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Ark Royal for Poser

By intrepid1708
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Ark Royal a TMP era Federation carrier. Might need some texture work.
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Rats.. find a wonderful looking model and I cant get it, >glares at the file eating demon<
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Great model, thanks so much for sharing. Joy!
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I can't seem to get the file to work in Poser Pro 2010. I think you said you got it to work in Poser 8 . . . ?
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yes, I don't have the new poser
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I get a lot of complaints about missing image files when I try it. I can get the actual list of files to you when I return home, if you like.
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I has to do with the fact of it being on my computer and where the files are. All textures are there you just have too load them.
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Ah! I think I see the problem: the glow image files were originally named CVA_1_glow.tga, et cetera. The new names for the files are FCV1_glow.tga, et cetera, and those are the files included in the archive.

I'll fix the discrepancy immediately.

My apologies for not being more observant.

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Y'know, the engines don't really feel TMP to me. This might fit better in the Enterprise-C era.
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Well, it's a bigger ship than any of the ones in the movie and after the Excelsior and might needed a new design for a ship of that mass. The Grissom had small stubby engines and the Excelsior had very long ones. Just another style to go with the 4 other know ones from that era.
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richmerkHobbyist Digital Artist
"That's no moon..."

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