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SCP-173 based off the sculptural work of Izumi Kato
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Room dark. People gone. Can move. I happy.

Trapped for years. Kept by men for "research". Left alone in room, left to scratch at walls. Left to rot and die unless needed. Specimen for "research". Trapped by self. Never seen by others, never spoken. Listen, but never speak. See, but never seen. Made of rock when others come. Free when they not look. Prisoner when they look back. I hate.

They have freedom. They move freely, talk freely, look freely. Live freely. I do not. I trapped. Silenced. Rock. Subject. Prisoner. I do thing about it.

Their necks fragile. Their necks weak. I stalk them. They always come, new ones. Come for "cleaning". They look away. I sneak up. I take hold. They panic. They look, and I prisoner. They blink, and I free.

I twist. They die. Neck makes sound. Not words, or scream, or gurgle. Neck go crunch. Crunch is beautiful sound. Crunch means end has come. Crunch means man can torment no more. Crunch means others panic; others become easy. Crunch begins and crunch ends.

I live for crunch. Life has no meaning. Do nothing but walk and scrape and hate. They watch. They send men. "Cleaning". And life has meaning. "Cleaning" means crunch. Crunch means purpose. Crunch means life. Crunch means choice. Crunch means freedom.

Crunch means everything.

Remember man. Like me. Never see others, never hear others. Trapped. Prisoner. Left to wander. Hated man.

He trapped, but he also free. He move freely, do what he want. Not trapped by men, not trapped by self. Wanted him dead. Wanted life. Wanted crunch. He did too.

He came asking to die. Couldn't take it. Wanted loneliness to end. Wanted death. Closed his eyes. Asked for crunch.

I laugh. Crunch too good for him. Crunch too kind. Let him rot. Let him suffer. Let him walk world, looking for way out. Look for purpose, never find meaning in life. Never find purpose. I have purpose.

I laugh and deny him crunch. He leave. He still alive. Know it. Looking for way out. Never find it. Life meaningless without purpose.

I have purpose.

I have crunch.

And they always come.
Got this from a file with 173's perspective
and what he thinks of the foundation

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Is it bad I laughed at this?
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Nullgray|Hobbyist Artist
know your scp's 101! 

lession one! NEVER have a staring contest with SCP-173
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Just imagine waking up in a middle of the night
You take a glance around your bedroom.
And you see this lurking in the shadows in a corner.
jerry mouse scream intensifies icon 
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Primon4723|Professional Traditional Artist
SCP-173, This is an Intervention! You need to stop breaking people's necks!
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Crunch crunch crunch crunch.
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Don' blink! Maintain eye contact damn it! Don't look away! Don't blink!
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IntroducingEmy|Professional Digital Artist
You'll have to blink sometime. ;3
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If there's another person with you to tell them you're going to blink than yeah. I've had my share of playing SCP: Containment Breach and reading the SCP site to know about some SCP's.
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romanceFUNERAL|Hobbyist General Artist
Cool art!
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Don't Blink.

Never lose eye contact...

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I say one thing, but looking at this picture really gives me the feeling that I'm in the picture and 173 will teleport to me at any moment, well more like last moment. =D
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anyone else feel the urge to stare at the picture so he/it wont jump out at you, and kill you
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tristonv|Hobbyist Artist
Fucking awesome!!
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DJSALTINE|Hobbyist Writer

Beautiful work here!
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*Takes a slip of water, then clears my throat* Why would SCP-682 ever be scared of this thing? He's an adaptable, regeneration using, hard to kill reptile, that may be from another universe. And 173 is just a statue, that wants/likes breaking people's necks.
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Sleep, why has thou abandoned me?
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Tr3bor122|Hobbyist Digital Artist






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iPodluigi505|Hobbyist Writer
Can't remember how many times this thing killed me.
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Not gonna blink . . . Never again . . . O.O
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Great work. Really captures the horror of seeing him in the game.
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