The Divine Amber Tree

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 "The Divine Amber Tree"


"Although you speak in your language to the slow crystallized amber that surrounds you, you see and begin to realize the signs of the pulsing life that your sentiments still leave off. Gaping and lingering before the yellow glass roots of the Colossal Divine Amber Tree. The orange diamonds on the Amber Tree look like Liquid Honey Icicles Giving off gleams of hope that there might still be left in this Barren Island of Madness. Watch the crystallized amber gradually illuminate and resonate under the heated sun glazed reflection. It shines and warms your eyes gently as you see your face through it. You see and stare into it as it warms your face by the glinted rusted shined surface reaching, close enough to see people in the trees, as they giggle and blow their rustling leaves towards the empty night stars. You can hear them as you did once ago. With all your energy you push against the amber wall and make it bleed. In which from thy moment once again, I hear the screeching skinless bird-like mannequin people that grind through the walls of the Amber again…up towards the fourth-floor stairs with their brown rusted claws. The walls of the Divine Amber Tree begin to wither. The branches are withheld outside, breaking through the in. The fleshgrind and the walls eat at my my wrists tell the time. The ending of time. Watching my wrists slowly speak to me…and wither. They hold time, just as we hold the beginning and end of life...As somewhere within these barren shaking arms of mine, I feel the true fright as I melt into the divine Amber coma..."



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Copyrighted © 2018 by Mark Cavazos. Written Poem form. Concept and vision by Mark Cavazos. Not to be used, plagiarized, or taken without consent of Authors Permission. All properties of written content, conceptualized writing and context belong to Mark Cavazos. All rights reserved.

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BrainTubeWhiskey's avatar
Yo; after reading this, feel like I dropped into a quick psychedelic drug trip or just fell into a strange dream and woke up after finished reading it.

was like...  wuuut!?!? Triggered 

Good stuff buddy. :D (Big Grin)  Tripped out. Wondering however what are you talking or does this symbolism of this writing??? Meow :3 

BrainTubeWhiskey's avatar
Truthfully I enjoy ALL your writing, I must say. You certainly have a talent for that! :)
Keep up the great work!!!! Love 
VanelopeAria's avatar
Your writings are so luscious and visual. I love them. Clap