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FFVIII - Walking on Sunshine

We're all together! So let's have fun! Right here, right now, with all my friends~


Squall Leonheart - :iconcescat:
Rinoa Heartilly - :iconastellecia:
Quistis Trepe - :iconchibifiedkitsunes:
Selphie Telmitt - :iconintricatia:
Seifer Almasy - :iconk-chan009:
Laguna Loire - :iconmint-ice-tea:
Irvine Kinneas - :iconmrkittycosplay:
Zell Dincht - :iconwakaleo:
(not in this pic, but will be in other ones!)

Photography - =shiroin
Editing - *Astellecia

Many thanks to the lovely :iconcattypatra: for lending me her Selphie wig! :heart:


*glows* GROUP OF AWESOME WIN. THANK YOU EVERYONE!! :heart::heart::heart:

This happened at Main Animania Sydney this year, and I'm so happy we managed to get everyone together, with half-hour photoshoots and missing members everywhere. XD;; We won Runner-up Best Group on Sunday too.

I cosplayed Selphie quite a while ago (GO3 2008?!), but it was a solo cosplay. I've been having a lot of weird cosplay situations lately (getting to any Aussie cons has been truly an exciting fly-in-fly-out-hi-bye experience). I'm not sure how much I can cosplay anymore, but I'm treasuring the memories right now. Like this one. <3

"Yeah, happy is good."
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RuskaSky's avatar
This is amazing! Such awesome cosplays of an awesome group!
os-cordis's avatar
I think I faved this previously on a different upload... maybe Wakaleo?

Just wanted to say- BEST SELPHIE POSE EVER! <3

I really wanna do a Laguna Loire soon, but I cant decide out of this outfit, or the Galbadian solder one :'(

Intricatia's avatar
Quite possibly; what we did for this shoot is rotated so everybody (apart from Wakaleo who wasn't there at the time alas) got a close up shot of themselves with everyone else behind. So you probably faved something that looked quite similar :)

Thank you very much! XD

Gosh they're both pretty nice... @@ Were you looking more at the FF8 or Dissidia versions?
os-cordis's avatar
FF8, I think, I'm leaning towards the non-armoury one because there are a lot of curves in that armour o.0
songstressoflight's avatar
Selphie cosplayer is awesome! :D
Intricatia's avatar
Eyes-0n-Me's avatar
OMG, love this one!!!*-*
Intricatia's avatar
Thank you!! =^_^=
Shira--hime's avatar
Great arrangment and nice cosplay!
Intricatia's avatar
Thanks, we're very fortunate to have such an awesome photographer shooting for us ;3
LiFurin's avatar
OH GOD~~! :heart: You are so cute! And everyone looks so cool in this picture!
Intricatia's avatar
Thank you!! ^___^ :heart: The group was lotsa fun to cosplay with!
Aya-Ken's avatar
Zell's missing T___T But I love this picture
Intricatia's avatar
I knowwww >< We've only just got the pics with Zell in them, so hopefully they'll be up shortly!
Aya-Ken's avatar
I'm looking forward to it ^^
ToniSerinn's avatar
wow this is so cool! Awsome pic and shot

You make a great Selphie btw hehe
Intricatia's avatar
Thank you so much! ^_^
ToniSerinn's avatar
your Welcome ^^
piotsh's avatar
Love you guys for the :D
Intricatia's avatar
Glad you like :3
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