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Game Items - Farm Animals

I was going to wait until I finished them all but I really wanted to upload some now. I'll just keep updating this file as I add more. Heavily inspired by Harvest Moon~

EDIT 02/21/13 - Added goats!

EDIT 02/25/13 - Added cats!

EDIT 03/06/13 - Added the cattle (and done)!
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Bevis the father rooster, Adelaide the mother hen and Aaron the chick.
Cosmo the father goose, Bettie the mother goose and Aria the little goose. 
Cairo the father horse, Brenda the mother horse and Bram the little horse.
Cody the father dog, Cate the mother dog and Dallas the little dog.
Cornelius the father ram , Cora the mother sheep and Crystal the little sheep.
Daniel the father goat, Daisy the Mother goat Darwin the little goat.
Dennis the father cat , Dixie the mother cat and Dottie the little.
Duke the father bull, Dorothy the mother cow and Dulcie the little cow.
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Very Beautiful They are The Farms The World And What They live In the All Countries Of The World.
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Plans on taking over the world.
Every night :evillaugh:
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haha, could see the harvest moon inspiration x'D
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Is this from a game i can play?
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Harvest Moon was the first thing that popped into my mind waaaay before I even read the description-love the variety! :love:
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Овечкиовечкиовечки *w*
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beautiful style and execution.
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All so awesomely done!
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This is so cute I can hardly stand it.

The darkest horse is like "I AM TIRED OF YOUR SHIT"
ChickadeeSweetie's avatar
FFFFFFFFFFT these are adorable ;w;
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Man, I really wanna play this game! x3
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soo cute ~cuddles all of them~
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d3m1urg1c's avatar
I love harvest moon so much! These are great! I wants to play with them!
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omg these are SO cute! I wish they were all in the actual game ;u;
I thought the sheep were pokemon evolutions at first
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Ahhh those those sheep are so precious! Love the little noses and the fleecy coats <3
Mystilik-Mew's avatar
You should totally go work for the ppl that make Harvest Moon and Rune Factory!!
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