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Reality is not always probable
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About Myself

Artist. Writer. Musician. A Self-spiritual Philosopher. American, with a British Accent. Psychic Medium. & possible Caffeine addict. ⚷ ✡ ∞° ♏︎ של המלך אהרון 🜄 ॐ

Feel free to drop me a note. I will respond back. :)

“It has forever been thus: So long as men write what they think, then all of the other freedoms - all of them - may remain intact. And it is then that writing becomes a weapon of truth, an article of faith, an act of courage."

― Rod Serling

Current Residence: ....

DeviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium

Favorite genre of music: Psychedelic, Electro, Experimental stuff, Grindcore, Grunge, Industrial, mixed forms of Classical, some 80s and many sorts of styles of Metal

Favourite photographer: Saudek, Witkin, many others

Favourite style of art: Dark, Avant-Garde, Classical Renaissance, Symbolic, Surreal-Psychedelic, Horror, Altered / Abstract, Sci-fi, Nature, anything that catches me

MP3 player of choice: Mobile

Shell of choice: Ammonites, Trilobite fossils, Nautilus shells, Turtle shells, Snail, Embryonic Sacs, Cicada shells

Wallpaper of choice: Vomit colors with silver glitter pokadots

Skin of choice: Stigmata

Favourite cartoon character: Salad Fingers, Eric Cartman

Personal Quote: "Visualize"

Favourite Visual Artist
Too many personalities, including myself. I have an appreciation for so many artists to recall...
Favourite Movies
Inland Empire, The Fountain, The Mothman Prophecies, Krampus, Hocus Pocus, Silent Hill, Interstellar, Elvira, As Above So Below, Game Night, The Conjuring I & II, Problem Child II, Dream House, The Haunting in Connecticut, & too many others
Favourite TV Shows
Walking Dead, X-Files, Ancient Aliens, American Horror Story, Bates Motel, The Twilight Zone (Classic), Twin Peaks, Better Call Saul, Gotham, South Park, The Sarah Silverman Program, YouTube...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Too many
Favourite Games
survival-horror, rpg
Favourite Gaming Platform
Sony (Playstation)
Tools of the Trade
coffee, cigarettes (trying to quit), caffeine, journal scrap books, My Mind, thoughts,creativity,different systems.
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I've found a more logical clearer sense in what lies ahead. I just need to hold perseverance patiently. There's now acknowledgement beyond what I see subconsciously. It can help remedy most resolutions. Current phasing of my Life's pathway, can receptively be more direct usually in a central flow if I keep lucid, other times indirect; by how I find the source . All of us find it, one way or another. 'Some' like ourselves just realize it soon enough. Note: Keep faith on this somehow and embrace it. There's always more to learn.

At least now it's more evident. In realization, with the all the facts that have been revealed to me in many forms of the truth over this time. Take it how it is... I can only deal with it. Learn to handle harsh terms. Deal with Life. That's all I ever do, the most responsive thing is learn to deal and just keep moving of course. What kills you only makes you stronger. If you surpass to overcome such probabilities to these other known ill realities. That is your Own pure honesty. Nothing can stand in your way afterwards.

I discovered, Synchronicity - Signs, words, visuals, lucidity, numbers and dreams. Numerology: A Voice. 10x-Fold. A 10 between the lines of 4. Of: 4+* 40+* 100+* 400+ *. In all recurrent Pathways. Geometrical Analytics validation. Visions have proven so forth. Rectangle. Square. Rectangular Prism. Cube. Symbology < = > Pathway & Balance. Reality of mine is here, now. Mine. Happening anew! Furthermore: We all Are one of Consciousness in this Infinite Universe. For all us Mindful existential beings, there can remain no possible full self controllable forceful or sustained intent upon consecutive 'random coincidences' that repeat in our Reality or in Life to happen by our full will power. Dealing with all and every 'inevitable' probability that effects us. In examples..experiences, our dreams and deja vu. These type of sentiments can be taken directly through regards through the Ancient Principles of the Hermetic Law (Thoth). "As above so Below". Something is about to happen my way. I know. I sense it. I feel it. I see a forthcoming ascension.


What Will be Will be. "As you think so it is." (Introspective - Retrospective Awareness Path).

golden wing aesthetic stamp

"Possibilities of Art & Expressive Sounds made for healing."

"Immerse yourself in what you acknowledge and therefore so naturally. But never stop understanding and learning from all the sources surrounding you, as you constantly grow as a Being. The rest is an awakening transformation embedded in your full consciousness and subconsciousness as you walk your Own path" ~ Mark Cavazos

About Myself

About Me:

Art. Music. Writing. Drawing. Entomology. Cryptology. Sociology. Neurology. Astronomy / Quantum Physics. Parapsychology and The Occult. Holy Science. Philosophy. Existentialism. Natural Paranormal. Coffee. Organizing. Astrology / Numerology. Making all sorts of creative things with my hands. Crystals & Gemstones. Fossils and Artifacts. Sacred Geometry. Kabbalah. Self inner Spectrum(s). Spiritual connection. Buddhism. Intuitiveness. Reflecting. The Memory Shrine (Akashic Records). Psychic Medium. Microcosms. Artifact Moth (My Personal Elusive Introspective Transmitting Sensory). Herbalist. Illuminations. Triad Philosophies. Meditation. Focal Points. The Study of Golden Ratio Alignments. The Kabolyion. The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. Spiritual Molecules. The Mothman. Fragments. Journalism. Experiences. Moths - My Spirit Totem Animal. Inspiration. Sensing all surroundings through Energies & Frequencies. Super/Sub consciousness states. Recollecting dream memories. Silent Hill Series. Lucidness. Dark Humor. Some other stuff....

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