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Pricing depends on the complexity of the shooting and the length of time it takes to finish.

Some examples:
  • Simple [1 scene, no costume change, 5-10 pictures] - about $80
  • Average [1-2 scenes, 0-1 costumes changes, 15-30 pictures] - about $120
  • Complex [2-3 scenes, 0-2 costume changes, 30+ pictures] - about $180
If new props have to be purchased for the commission, the purchasing price is added to the commission total cost.

Payment is accepted via PayPal. If you cannot use PayPal, Amazon gift codes may also be accepted on an individual basis.


  • You send me a note with your general idea. It can be rough or detailed, usually it is not hard to fill in the gaps.

  • After we reach an agreement on the details of the commission I’ll negotiate the terms of the shooting with a model that is interested in it.
    Up to this point it is all theory and you can back out of the commission without problems.

  • Now we set the machine in motion. I’ll send you a cost report so you’ll have an idea about how the commission price comes together.
    You pay the commission in full. I order additional props (if needed) and schedule the shooting with the model and the studio.

  • After the shooting I edit the pictures and deliver them to you via Dropbox link.


  • Commissions have to fit the general theme of the Project. I reserve the right to deny any commission requests without discussion.

  • As this is an uncommon fetish the pool of models willing to take part in this kind of fantasy is limited. I won't relay any requests to the models that may strain a healthy working relationship.

  • All commissions are non-exclusive and for your personal use only. If you need exclusive rights or if you want to republish or resell the commission we need to agree on a commercial license.

  • Commissions have to be paid in advance. Planning a shooting creates fixed costs. If for whatever reasons there are problems with the payment I'll not only loose my time invested in the commission, I’ll also be stuck with model fee, studio rent, props, etc.- I need to ask for your trust, especially if this is your first commission with me.
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