YouTube suspension, video downloads unaffected

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YouTube has notified me that they have suspended the Intravenus Project channel because of violations of the Community Guidelines. On hindsight I should have been more cautious on that platform. I will try to appeal this decision of course but I don't think we will get the channel back.

I've already moved some stuff to Vimeo and see where we go from there.

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Sorry to hear that! Do you have any other platform that you might upload to? I am also asking because I also have video content that I just do not know where to upload to.

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Vimeo accepts nudity, although the free plan only allows you to upload 500mb per week. It also has a total storage cap so it won't last forever.

The hosting itself it not so much of a problem, I can share from my Dropbox, which I have to pay for anyway. The problem is presentation. Everyone can easily embed and stream stuff from YouTube. It's not impossible to stream files from Dropbox or other webspace but it's additional work to set up.
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Ahh I see, alright, Let me know try Vimeo.

And thank for pointing me towards Dropbox, I didn't really consider it an option. Thank you!

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Sure thing - and don't hide the good stuff from us. :D

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Hahaha, yes sorry, it's be a busy.... year.