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The Codex Veil

Book I: (Containment)


Matthew Trevino


Mark Cavazos Trevino




Chapter 19


              Blaire carries Alan on her shoulder and tries to move away from the booth by pushing and squeezing between people. She looks to see if she can find where Carl went. All she can see are the bodies of people fighting with each other, trying to get back their money, while other people are fending off the ghosts and poltergeists.  
             “We have to find Carl and leave!   Something very dangerous is going on,” Blaire shakes Alan, trying to wake him from his sleep. It’s no use. Alan isn’t responsive.  Then from behind her, Blaire hears a voice call her name.
             “Blaire! Over here!”

              Blaire looks and much to her relief sees Frank, standing in a clearing alone. She turns in his direction when suddenly appears a poltergeist from behind her back and pulls Alan’s shirt from behind. The poltergeist is extremely strong, and has a tight grip on Alan. It tries to drag Alan from Blaire’s grasp.  Blaire yells, using all her strength to keep Alan grounded. The poltergeist is shrieking loudly as it pulls Alan off the ground.  It will be only a matter of moments before Blaire’s fingers lose their grip on Alan. To her shock, Blaire can feel herself being hoisted up. Then Frank grabs hold of Blaire’s hand, and while Blaire is holding onto Alan’s arm, Frank pulls down on Blaire, keeping her on the ground.  The poltergeist releases Alan and sends Blaire and Frank falling back.  

              As Frank falls back, he trips on something thick.  He turns to examine the obstacle and realizes he’s tripped over the body of the drummer who was attacked by the decapitated singer.  Frank’s horrified to see that the drummer’s skin has been shredded off, but the drummer is still alive!
   “Dude, I need your skin! The singer in my band totally ripped it off and I’m like so hungry! So hungry!” the drummer yells.  He starts to climb up Frank’s leg.  As Frank struggles to free himself from the drummer’s grip, Blaire comes from behind and kicks the drummer in the head, knocking him unconscious.   Frank quickly gets up on his feet. Blaire says,
            “Alan is heavily medicated and I can’t wake him up.  Help me raise him.” They both hoist Alan to his feet by supporting his weight on their backs.  
            “Have you seen Raven or Dayton? I completely lost track of them both.” Frank asks.

                      Still trying to find a way out of the Halloween Festival, Blaire stops in her tracks.  
            “No, I haven’t. Stop! We can’t leave without Carl!”
             At this, Frank is crushed. He is trying to save Blaire and Alan and all she can think about is Carl.  Frank looks around at the people fleeing from the festival, trying to escape the menacing clutches of the undead and ghosts.  Frank says,
            “We have to go now, there’s no time to go back for Carl.  We can drive away in my hearse.”
            Blaire, upset, says, “Well, then, you can go by yourself, because I’m not leaving without Carl.” Frank loves Blaire too much to leave her. He decides to look for Carl.
                “Where should we look?” Blaire looks around and spots the haunted House.
                “Maybe Carl’s in there.”
                “Regardless of if he’s in there or not, the house can help us hide,” Frank comments.  

           Blaire and Frank carry Alan, who is completely asleep, into the doors of the haunted house.  As they hoist Alan along their shoulders, the hamster hides behind a nearby trashcan, avoiding being stomped on by the people running hysterically.  The hamster peeks from behind the can and sees which way they carry Alan. The Egregore follows closely behind as Alan is taken into the House of Horrors. Scary Halloween music is playing in the haunted House.  Screams echo down the darkened hallways. Blaire and Frank hope that these screams are only from a taped recording. As they travel deeper into the labyrinth of the haunted house, they pass a coffin.  A Skeleton pops out. Blaire instinctively kicks it aside and shatters its ribs.

              “Calm down, Blaire, it’s just a prop,” Frank says and laughs at Blaire’s reflex. Just then, an evil-looking clown mannequin, holding a knife in its hand, pops out from behind Frank. Frank yells, startling Alan.
Alan calmly asks in a sedated tone,
             “What’s going on? Who’s that clown?”
             “Don’t worry, Alan, it’s just a prop,” Blaire said looking at Frank with a smirk.
             “Well, now that I peed myself, let’s move on, shall we?” Frank lets out. As the group travels further into the house, the horror music grows louder.  Coming to the end of the hallway, they turn and to their surprise find none other than Mary Weather, Melony and Carl.  

