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She-timulating Prose
S1, Ep.4: 'Glamageddon'The alarm noise broke out on the quiet streets, destroying the peacefulness of the Megadale town. A group of people, wearing dark clothes and black masks ran out of the jewelery store where the alarm rang from."Haha, these techs are so awesome!" one of the masked fellas laughed holding what seemed to be a high-tech gun. "Boss would be glad to find us all rich when he's out of the jail!"The other one spun at the pal and scoffed "If only he will go out, Lash. I heard this prison is all meta-proof..." he was about to say more, but was interrupted by a female voice."Stop right there! You're targeted for ruining the She-xcellent day!" said a female wearing black and pink superheroic suit. Besides her a boy wearing a military-styled clothes stood, looking like he's ready for anything and everything."Oh shoot, it's her!" growled the man who was interrupted, then his gaze went to the military-looking boy. "And who in blazes are you?!""I'm Major Attitude, SheZow's sidekick!" answered the boy. "You're messing with us now, so don't go giving me that attitude!" he smiled proud of himself as he glanced at the heroine. She just facepalmed, not amused. Meanwhile, the bandits aimed their guns at the heroine. She noticed it and stood in the fighting stance."Maz, lead the people out" she said quietly. "I'm gonna get them busy for a while...""Yes, ma'am" Maz said and stepped aside. The robbers started shooting, but the heroine dodged the beams, preparing herself a Boomerang Brush.Meanwhile, Major got to the people inside the store. "Alright, shrimpos, now all stand up and go go go outta here fast!" he said, trying to sound like an angry military superior commanding green privates. However, people seemed to be not amused by it. Maz felt slightly uncomfortable. "Please..." he added. People began to slowly get up and gather around to leave the building."Sorry, guy, but you have to train your acting to sound intimidating..." said an old man passing near Maz."Yeah, I know..." Maz added.As people successfully left the building, Maz got to lead them away."Okay, as the hero's working, we must go" he said and headed away. Crowd followed.Meanwhile, SheZow was fighting. She kicked down bandits, but they also fought back fiercely, making no time to tie them. One of them noticed the leaving crowd, which got to the nearby construction site. In the air he noticed an iron pillar, hanging and swinging back and forth at an unstable pace. One wrong move and it would fall. He aimed his gun there."Hey, pink punkette!" he exclaimed, getting SheZow's attention. "See it? Now make a choice - us or them?" he laughed devilishly, taking a shot. The rope around the pillar got broken."Oh no, not this!" heroine thought. In panic, she rushed at full super speed towards the place, forgetting about the bandits. As she reached the place, she caught a falling huge piece of iron, letting out a heavy breath. "Oof, its heavy..." she thought, clenching her teeth. People around her got frozen in fear, unable to fully analyze the situation."Them I guess..." said the bandit who shot the pillar and turned to his pals, nodding at them. They nodded back, ready to run away. SheZow looked at them in frustration, realizing she's gonna let them slip away.Suddenly, something landed on the pillar, making SheZow huff stronger. A figure which landed there used the weight of the pillar as a momentum to give itself a rather large jump. It landed away from the site and the crowd with SheZow, right before the running bandits, making them stagger in surprise.The figure revealed to be a woman with pale blonde hair, wearing a superheroic suit colored green and yellow, with a little of black. There was the "T" insignia on her chest. Her eyes were locked at the criminals. She took out two batons and engaged in a battle with the bandits.They tried to fight back and shoot her, but she was too fast. She moved like a wind and fought like a wildfire, which is unable to be controlled or sustained. Pretty soon, all of them were down and disarmed."Wow, that was cool..." said Maz, as SheZow, witnessing the fine art of combat this hero displayed just, had to agree."You're safe now, citizens!" the new heroine preached to the people, who left behind SheZow and her partner and surrounded the woman. "Now you can get back to your daily life with no issues regarding criminal scum like these".The crowd rejoiced that they've been saved, and can rest now. SheZow carefully placed the pillar on the ground, knowing the day've been saved by the new hero."Hey, where're you going?" asked Maz, seeing the heroine slowly, but surely heading to the unknown woman."I'm gonna thank her" answered SheZow, whispering and breaking her female voice. "She kinda saved our lives, so thanking her would be a wise choice".She approached the new heroine with a big smile on her face. "Hi!" she said. "I just wanted to thank you-""Ugh, you again!" the woman snapped. "Of course it's always you... Just when I wanted to get back in business, you come and ruin it all again!" she turned around, like she's about to go away."Huh? Wait, what did you-" SheZow was left confused. The wind blown right in her face, so she covered her eyes from it. As the wind stopped, she looked up again... And so no one. The new heroine was gone like a wind, just like she appeared...