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Now that my comic is headed to the printers, I need something to do in the meantime!  I’m offering Christmas/Winter/Yule/Winter Holiday themed busts for $25 per character ($26.06 with tax).  I'm not posting any examples in this journal as you can very easily go through my DA Gallery.  Sorry 'bout it. ouo;

!These busts will go down to the mid chest!

  • I’m only accepting Paypal.  Please do not send me unsolicited money expecting a commission.
  • Email me at with your references and after you give me the go ahead, I’ll send you an invoice via Paypal.
  • Work won’t begin until money is received in full.  It usually takes me a day or two to finish a bust after the payment is received.
  • I only work digital.  I can not mail you any rough sketches, inks, etc. :(

If you have a specific winter time holiday aesthetic for your commission, let me know!  If you don’t, I recommend checking out this Google search:… Otherwise, I can make something purdy to fit your character all the same.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! :D

Tomorrow evening (May 31, 2016) at 5PM PDT (8PM EST) I’m going to be hosting a live art stream on Picarto.TV.  If you’ve never done it before, it’s super fun.  I’ll be drawing live and you can chat, ask me questions, and we’ll all countdown the final hours of the Kickstarter together!  I haven’t picked a topic for the art stream yet so it’ll probably be Trying Human characters (or other ufology topics) by request.  I’ll try to go as late as I can but I’ll probably have to end it by midnight my time.  

If you have a Picarto.TV account, I’d recommend following my channel so that you’ll get a notification when the stream goes live.

Here’s the formal invitation:

:ufo:… :ufo:

IT’S HAPPENING! Please support Trying Human Volume 2 by checking out the Kickstarter and reblogging/linking it around. :D

I have a quick announcement to make: current updates for TH are going to go on hiatus until :snowflake: December 1st, 2015 :snowflake:  I think I’ve only gone on hiatus 2 or 3 times in all the years I’ve been working on Trying Human so most of yins are aware this isn’t a regular thing.

November is a very hectic month for me this year.  I have two cons (Laughlin UFO Symposium and LosCon 2015) that I’ll be attending right in a row.  With my birthday on the 10th and Thanksgiving at the end of the month, I’m just not going to have the time to put into the new pages.  Otherwise everything will still go on as normal, such as working on the redos and other art.  Plus I really want the Volume 2 Kickstarter out in early 2016 and need the extra prep time.

Please tell all your TH friends what the plan is in case they miss this message.  I don’t want folks thinking I’m loafing through November.  Thank you for sticking with Trying Human until lovely December. :alien:

In the meantime, please check out some of the other awesome comics on Hiveworks (TH’s publisher):

PS - LosCon 2015 may or may not happen depending on if I hear back about my panel.  I thought I was invited/approved for it but it seems like it may be floating in the ether undecided.

PPS - I will still be working on Trying Human: First Tries so don't forget to check for redo updates!

:star: On Sunday January 26th, 2014 at 1PM I’m going to be finishing the Volume 1 book cover on Livestream.  Here’s the link to the Livestream page:…

If you click the ‘Play’ button in the middle of the window you’ll be taken back to the Livestream homepage but you’ll still be able to watch the stream (just not without the fancy black frame and background).  If you click the ‘Play’ button in the lower left hand corner on the window, it’ll keep you on the same page.  I’m not sure why it’s like that but I thought I ought to let yins know.

See yins tomorrow and keep the pledging going! :D


I realized that I never actually wrote a journal entry for the Trying Human Kickstarter to get the first book into print.  Whoops!  Well, here's the official journal entry.  Please help make this Kickstarter successful!
A webcomic filled with romance, aliens, and mystery is ready to make the jump to print!

So I've been promoting my new 'Let's Draw!' Youtube series everywhere under the sun but here it seems.  Well, time to fix that!  I've started to record my drawing sessions (sped up and with commentary) and upload them to Youtube so that everyone can see how I draw.  Some folks can't make the Livestreams and I'm not always able to come on so I figure this will give you guys a good way to keep abreast of my skills and improvement. XD

:bulletpink: MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL! :bulletpink:…

Hue Stamp by RJLakey Trying Human logo stamp by Eloarei
TH stamp - Longus vege-what? by Eloarei

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The first TH sticker set is for sale!…
I've heard there's a Hue/Quazky fic floating around AND I WANT TO READ IT.  If you have it, email it to me at  Also, don't bitch about these coupling fics or I'll come down on you so hard.  If TH inspires ANYTHING artistic, then I want to see it.  Don't be hatin'


:icontrying-human: :icontryinghumanslash:
WELL, our loveseat is pretty much dead.  It's our only seating in the living room and I'd like to get something to replace it so I'm offering *drumroll* COMMISSIONS!

Here are my prices and the only types of commissions I'm offering right now:

EDIT: It would help if I included my contact info. lol  You can send me a note or email me at That is also my paypal addy.