             “There you are, Carl!” Blaire exclaims.
             “What is going on? When did this become a Witch hunt?” Frank asks. As the trio meets up with the Coven, the hamster waits behind a wall, hidden from everyone, listening to every word said. Mary Weather, with a disheartening voice, says,
             “I regret to say that this disaster is my fault entirely.  I called forth the spirits and ghosts to shine down monetary fortune on our Coven. Now look what they have done! I suppose I don’t know my own magical strength.”
             “Oh, don’t feel bad, Miss Mary Weather, you couldn’t have meant to cause so much harm,” Melony says to her, taking her hand trying to comfort her.
        “No! It has nothing to do with that. Ghosts and spirits cannot cross into our world. The people also have been 'cursed', as undead now! There is a source that is attracting all this supernatural activity. I know of a tracking spell that will indicate what is causing all this,” Carl informs the group.
             “How?” wonders Blaire.
             “I’ll show you. I haven’t had the chance to try the spell out, but now is a good time as any,” Carl clarifies. He turns to Mary Weather and asks her, “The crystal that you used earlier in your spell, may I use it?” He holds out his hand to her.
             “Of course, darling,” Mary Weather says, removing her crystal, which is attached to a silver chain, and passing it over to Carl. With everyone gathered around, Carl recites a Latin incantation. As soon as he finishes, he disappointingly admits that his spell didn’t work.
             “May I try?” asks Mary Weather.

          Carl hands her the crystal and she immediately proceeds to speak the Latin incantation just as Carl did. But, unfortunately, the spell is not successfully activated.
             “I’m sure I can do a much better job,” Frank says as he takes the crystal from Mary Weather. Frank recites the Latin incantation. During his oration, Blaire turns around to check on Alan. Alan is fast asleep on the floor, snoring loudly. Frank is saying the incantation, but stops short when Melony screams.

           The ghosts and poltergeists are now abruptly appearing to everyone in the room.  They attack the group.  A vicious foul smelling poltergeist chokes Mary Weather and hoists her in mid-air. Melony runs to her aid, jumping up and down.  Meanwhile, two ghosts corner Blaire. Frank and Carl spring into action to save her.  As Frank and Carl are prying the two ghosts away from Blaire, one ghost turns around and pulls Carl. The ghost drags him across the ground.

           Hamster is peeking from the wall. His eyes twinkling with joy at all the violence. He is jumping up and down, cheering on the ghosts and poltergeists, getting such a thrill to murder them all!

              “Are these ghosts even ghosts? They are super strong and we can touch them!” Frank says as he pulls the second ghost off Blaire.  
                   “Doesn’t matter now, does it?” Blaire says as she gives the ghost a strong kick in the knee.  The ghost falls to the ground, away from Blaire. Suddenly, an evil poltergeist with a long, grotesque face; a sharp pointy nose nears the ground crawling up towards Frank, as it grabs him by his neck and is about to pull him into the air. Blaire grabs onto Frank’s hand and refuses to release him.

              “Don’t let go!” Frank cries as he is being pulled by collar.
              “I can’t get the spell to work,” Frank yells. Blaire cries out,
              “Then tell me what to say! Hurry! There’s no time to lose, give me the crystal. I’ll try to activate the spell!” Frank quickly tosses the crystal in Blaire’s hand, as she catches it she prepares to recite the words; simultaneously holding her hardest onto Franks hand unwilling to let go.

              “Repeat after me!” Frank yells.

