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Invader Zim Scribbles, Dip. by IntriumGallant Invader Zim Scribbles, Dip. :iconintriumgallant:IntriumGallant 0 3 Wendigo (Sky/Night) by IntriumGallant Wendigo (Sky/Night) :iconintriumgallant:IntriumGallant 5 3 Tesseract the AllWing monster by IntriumGallant Tesseract the AllWing monster :iconintriumgallant:IntriumGallant 3 3 Taipan Response by IntriumGallant Taipan Response :iconintriumgallant:IntriumGallant 3 2 Adobe 'n' Sandstone by IntriumGallant Adobe 'n' Sandstone :iconintriumgallant:IntriumGallant 5 0 Gjelly n Taipan Shenanigans by IntriumGallant Gjelly n Taipan Shenanigans :iconintriumgallant:IntriumGallant 3 0 Gjelly n Taipan by IntriumGallant Gjelly n Taipan :iconintriumgallant:IntriumGallant 2 4 Pigeon The SkyWing Full by IntriumGallant Pigeon The SkyWing Full :iconintriumgallant:IntriumGallant 4 5 Pigeon The SkyWing Colour by IntriumGallant Pigeon The SkyWing Colour :iconintriumgallant:IntriumGallant 2 0 Pigeon The SkyWing Line Base by IntriumGallant Pigeon The SkyWing Line Base :iconintriumgallant:IntriumGallant 2 0 Slaco the Wendigo by IntriumGallant Slaco the Wendigo :iconintriumgallant:IntriumGallant 6 0 Pufferboi2.0 by IntriumGallant Pufferboi2.0 :iconintriumgallant:IntriumGallant 4 0 Bongo and Sandstone- Brothers by IntriumGallant Bongo and Sandstone- Brothers :iconintriumgallant:IntriumGallant 3 0 LordDABB by IntriumGallant LordDABB :iconintriumgallant:IntriumGallant 0 0 Taipan'n'crew by IntriumGallant Taipan'n'crew :iconintriumgallant:IntriumGallant 3 2 Platy n Taipan by IntriumGallant Platy n Taipan :iconintriumgallant:IntriumGallant 4 0


Mysterix by dragonwhisper23 Mysterix :icondragonwhisper23:dragonwhisper23 9 9 Eleos Flats by dragonwhisper23 Eleos Flats :icondragonwhisper23:dragonwhisper23 10 3 Flower Child by BlazictheDragon Flower Child :iconblazicthedragon:BlazictheDragon 7 5 Jeweled Scales Will Not Fall [Reef] by BlazictheDragon Jeweled Scales Will Not Fall [Reef] :iconblazicthedragon:BlazictheDragon 5 0 Brengineers PFP by SlendyTheTestDummy Brengineers PFP :iconslendythetestdummy:SlendyTheTestDummy 2 0 My oc, Hyjiin the woodwiddler by thepinprickedartist My oc, Hyjiin the woodwiddler :iconthepinprickedartist:thepinprickedartist 3 0 Mountain flight YCH - Closed by BlazictheDragon Mountain flight YCH - Closed :iconblazicthedragon:BlazictheDragon 13 3 Lucy Anniversary by The-Lonely-Timelady Lucy Anniversary :iconthe-lonely-timelady:The-Lonely-Timelady 22 2 I wish your mom had been a little stronger by BlazictheDragon I wish your mom had been a little stronger :iconblazicthedragon:BlazictheDragon 42 20
DW's Guide on Art Commissions
Dwwrider’s Guide on Art Commissions on deviantART (last revised June 2016)
This guide is based off of my personal experiences of commissioning artists on deviantART.  I hope future art commissioners or artists who take commissions find this information useful.  I’ll try to update this guide once a year and look at the title to see when the last update was.
All the information in this guide is a recommendation and results will vary.
Table of Contents:
Phase 1: Determine the Subject/Topic of the Commission
Phase 2: Search for an Artist on deviantART and Other Websites
Phase 3: Learn about the Artist’s Commission Availability, Rules, Rates, etc
Phase 4: Communicating with the Artist
Phase 5: Developing a Commission Write Up/Description with References
Phase 6: Payment
Phase 7: Give Feedback to the Artist
Phase 8: What to Do with a Completed Commission
Additional Tips & Pointers

