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Hey guys! I have returned! I am very sorry for that random disappearance, I am pretty busy with school and such and couldn't seem to fit DA in my schedule. I will promise to post art as often as I can, because I want to be sure to stay active on here. Yet again, I'm sorry for that! ;w;
Heyo people! I got some news!

So, I reset my whole computer. Which means I lost all my files, bookmarks, ETC. which is good AND bad. 

Good part: My computer works better now than before! :3

Bad Part: I lost all of my drawings I was going to post on here.. ;^;

In conclusion, I have to re-draw all 10 drawings. So, I'll not be posting for a while. Sorry! >~<
Tagged by Ginie-san X33

Tag 5 people 

Sounds good enough!


Name: Angelina c:

Zodiac Sign: Libra ^^

Sleep Hours: Probably 3-2 hours of sleep during the Summer, but if it's school 10-9 hours.

Lucky Number: 16 and 3 :3
Last Thing You Googled: Inkling Boy...? ^//^

Favorite Fictional Character: Meh, don't know.

What Are You Wearing Now?: I'm currently wearing a Splatoon Shirt with pink shorts .^.

When Did You Start Your DA Account?: I started DA on December 4th, 2015 :3

Number Of Watchers: 25 watchers ^^''

What Do You Upload To DA?: I usually upload Splatoon, Doodles, and other stuff. But most common is Splatoon.

Do You Have Other Blogs?: I have a tumblr that's dead if that counts? XD

Do You Get Comments?: Of course! I appreciate it very much! owo

Why Did You Choose Your Username?: I chose my username to be XxSquidInkXx is because at some point I had this Obsession with Squids and the Ink and Xx part was random because you know why not?

I tag: 

Nobody because I'm really lazy right now to do so ouo
Got tagged by Mintu-Bun ^w^
1. Open
2. Switch to "All regions" and "All types".
3. Switch to "1".
4. For each question, generate a Pokémon, and use it as the answer. Then comment about it.
5. PLEASE TAG SOMEONE! This is the only way the meme can get around .
6. Post these rules

This is you:
mmmm dat fluff though :000
This Pokémon is your rival:


This Pokémon is deeply in love with you:

Senpai noticed me <333

This Pokémon is stalking you:


This Pokémon just stole your cake:

Why U steal my cake ;o;

This is your Lab Partner:


This is your best friend:

You have such beautiful flurf :0

This Pokémon is about to fight you:

Please don't squish me, I'm too floofy to die ;-;

This Pokémon will do anything to get your shoes:

T-they're in the closet to the right.. 

This Pokémon is currently hiding in your house:

My FeElInGs-

This Pokémon is your pet:


This is your new roomate:


This is your new boss:


This Pokémon watches you while you sleep at night:


This Pokémon is scared of you:

ahhhhh so cute!! Don't be scared of me please ;w;
This Pokémon is about to perform surgery on you:

*Runs away* I'M ALL FINE NOW!

you have to babysit this Pokémon all night:

I'll accept it!! >w<

This Pokémon loves sleeping on your head:

Awwww! <33

This Pokémon envies you:

*cricket noises*

Use this Pokémon to tag some people:


NOTE: You don't have to do this is you don't want to ^-^

Tagged by Ginie-san  :D
Rules: Answer the following questions and tag 6 people you wanna know better

  Real Name:
 Angelina c:

Favorite Food: 
I don't have a favorite!

Favorite Animal:
Jaguars and Lions :3

How did you find DA?:
Welp, I pretty much been here for a LONG time, except my two other accounts were forgotten. .^. So, I pretty much was introduced by some friends of mine to Deviantart. And thank god I made an account >w<

Do you get a lot of comments here?:
I wouldn't say a lot, but I believe I get a little bit of comments every now and then.

Did you make any new friends?:
Correct! I made a lot of more friends ever since I created my account <3

Dream Job:
I want to be an Animator, Artist, Illustrator, Writer, or a Art Teacher ^^

Drawing, Music, Sleeping XD  

Least favorite song:
*gasp* I can't think!