                   Blaire repeats the phrases that Frank speaks. As she does, she feels her grip weakening until she loses hold, leaving Frank to be pulled into the air by the ghastly malicious spirit. With Frank screaming out the magical phrases, Blaire continues to recite the last part of the incantation. She shouts out the last word with all of her might!                                                                                        

              Blaire is horrified to see Frank’s face turning purple as he is suspended in midair. Then the crystal in Blaire’s hand begins to instantly shine bright! It lit the entire Room! The poltergeist holding Frank turns its face in another direction as if it’s mesmerized. The phantom loses its interest in Frank and releases its grip. Frank hits the ground quickly. Blaire runs over. As she helps him up, she looked over to where the phantom flew. A dazzling, overwhelming light shines in the room. Blaire stares in disbelief. Her brother is the one emitting the light. The ghosts halt their attacks abruptly and start to draw near Alan, closing in on the boy as he sleeps soundly. An aura of golden light surrounds Alan.

              “Alan’s the source!!!” Carl yells out as he sees Alan glowing. The hamster’s beady, black eyes widen in fear that Alan has been discovered and is now the prime target for annihilation by the apparitions.  

                    Blaire screams at Alan to “wake up” from across the room, but Alan is in a deep sleep, unresponsive to her yells. Suddenly, the hamster scurries out from his hiding place and jumps on Alan’s chest.  Frank spots the hamster and instantly recognizes his creation, his Egregore!

                   The hamster leans over Alan, trying to wake him.  “Hey kid, wake up! Hurry!” Hamster calls out. But it’s no use. The boy cannot be awakened as heavily sedated as he is.  The hamster looks quickly behind him and sees that the apparitions are about to attack the boy. The hamster, fearing that they will destroy Alan, retracts his claws and scratches Alan’s cheek deeply, waking Alan finally.  The child screams as he awakens.  Then, just as quickly as the ghosts and poltergeists appeared, they disappear, along with Hamster.  

                  “Ouch!” Alan yells. He puts his fingers to his cheek and sees blood on his fingertips.  
                  “Alan! You’re finally awake!” Blaire says as she hugs Alan. “I’m so glad you’re awake!” She hugs him tightly, squeezing the air out of his lungs.

              “Not for long…I can’t breathe, Blaire,” Alan manages to say. Blaire smiles and wipes the tears from her eyes.
                   Carl remained speechless. He’s trying to piece together what just happened.    
                     “Blaire, you activated the locating spell instantly. How were you able to do that???” Carl asks her.  

                  Everyone turns to her and waits in silence. It’s hard to believe that in a room full of Witches, none were able to activate the spell, yet it was incredibly easy for Blaire. Blaire shrugs her shoulders.

                 “I don’t know.  I just repeated what Frank told me to say, and then the light from Alan lit up. Oh, by the way, here’s your crystal, Mary Weather,” she says, handing it back to her. Mary Weather takes the crystal back, saying,

             “My dear child, you have a gift.”

             “No, I don’t. I really I don’t…” Blaire cuts herself off. She is about to tell everyone in the room that she doesn’t believe in magic, but after all the weird things that have recently happened, she is starting to think that she might be wrong.

             “How did it feel, Alan, to be glowing like you did?” Melony asks as she pokes her head through the circle that is gathered around Alan.  
             “I don’t remember anything,” Alan says, rubbing his head. “Why do I have blood on my cheek?”

              Everyone still looks at Blaire, but no one says anything. The room is uncomfortably silent. Though everyone bore witness to the odd-looking Hamster, and could hear the strange creature spoke, none to make sense of that logic to believe what they saw. Except of course, Frank. Yet he keeps it silent and secretive to himself.

             “I wonder what that creature was? I guess, we won’t really know right now,” Blaire tries to explain.
              “We'll try and figure that out later. At this moment we need to be getting out of here, while we still can,” Carl says quickly.

              “Does everyone have a ride back home?”

The Codex Veil: Book I (Containment)

Written By: Matthew Trevino & Mark Cavazos Trevino


Copyrighted © 2014 by Matthew Trevino & Mark Cavazos Trevino. Published ℗ 2014 by Matthew Trevino and Mark Cavazos Trevino.  The Codex Veil: Book I (Containment) – Not to be distributed, conceptual derived, material text copied, used without the consent or permission of both Authors.  All rights reserved. Front Cover Book Artwork Illustration by Matthew Trevino.

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