Beyond the Meridian Light

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--Beyond the Meridian Light--

Opening my eyes to this parallel world, I finally understood the cosmic nature that lies between this dimension and reality. I swiftly went to the ends of the light at the end of the long tunnel Ring-Orbed body was lightweight, I weighed nothing. The voice whispered to me, "You'll make it.." Was this God whispering? Does God speak to us in whispers? Whether it be or not, this voice guided me through this infinite and empty vast void of Space. As I traveled observing the beautiful scenery and surroundings, I observed below me and viewed Oceans composed of stars millions to billions of them aligned in an cosmic scattered spiral with light emitting from within them, from that I was floating under almost in an Ocean of lighted orbs. There were these type of Dream-like bubbles whom had vivid cinematic images inside them, sacred dreams of beings. I was trying to find my way back to Earth, back home...But I was millions of light years far from the planet. As time stood still, the voice guided me through this Universe, we spoke to each other as if we've known each other all our lives. What was this voice? This whisper was so calming and told me the designed significance of all meaning and purposes. The wisdom and knowledge it held was beyond that of time. It told me the purpose of life, existence, and the key to the universe. I felt every breath taken in space was a vaccination of enlightenment and so it was as I drifted freely into the stars and was in complete peace. At the final stage of this dark void of space the voice told me, "Do not be afraid, you will never be lost existence it is as infinite as time, and everything is and shall be where the end of the light is". At that moment the whispering voice vanished from my presence and as I took my final deep thought, I drifted near and to the end of the Ring Orbed Abyss. Suddenly a mysterious towering force pulled me in a direction of an unimaginable light-speed. Further through Space I began to abruptly digress towards a massively colossal Black Hole, as an intense pressure began to take hold of my eyes began to boil and deteriorate in my sockets. No sooner than a split millisecond my veins ferociously bulged out of every part of my body, and then projected into a snapping-like sound in which all my veins spewed and sprayed blood from their membranous tubes, my skin and flesh from my body melted off violently as if my flesh were like cotton candy put under hot water, my blood shot out through every orifice and opening in my body, until there was nothing left but my skeleton and then my skeleton began dissolving into dust within the light speeds tremendous force, almost as if it were shaving off my flesh and dissolving my bone-matter into ashes and dust. Experiencing all this unfathomable sight, it was strange but it's as if I were only watching it in a third-person mode or in a theatre like view. Actually seeing my organic-body and body matter and atoms crumble apart into complete and utter decomposition of my entire existence..I felt almost rejuvenated and liberated that my body was finally gone. Through a spectrum form my body completely fluxing into nothing but dust. I finally realized my body was only a shell-like skeleton barrier of ourselves. It wasn't who we are. And I was shown this by realization soon, as I realized my body had altered. My body had altered into...(__). As I realized The Black Hole was like a systematic gravitational field of space-time that was used by the voice whom had been speaking to me to form or to cleanse me or purify my organic human-like body and show me what my altered form was. A pure form. So finally, after I traveled inside the black became different. At the end of the Abyss, there was a transformation of what can be described as a Cosmic Solaria made of a light-form matter. I can only describe it being an illumination of peaceful light and it was here behind the Black Hole Vortex of transformation that I finally found my true home..

Copyrighted by Mark Cavazos 2007
"Beyond the Meridian Light" (2007)

--Notes: This is based on an actual dream I had, back in 2007. By far one of the most amazing and enlightening things I've ever experienced in my sleep. The concept was very peaceful to me personally.
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TheGhostofAmber's avatar
If this is a place you go through in some sort of the After Life travel, I would like to enter and be at peace here.

 Black Hole Spews 
MasterWingsOfAnAngel's avatar
very beautiful and ethereal... your spiritual dreamlike quality is second to none. Very inspiring!
MrRavenheart's avatar
This story touched my heart brother! You are my brother, Alchemist brother. I'm glad you found your enlightenment
Philospheros's avatar
wow, wonderful writing, my friend :-) haven't been here on DA for a while, I see you have also put some other new stuff there. I'll check it out soon :-) Keep it up bro ;-)
IntuitiveMoth's avatar
Thank you my friend, it's one of my favorite writings too. True peace and enlightenment, I found within that dream. It's good to see you back on here too! Have a good weekend. Peace & illuminations brother. :)