Full body w/ simple BG and Effects - $50 (additional characters +$7 each)

Busts - $12

Just got done hanging out with :iconsindonic: :D  BEST DAY EVAR  Plus, I now have someone who can vouch for me that I'm not a murderer psycho stalker.  ...And also that Dave is a wiz with your car if it breaks down. XD


PS - The charity TH postcard sale ends tomorrow. ;A;  Please get them in quickly!
Is there anyone near Irvine, CA that'd want to hang out sometime?  Dave and I are trying to make some friends down here but we haven't really met anyone that's jived with us and social networking sites are shit for this kind of thing.  To be honest, you'd mostly be hanging with me since Dave is usually busy with work and whatnot but if you're into boardgames, drawing, video games or whatevs LET'S HANG.

...But somewhere public first so we can asses if you're a psycho murderer bent on using our bones for your house of souls.  Drop me a note or an email, homes.
I feel so defeated and it's pissing me off but I think I'm going to have to wait to put the calendar out.  I'm hoping it won't be more than a couple of months but it's going to be a 2012 calendar now.  At least you'll have it really early. :D

I have to go back into the doctor's for an MRI and some x-rays and with all this shiz going on there's no way I'm going to get this finished.  I might be getting a little hip surgery which is further going to keep me away from the comic and the updates are already suffering.  I don't know why I'm telling you guys all this stuff.  I guess I just feel like I need to explain to justify my absence and why I haven't been around as much lately. XD  In the meantime, I'll go back to updating with some more regularity and I'll put some stickers up in the store.  Maybe even a new artbook! :D  Alternating Current will be coming out in print form soon, I just need to find a venue to sell it.  So yes, MENTAL BREAKDOWN.

At least I'm not coming in here like QQ THE COMICS OVER D8

TL;DR: The comic's not over.

Also, I've written down all the cons you guys listed in that previous journal and I'll start daisy-picking which ones I can feasibly make.
First off, Trying Human now has a tumblr: I'll just be posting little random things there that I don't want to clog up DA with.

Dave and I are selling a bunch of old books we found around the house:… lot of them are old animation and art textbooks I have no use for.  I'm still going through boxes and I hope I find some more.  Check them out!!
Are there any conventions you'd like to see me at or would recommend for me? :X I'd like to go to one sometime soon but I'm so new to all this stuff sooo FILL ME IN :D
The second annual TH holiday charity has started!… doing Holiday cards again but this time they're postcards! You will be receiving a postcard (pictured left) with a signed original Trying Human drawing on the back.

All proceeds from your purchase will go to RAINN: The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. RAINN is the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization and I really want to give them a lot this year. You can check out their site here:

We will begin shipping postcards in large batches on December 15 and will no longer be taking orders for postcards as of December 20th.  Thanks for participating this year!

Note: You do not need to be a member of Storenvy to purchase a card.
I've noticed that my search feature on DA is really glitchy and I think I'm missing some fanart every now and then.  Someone will send me the link to something that was posted weeks ago and I've totally missed it AND THEN I HAVE A MAJOR SAD.  ANYWAY, if you do fanart of Trying Human or any other my other work I'd love to see it. :D  Just send me a note or a comment with a link to it! :heart:

Also, since I've been missing all this stuff recently, I'm kind of going on a favoriting expedition and adding things to the TH group.  BE AWARE.
So I gots me some Dead Rising 2 for the PC and I'm always looking for folks to co-op with (cause I'm a lazy fuck).  My game ID is IntroducingEmy so just friend request me and the next time I'm on I'll add you back.  My mic doesn't work within the game so I usually run Skype along with it if you want to chat.  

Get it get it.
I got some!! Thank you guys!!

Does anyone have any extra Staedtler non-photo blue pencils they'd be willing to part with?  I can pay for them plus S&H.  Give me a yell if you have some. :B
I'm going to be spamming my DA tonight with a handful of A/C pages.  I'm not sure how many I'll put up tonight since I don't want to cram your inboxes.  ANYWHO, just letting yins know. :)

Aw fer shizzle my dizzle

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 8, 2010, 1:25 AM

:iconravyn-karasu: has set up this loverly group for Trying Human:  :icontrying-human:  Please join and submit your work to the appropriate folders (if so you are inclined). :D

Commission Guidelines
:bulletred: Please do not request commissions with this journal. Please send me a note or an email instead. It's much easier for me to keep track of things that way.
:bulletred: Please pay with PAYPAL upfront so I can get to work. I'm not holding slots anymore. First come, first serve.
:bulletred: If you want to see the sketch before I go full tilt on it, let me know. Otherwise, I'm just going to finish it. Once I'm done, I'm done. I'm not doing complete revamps of any pieces.
:bulletred: All my work is digital so please don't ask for anything else. :<
:bulletred: If you have any questions, just ask! :heart:

Commission Prices
:bulletblue: Full body, colored and shaded w/ simple background: $45
:bulletblue: Full body, flat colors w/ simple background: $20
:bulletblue: Full body, inked: $15
:bulletblue: Full body, sketch: $10
:bulletblue: Additional characters: +$7
:bulletblue: Anything other than full body: -$10
:bulletblue: 100x100 (or any size or shaped) Icons: $8

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