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City Skyline at Night Tutorial

Someone requested a tutorial on how to do buildings in a night setting. I put this together really fast but this is basically how I do it. You'd probably want to spend more time touching up your cityscape than I did. lol
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Thank you <3Stars I need this tutorial to draw some buildings for my assignment, was planning to draw it for a lo-fi aesthetic setting

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Used here: Out of this Gravity
Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial ♥
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this is amazing~
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Easy and fun! But I totally spent less time touching up. Just cannot be bothered with side windows! XD
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this will help a lot :3
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Thanks for this, it's a great tutorial! Thumbs Up I've been trying to create decent skylines for a while.
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Hey I used it here… thank u so much! :heart:~
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I used this tutorial for my most recent work :)
Sleep, my lamb, and I'll protect you by Eeren
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This was very helpful and interesting :) Thanks for sharing!
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I'll try and do it on sai
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Thank you very useful :D

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This is absolutely amazing! I've recently been trying to introduce city skylines into my work, but they are uninteresting and mainly just "for the background." This will definitely make things a lot better! :heart: Thank you so much for sharing! :hug:
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No problem. :D I'm glad it could help.
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Nice~ I like it :D
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Thank you very much. Cities are hard for me.
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Really, this tutorial is extremely simple, yet helpful! Thank you for posting this up!~
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This is good! Smart thinking behind the madness.
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I'm impressed at how simple this is, but this might help me someday. Nice work!
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interesting. is INSPIRED.
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Hello. I love you for this.
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