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Vin (from the Mistborn trilogy)

This is of one of my favorite fantasy characters, Vin. If you aren't familiar with the Mistborn trilogy or Brandon Sanderson's other books, go read them right now! You won't regret it! :D 

“Sometimes Vin imagined she was like the ash, or the wind, or the mist itself. A thing without thought, capable of simply being, not thinking, caring, or hurting. Then she could”
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Aww, there's our beautiful Mistborn heroine!

I love your work on this--it's honestly looks like the cover-art for a Mistborn book!

This is awesome. Is there any way to get a print of this???
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Thank you!! I don't currently do prints, but feel free to download it and get it printed locally! 
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I absolutely love your work and, having found you here, I'm now following you!  As Jorden said, I too look forward too seeing your future works!  (His YouTube channel has some great Cosmere info., btw!)
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Fantastic in every way! It makes me wish there was an anime about Mistborn... Sigh the heart wants what the heart wants...

But I did have a question. My name is Jorden, and I run a YouTube channel. It's not very big, but I have spoken with Brandon Sanderson and I am working on a creative project with him and his universe. However I really need some good art for my videos. I don't ever want to take art without asking so I was wondering if you are against the idea of someone using your art in a creative production? I want to share a link to your work or a personal website in the hopes that anyone who enjoys the video might look to the source of the art.

No worries if you don't like the idea, I just don't want to disrespect you or other creators by not seeking permission. Regardless I look forward to seeing your future works!

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Love it! Great representation of Vin!!
Something about this Vin is just so believable. Definitely one of my favorites out there!
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OMG this is by far my fav Vin drawing in all of deviantart!! Vin is awesome! The first book was the best and i didn't like the 2nd or 3rd one. I like to pretend that they don't exist cuz I dun like how they ended... The first nook actually could have been it's own ending. It was really good. You're drawing is awesome beyond words, i love it!!! <3
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Love the addition of the blue lines. Great work.
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This is amazing! Very nicely done!
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looks so good:happybounce: 
i hope there are more people make mistborn fanart
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It is hard to come by good Mistborn art but i'm glad I found yours!Love  Your pose is cool, without trying "too hard" and the blue lines are really well done and look amazing but aren't too distracting from Vin herself. She looks amazing!:happybounce:  The only thing i'm unsure about is if she wore shorts, i kinda thought she always wore pants or capris, but i'm not 100% sure CURSE YOU! 
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She actually did wear shorts once, when she had to take off her dress to fight Shan the night of a ball. She had to remove her cumbersome dress and fought in her slip and shorts. But for this picture, the pants are more appropriate. 
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Oh yeah makes sense, cool :D (Big Grin) 
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Thanks! I switched it to trousers, that was a good point about the shorts (sorry for just now responding haha)
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Well The finished product is great (& better late than never I am a dummy! )
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This is really awesome! Brandon Ssanderson always comes up with the most vivid images. I've never actually read Mistborn I own it but I haven't read it yet I'm so terrible I love the lighting and contrast, especially on the hair and skin. I love the way the purpley-brown color of the mist carries throughout the picture - it really backs up the idea that Vin is part of the mist, too. The spots of blue are a really cool contrast! I wish I knew more than the bare plot because I feel like those blue thingies are important but I have no idea what they are How did you do the mist? I see in other comments that you worked on it for a while. How did you get the mist swirls to look so organic? They look super cool! 
intrepidati0n's avatar
Thanks! The mists are largely patterned off of fire and smoke since I wanted them to seem lively and sporadic. The main trick was convincing myself that I really needed to plan and draw each strand individually, after that it went pretty quickly haha. I won't say anything about the blue lines since you haven't read the books yet. ;) 
VassternichDraukaART's avatar
Ah, so planning is your secret too? I shall not abandon it, then!

I shall also go and pick up that shiny hardcover copy that I have never before opened for nearly two years....
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This is spectacular! Wow! O: Love the lighting and composition and everything!! How has no one seen this?!
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This is amazing! I'm so glad i found this. 
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YES you finished it!! It looks amazing, I love how you managed to pull off the mists! And she looks like she's about to enjoy taking down some snobby nobles lol XD
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