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Getting together with family was nice today.  OTOH, I have been so completely tired of looking for work and only getting calls from folks trying to sell me some student debt and bill collectors. 
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Currently beating my head against the wall thinking of costume ideas, checking my makeup kit to see what needs replenishing and all the assorted con-prep.

I am one of those folks that fin Con so much more fun in costume.  I just feel like another boring GWC otherwise.

Thought of getting together the odds and ends for being a Castathan from Defiance, but want something a bit more out of the box.  Ideally something that isn't too expensive since I am unemployed.

Not expecting it, but any suggestions would be welcome.
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I was getting caught up with my backlog of the The Social Hour  podcast on the TWIT network when  they discussed the  Dear Photograph web site

I like the feeling of reminiscence in the posts there.  It isn't flashy and fairly low tech site.  I think that contributes to the feel.  

A higher tech, more complex, and less personal site that does something similar is WhatWasThere .

When I am not pandering to try and get some page views, I try to only post artistic photos.  That is one reason I don't post too often.  This is a definite reminder of how most folks become interested in taking pictures: capturing memories.
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Just thought I'd see about uploading and updating a bit (for better or worse). I was tired of seeing the same old stuff every time I signed in.
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Now I just have to find work so I can pay my rent once my savings are used up.

If I could at least find my main camera so I could take my mind off of things with some photography it would be nice.
Just signed a lease and am about to move.  Currently waiting on some repair work, and general logistics.

Still looking for work, but a change in circumstances is forcing the situation.  Hope my savings holds out till I get some income.

On the bright side it is closer to family and some friends.
Just getting settled in with friends in Atlanta and trying to get back up to speed.

Feel like I ought to be more productive.  I know I am not the only one, but I have rarely been a "hit the ground running" kind of guy.

I finally starting shooting again.  I haven't seen anything post-worthy in my shots at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, or a nearby park.  I will have a go at them again later.

Today I finally had a few shots that weren't too bad.  Posted a couple after a little cropping in Picasa.

I just realized a little while ago that I really need to go back and re-read my Camera's manual, it has been so long since I took many pictures.   How lame is that.

But I am getting my act together day by day. As soon as I can look through enough boxes in storage (and do a little shopping) so I have some interview clothes together I am going to have to step up the job searching.
I am trying to get ready to move.  Once I get done with that, I think I really need to do something creative.

Not that coming up with reasons not to just pile it all up and put a match to it isn't creative, but I was thinking of something that I might want to post.

Any suggestions?
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Seven Days from now I will be out of work.

Still processing that.  

There is a job Fair this week I really need to get to even if the only thing I expect to get out of it is depressed.  

If another family member asks me how many jobs I have applied for, or if I have found another job yet, I will really want to scream.  

Because of how I was raised, I won't of course.  I will just have to fight yelling at them or saying something hurtful.  

Knowing they mean well does not help.

Aside from the total insecurity of the situation, I am hopeful that I can get some positive changes out of this. (As irrational thoughts I have had lately go, that is one of the ones I am trying to talk myself into believing.)

Along with the packing and the moving and the looking for work, I really want to work on my Photographic skills.  

Any Suggestions?
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To me the most basic definition of photographic skill is to both see the image, especially in the wild, and actually being able to capture it.  Sure you can sweeten or manipulate the image in post, but that's not the topic I want to discuss.

Right after I got my first digital I found a great image I wanted to capture, but from where I was sitting at the time I couldn't get the shot and I couldn't move without messing it up.  I had to give a friend of mine at the time the camera and told them what to shoot.  I had him take a few shots and the best of them was got was 80-90% of what I had in mind.  

In reality the image is fairly trivial, but it brings up an issue. Where does the artist end?

Every time I hear someone compliment that image it chaps my butt to this day.  

Part of that, I know is envy.  

That picture was MINE.  I had it in my head, I knew how it had to be shot, but

:angered: I couldn't get it myself, I had to have someone else do it.:angered:

On a certain level it isn't my picture, it is his picture, he pushed the button.

On the other hand, I have never seen or heard of him taking another creative photograph.  An annoyingly a high percentage of the other times I have handed him the same camera to take a picture the results (normally seen too late to re-shoot) were screwed up :toilet: because of carelessness.  I realized that the carelessness was at least partially my own for not exerting sufficient control and oversight.

I have never been a real fan of those "Artists" who's art seems to be telling the staff in their studio what to do and signing off on the results. But I am beginning to come around some.

When you actively have a subject pose it is clearly a collaboration. This becomes especially clear when the subject is an experienced model.

When the others taking part in the creation are unseen, when are they assistance, assistants, collaborators or the actual artists?
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I sometimes wonder what my favorites say about me.   Other than the fact that I am a lonely guy, with perhaps uneven taste, I cannot say.

I have got to get  off of my butt (at least figuratively figuratively) and get some more  images I feel are worth posting(not to say everything I have posted was worth posting).

I am kind of watching a DVD on Conceptual Photography and I find myself thinking that maybe one reason I don't see a lot of art in the photos I take is that I'm not a tenth as full of myself as some of these people in this documentary.  

Don't get me wrong, some of them are really good about trying to explain their work.  They are also good at explaining why they took certain pictures,  the techniques they used, and they were pretty educational.

There were others that were either inane or so full to the brim with pretentious psychobabble you could picture them wearing a beret and making gestures with their cigarette holder.  

This isn't one of those site were you "upload all your digital pics so you can share them and order prints."   It is for models and people trying to produce art to show their work and get feedback.

Several times I have gotten compliments on my work while showing coworkers how to use photo editing software.

After thinking about it, I guess the reason I don't post more here is 50% that I just don't like the smell of my own crap, and 25% laziness about taking new pics and finishing the stuff I have taken, and 25% insecurity.