Phase 1:
:icondwwrider:dwwrider 645 147
what the hell even is a dinosaur by popmarbles what the hell even is a dinosaur :iconpopmarbles:popmarbles 3 2 My lil gif by TornBubble My lil gif :icontornbubble:TornBubble 3 1 Bung Chronicles: Bung and C.A.K.E by MirageComet Bung Chronicles: Bung and C.A.K.E :iconmiragecomet:MirageComet 15 0 Tsunami (Wings of Fire) by maga-01 Tsunami (Wings of Fire) :iconmaga-01:maga-01 372 85 We need to talk by Tapwing We need to talk :icontapwing:Tapwing 178 10 Weird ass dergin adopts | NONE LEFT by BlazictheDragon Weird ass dergin adopts | NONE LEFT :iconblazicthedragon:BlazictheDragon 11 21




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


IntriumGallant's Profile Picture
Hey there, I post crap all. I keep looking at my gallery and sighing from all the old art.
I really need to update but I know I wont get to it.
I'm considering making a small uh, Ask? Comic? of my mass collection of nerds, yeah.


Holy hecking gosh diddly darn dang I haven't posted anything since I mentioned I should. I've joined more fandom and should really get my ass into gear to post them. New Fandoms: FENNAH, WoodWalkers (German Series)...uh. others I can't remember currently.
Invader Zim Scribbles, Dip.
Its been quite a number of years since I've watched Invader Zim, thanks to a dear friend of mine I have rewatched all the available episodes online and have fallen in love with the series once more. I was barely awake when I started these scribbles and am almost asleep at this moment, I hope to draw more of the characters tomorrow.
Yikes, I really dont post here enough. I've got nothing worth while to post on here and I'm aware my works not all that good so I'm just keeping my work to Discord between friends, may post here and there but I dunno really.
Wendigo (Sky/Night)
I haven't had the chance to draw Hybrids at all so I thought I would have a go at drawing up a Sky/Night Hybrid. I'm planning to use him in RP's and if anyone wants to know any more about him ask away in the comments section!
Tesseract the AllWing monster
(If there are any questions ask away below)
Designed and Created by IntriumGallant and  Platypus the SeaWing (WoF wiki and canon discord)
So I tried my hand at making a AllWing out of all the current tribes in Wings Of Fire, brainstorming over the appearance of the AllWing with my good mate Platypus the SeaWing (Ref maker and on the Wiki/Discord), there would be no way on any planet that a AllWing would be perfectly healthy and normal with Four legs, a set of wings. The design here shows the weird collection of colours and at least one physical attribute of the tribes, Tesseract was named by Platypus as I had no idea what to name them.

Further more on the backstory as to this concept, been bred so much would cause severe mutations such as doubling of limbs and wings, Tesseract has two sets of wings, two fully functioning mouths, hatched with no reproductive organs from all the genetic mutations, both forelegs and backlegs are normal from the elbow/knee up to the body but from the elbow/knee down they are doubled. Tesseract cannot speak but with the single scale of mind-reading they are able to speak telepathically to others, they cant breath either fire or frost breath instead they are able to breath out boiling steam, any prey or other that stray into the range of the steam breath are boiled alive.


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LonelyChimera Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch, it means a lot ;;; <3
and I see good dragons... and a watch button
I know what to do :>>>
IntriumGallant Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018
000: thank you
LonelyChimera Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome :> 
Shadow-Dragon-777 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, I see you love dragons and wings of fire. I hope you find many friends in Deviantart who also love them too.
IntriumGallant Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017
Ah! Thank you so much Shadow! I hope to see you around more, its lovely meeting different people. c:
Shadow-Dragon-777 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the return llama, if you want I can direct you to some notable Wings of fire artists.
IntriumGallant Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2017
That would be wonderful!
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