Any Oc's?:
Ye! Here is a list ouo
  • Cyan
  • Sakura
  • Nile
  • Tangerine
  • Royal
  • Jade
  • Bella
  • Yoshi
  • Tammy
  •  Taiyō
  • Marshy
  • Pasuteru Tsuki
  • Arwin
  • Winter
  • Lavender
  • Mienya
  • Nina
  • Wisteria
  • Dove
  • Towairaito
  • Aqua
  • Coral
  • Nightmare
  • Toropikaru
  • Tabby
  • Shark
  • Lydia
  • Melody
  • Michael 
  • Berry
So, I have 30 OC's total!

I'm not tagging because I'm too lazy ;-; But you can do this if you want because I want to know all of you better c:

Ahhhhh thank you all for the favorites on my Newest deviation! X3 It means a whole lot to me that you guys like it! :3

If you have any art suggestions, PLEASE please tell me! ^v^
Okie, so I got tagged by Ginie-san !


Fabulous Rules!
1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character (I'm gonna try 30! >w<)
3. Tag 8 other characters
4. Post their names along with their creators avatars

Tagged Character:  (SPLATOON OC) Sad Little Cyan! by introvertings   (Cyan of course!)

1: He was the 6th character I made/introduced :3

2: He goes by the name Cyan rather than Coral because he thinks it's too girly for him 

3: Cyan loves to make someone smile and laugh

4: Cyan has a very close relationship with Sakura 

5: He Doesn't know how to glow yet unlike other firefly squids

6: Cyan is kind of childish yet protective and serene

7: He has 5 sisters and 3 brothers in his family

8: Loves his friends and family dearly

9: Is sort of depressed but is recovering still

10: Cyan calls Sakura "Cupcake"

11: He uses mostly the Kelp Splatterscope to help him receive "Splatterscope Luck"

12: Believes that in the future Octarians will invade the world but later will be in peace with inklings

13: Cyan sometimes sleeps a lot in the day then afterwards stays up during the night

14: He mostly goes for Team Callie

15: Cyan highly dislikes Tower Control on Camp Triggerfish because he drowns a lot 

16: His last name is Finn (Get it? XD)

17: During Turf War, he plays along with Sakura because Cyan is not as advanced with chargers or scopes as Sakura

18: He has a friend-wise relationship with an Octoling but doesn't like talking about it

19: Looks after his team most battles

20: He is sometimes rude and greedy

21: Cyan was originally supposed to be a girl before he was born. If he did, he would have been named Kaiyō

22: He loves cuddles and cookies :3

23: Enjoys fooling around with the Octolings in Octo Valley

24: Dislikes Spiders and Ants 

25: Chatters a lot

26: Prefers Iguanas than Lizards (Random Fact XD)

27: Dislikes Squid Parties because he thinks it's creepy and not "cute"

28: Cyan is mostly seen during ranked battles than Turf War

29: He used to live in Calamari Country

30: He is very clumsy

Beautiful 8 people X3


:iconcolorataura:  Crayola :3

:iconpeacock-adopts: Angelina .w.(I can tag myself leave me alone .-.)


Glaze はちみつパン Glaze >w<

Hotaru はちみつパン Hotaru owo

My dad has wifi now c: So I will try my best to keep in touch with you guys on my free time. ^-^
I won't be online until tomorrow afternoon :3 I'm going to my fathers house for fathers day! X3 So I will see and reply to everything tomorrow. Thanks and goodbye! >w<
Yay! I finally got MMD! Now I can make avatars c: It took me a year to get used to it and now I got it! :D
What happened to Faithy? Did something wrong happen or..? I am worried af right now ;-;

I'm addicted to nightcore music now-
Help me pls ;-; 

1 year ago, Japan released a new fun game called Splatoon on May 28th, 2015. And today it's their 1st year anniversary! 
Some of you probably know me and some of you legit don't know me. So, I am going to tell you about myself! 

Name: Angelina (Formerly XxSquidInkxX on DA)

Age: 14 (soon to be 15 >w<)

Motto: "Sploosh"

(ye it's sploosh)

if you'd like to know something else, tell me!
Congrats team fancy! We did well! And for team costume, you did well too! 
I broke my nose ;-;
Team Fancy or Team Costume? X3
*comes home*

*Checks notifications*

*See noice comments*

*Cries eyes out with joy*
I may do a contest on youtube! I may need some ideas tho.. Help?
I feel like typing a story on here, but I'm a lazy cinnaroll so I can't....

I need help not being a lazy cinnaroll

But that'll be hard because I'm a cinnaroll

And cinnarolls are mostly lazy





Hard ;-;