I chewed up as many walnuts as I could. Ughhh…I don’t know how much more I could take. My poor dear Mother by my side not giving up hope and praying still and reciting the Philippines prayers. She was in tears and exhausted. But no where near giving up. Staying right by my side.

    “What are you trying to tell me?” I said crucially through my Mind. I was sickened and nauseated. I couldn’t bare this anymore! I want this nightmare to be over and I want the voice to tell me to wake up already!!


    “Observe, you’ve conquered this; stay with this.” After so much bile, attempted vomiting, prayer and now dishwashing poisoning by this point. Truly this was horrifying once again! This. This needed to end! I finally stuck my index finger all the way down and didn’t hold back, I gagged myself and didn’t budge ‘finally’; I puked out about a liter of colored green sewage vomit in the sink, as Holy Water was poured on it by my Mother quickly walking up to it, actual smog smoke came out from the vomit and the foulest of odor discharged from the waste. There were two long thin black worms squirming around alive out and in my vomit. I collapsed and fainted.


    “Thank you.”

            “Climb down, like last time.” The voice commanded. I already knew more or less the reflux of the ending very well.

    “You did well.”


    This time the unknown inexplicable voice said something it had never said before for its first time, that echoed down my shivering spine giving me a cold chill, finally said to me it’s final cryptic statement,


    “Dylan. You’re done now and you have much reason here. You don’t need to be frightened or fear me, just stay safe and vigilant. My name is Porcelain Reverie (The Surrogate Mother). I am your Guide sent to you. I sent messages and visions to you to show you different meanings and representatives of what possibilities of obstacles lay of burden. A journey you are about to embark is far beyond you, but you were chosen to be guided. Signs and symbols that you will come across, you will come to discover. The young girl with no eye sockets you will meet down the line in your Life will have a disability and you will meet her, when you do you will know then. Then that I am Real. She will not know you, but you will know her. Her name with be Alicia Tanning, take special care of her. She will need your help. Starting tomorrow when you wake up, it will all begin. Anew. You will have to face many life-threatening trials of bargaining to dangerous treachery ahead. Don’t ever lose faith in yourself, you must never let go of yourself and above of, never lose hope.”

    “What are you talking about?” I stammered back. “All these dream cycles were just a test!!? What do you mean my Life is in danger!!??”


    “One final thing I give you before we meet one last time and we will meet once more one last time. One last time we will come across paths. For, I will be watching over you. Feel your connection. Reflection. Inner Spectrum. The Cosmic Alignment that bridges that brought and put you here. …What do you believe in Dylan? Fate? Destiny? God? Or Logic? What do you truly believe, what do you think brought you here?” I didn’t know if this was a trick question or to answer the voice? I was confused. I was thinking of answering, but it was all overwhelming statements, questions, quite possibly or a message given to me to as a question? I had so many other questions all at once, just succumbed by so much. I just spoke,


    “Please just please, just tell me—”


    But before I could even finish my last sentence, a bursting crackling sounded off loudly from right behind me.


    “I will see you again, in time, I meant to warn you of danger ahead in your Reality.” The voice sounded like windchimes, it echoed in a distance and went very far away into the air away from me. Then vanished.


     I instantly turned around terrified and saw a giant Psychedelic Colored Purplish Tinted Window. With different visions of my subconscious since my birth, past, present and some clips of my future. Then other people’s lives entwined with mine and hideous visions, mixed with delusions, that put me into severe psychosis, I’d dare say. It was too overwhelming and I couldn’t move as I was paralyzed. It devoured my Mind! In Super-consciousness, I collapsed and dissolved into the ground that looked like Metallic multi-colored neon violet, gray lined and purple tiles. My mind gave out as I saw a bright light and collapsed, started convulsing and thrashing violently! Within just a few minutes I disintegrated through a galactic wormhole as my body materialized and composed somewhere into nothing. It seeped in through a pitch-black portal of darkness. It felt like I was swimming in an Ocean of black, once again? This time, I couldn’t breathe in oxygen so well the air was thinner. Wherever I was adrift in movement, there was absolutely nothing around me to grab onto, just hover, drown and stay afloat. My body’s stamina eventually began to feel weak and feeble; I was gasping. Taking deep breaths. I was letting go.

    I knew now. This is what it felt like possibly? I was letting go. I was dying of progressive asphyxiation. In the very far up distance above me, what appeared to be a 2nd floor Castle Garden. I heard instant whimpers, followed by a baby screaming and crying. A Mother in pain? Relieved. A newborn was given birth. The sound of that music box gave off again with a calming wind from the very beginning from miles away that I had sensed at the very beginning, except this time it was right near my ear; now a mnemonic. My lungs collapsed. The Voice was a Confidant after all. It spoke its final three words I heard,

      “…Wake up Dylan…”)


    { Dylan Davenport’s Iris – Opened / Light Entered – Eye Color: Green }


    Dylan’s alarm clock was roaring static. He woke up in shock and sheer cold sweat.


            “Revelations 22: They will need no light of lamp nor sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they will reign forever and ever. Jesus Is Coming 6 And he said to me, “These words are trustworthy and true. And the Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets, has sent his angel to show his servants what must soon take place.” 7 “And behold, I am coming soon. Blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book.” 8 I, John, am the one who heard and saw these things. And when I heard and saw them, I fell down to worship at the feet of the angel who showed them to me, 9 but he said to me, “You must not do that! I am a fellow servant with you and your brothers the prophets, and with those who keep the words of this book. Worship God.”

The Iris - Excerpt

Written By:  Mark Cavazos Trevino


Copyrighted © 2019 by Mark Cavazos Trevino. Written by Mark Cavazos Trevino. Created, Written and Copyrighted © 2019 by Mark Cavazos Trevino. – Not to be distributed, conceptual derived, material text copied, used without the consent or permission of the Author.  Photograph art taken used by Mark Cavazos Trevino. All rights reserved.

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Very (intentionally?) disjointed and cryptic, like trying to describe an actual dream. Some of it reminds me of a few dreams I’ve had, actually, namely the autumn trees and the castle, but I’ve had some weird and disturbing ones as well!
Good stuff, though! I’m honestly not the right person to critique writing, as I don’t write. I’ve read quite a bit, mostly sci-fi: Clarke, Brin, Vinge, PKD... You’d think I’d have read more horror, judging by my art, but I have read some. 
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Dear friend, i'd call this a mysterious out-of-time dive into a very particular, slightly esoteric, stream-of-consciousness narrative - that is quite swirling in its psychedelic complexity. The stylistics is the outer shell and is great in itself, but it's the words that aren't necessarily said directly, but can be felt within the current inner layers, that create a very strong sense of suspension. And it haunts deeply. This story reminds me of the structure in the film - Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life
Outstanding creative work in all in all, remarkably recommended!