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Bust - TCStarwind

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Busts of the Ronin Warriors with their virtues for TCStarwind
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KidnappedPrinceDarinHobbyist Photographer
That's awesome
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MerlenynHobbyist General Artist
zomg I love Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers! :)
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Torch of Spirit, sought through five, Drinking strength from Immortal Fire! That fits in with Ryo's armor and his trait of Virtue. For Rowen, its Life, Sage is Wisdom, Cye is Trust, and Kento is Justice. Anubis was Loyalty, the others were Piety, Serenity. I don't remember the fourth one though.
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MDTartist83 General Artist
Ryo = Benevolence
Cye = Faith
Sage = Courtesy
Kento = Justice
Rowen = Wisdom
Cale = Elderly Reverence
Sehkmet = Piety
Dais = Endurance
Anubis = Loyalty
Kayura = Love
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Ty-ChouHobbyist Digital Artist
This picture is so fun! I love all the face expressions and the coloring. I just keep looking at it over and over.
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thank you thank you thank you, i only managed to see one or two episodes as a child and i was never able to remember the name, once more, thanx
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SorshaniaHobbyist General Artist
Great work! :D
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Absolutely love it! I remember the 5 main, I forget the other 4 mostly, but what was Kairas? I thought she took Anubis' when he died, but didnt realize she had her own.
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IntroducingEmyProfessional Digital Artist
I referenced the manga more than the anime. She was 'ai (love)'.
TriforceWarrior's avatar
Ah! I gotcha, and cool beans, never actually read the manga is it hard to find? I know the box set for the anime is ridiculous expensive because its rare.
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IntroducingEmyProfessional Digital Artist
I'm not sure; I just used online resources that cited the manga more than the anime. I also prefer the art in the manga a little more. X3
TriforceWarrior's avatar
Ill have to check it out then. ^^
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StariaChibaProfessional General Artist
I really like them in your style.
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JuJu-BeezyHobbyist General Artist
Great concept! :D
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This is awesome! Their personalities come through so well!
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cool a very modern look, great job :)
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hailfireStudent General Artist
squeee!!!!~ i love it. i also love how most of the ronin warrior artists have caught on to this masterpiece as well. i totally agree with warlord of noodles though you MUST allow this to be on a shirt pretty please!
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themelvilleHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my gosh, blast from the past! I loved this show and had to do a double take at first.
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K-Shinju88Hobbyist Digital Artist AMAZING. :heart: I love it!!
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Hah! I just remembered the series! Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, Wind...the other ones are bad guys...I dont remember the girl. This is going back decades?
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TCStarwindStudent Digital Artist
AAAHHH EMY THESE ARE PERFECT OuO Thank you so much! <3<3 They're all so precious, I wanna snuggle them all.
Gamer-Stitch37's avatar
I really love this picture
I was so excited when I saw it was Ronin Warriors too
Its one of my most favorite Animes
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JaibyrdHobbyist Traditional Artist
Goddess I loved this Anime! :heart:
Warlord-of-Noodles's avatar
Do want... a t-shirt of this....
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