***In the She-Lair, Guy was sitting near the stand with She-Cycle with a worried look. This party pooper look could kill the party mood in seconds, making the hype crush down like a meteor. He sighed, looking down in the void."Maz, I'm getting concerned about him..." said Kelly, holding a notepad close to her chest. "He's been like this ever since you two got back from the jewelry robbing accident. He didn't even call me names, that gives me worries...""Oh, he's just bummed about the really cool new superhero who came to save our bacons today" Maz responded to her. "She was really awesome, Guy wanted to thank her, but she responded him rough... That was a real giving cold shoulder"."Huh? A new superhero?" Kelly confusedly asked, tilting her head in a confused, rather funny yet cute way."Yep, "T" insignia, green and yellow suit, blonde hair, batons..." Maz began to explain, but stopped as he saw Kelly's expression and gave out a giggle, having a corny smile."Got it" Kelly said. "Now you try to cheer Guy up, and I'm going to look into the database about this hero and see who or what she is".Maz nodded and left, as Kelly headed towards the giant computer. He approached Guy and tapped his shoulder, only to get a sigh as a response."What a disappointing response..." Maz thought. "Come on, dude, cheer up"."Did I do something wrong to her, Maz? Did I rub her the wrong way? Or did I say something absolutely disgusting? Oh Geez, did I smell bad?!!" Guy asked questions after questions, wanting answers but it wasn't getting him anywhere."Okay, stop" Maz hushed Guy. "For once, I don't think it's anything wrong with you, you didn't say anything wrong to her, you definitely didn't stink - I would know that, - and last, but not the least, you didn't rub her the wrong way... I hope". Guy frowned at the last statement. "Look dude, you're a great guy, a good guy, and I believe you can make anyone your friend, even a superhero like her. You just gotta believe in yourself, you know" Maz said confidently, hoping his words would help and cheer Guy up. It seemed to work, as the boy stood up and smiled, giving friend a shoulder hug."Thanks, Maz. You're a real friend" he said, feeling rejuvenated. Suddenly, the alarm noise broke."She-mergency!" said the familiar pair of pink lips on the screen of the giant TV. "A taxi carrying three passengers as well as a child has lost control and relaying towards a river. We need SheZow to the rescue, hurry up!""Alright! On it!" said Guy, taking a heroic pose. "You go girl!"***The car screeched, moving at a speed faster than a streaming river. The tire too hot caught itself in sparks, similar to that of a stove being lit up. Screams emerged from the inside of this small yellow vehicle, followed by a child's tears. The taxi drove faster and faster, as SheZow with her super-speed appeared, chasing it down. As soon as the car approached the edge of the bridge, which led to the river, SheZow used her trusty Ribbon shooter to pull herself closer and then activated her super-strength at max, preventing the car from driving further."Turn off the engine!" she yelled. As soon as she told it, the engine of the vehicle stopped. SheZow carefully pulled the car away from the edge, so the passengers would safely exit the auto."Whew, just in time..." the heroine said with relief. "YOU!" SheZow shuddered at the loud scream and turned around to see the familiar superheroine from the previous case, looking very angry and approaching her."Oh, hey!" SheZow said with a smile. "I'm so glad to see you again-""Quit it!" the woman growled, having the most pissed look possible. "Why, out of all places in the world, are you here?! This was supposed to be MY mission! MY heroic case! NOT YOURS!" with the last words she grabbed SheZow's suit in the neck area and looked furiously in the heroine's eyes. SheZow pushed her away, fixing the suit, and was about to say something back, but the woman continued with the words SheZow didn't expect."This town is too small for us both of us. One should leave and one remains. I will remain. I am the true hero! And you, SheZow..." woman clenched her teeth, giving out a disgusted look. "She's just some non-unique, undeserving and faking scum... Not a hero"."What's happening?" said SheZow with the mix of offense and anger in her voice. "I just met you, so why do you hate me so much?!""You perfectly know what you did, so don't play a coy with me, SheZow" said the woman angrily. SheZow felt that she had enough of the friendly attitude she tries to play."I literally met you just this day! And it's not a joke! I don't even know your name!" as soon as she said it, the woman stopped, shaking like all her body was tense. She turned back to SheZow, with her eyes full of hatred and despair."It's not only that you don't remember what you did..." she said with shaky voice. "You don't even remember me?!! H-how... HOW DARE YOU!" SheZow gulped, seeing so much hatred. The woman approached her closely, gripping her shoulders firmly."My name is Tara. Remember this name forever, you hear me! I am Tara!" she growled as sheZow groaned in pain because of how tight and strong Tara's grip was. Tara loosened her grip and yeeted SheZow away, but the heroine kept her pose, rubbing her shoulders to sooth the pain."You, meet me at the abandoned building at Ebony street, nine o'clock, and don't be late" she devilishly frowned. "We will settle the scores bigger than that of your thinking..." she walked away, as the wind blew. SheZow looked away for just a second, and when she looked back in Tara's direction, she saw nobody. Dark thoughts were swarming her head, one worse than another. Wind blew through her hair, and her expression was that of a concerned person wondering what's going to happen.***Back in the She-Lair, Guy tried to explain his experience with Tara to his friends."And then she squeezed my shoulders so tightly, they still hurt a little!" Guy frowned, rubbing his shoulders. "She was so rude, that Tara..." he paused a little before getting the idea. "Hey, Sheila, do you... Do you possibly know a hero named Tara?" these words had an unusual effect of the computer voice."T-tara?" Sheila stuttered, a fear leaked in her voice, no matter how she obviously tried to hide it. "Are y-you sure h-her name is T-tara..?""Yes, I am..." Guy grumbled. "She brought it in such a way, it's impossible to forget now..." he noticed that AI speaking weird. "You sound strange, Sheila. Do you know something?""N-no, of course I d-don't..." responded Sheila, stuttering hard. "If I k-knew, I w-would t-tell it...""I don't trust this voice, Sheila..." Guy said with a stern look. "You obviously hide something. Tell it"."Listen, Guy..." Sheila said, seemingly pacified. "I have advice for you. Don't accept the challenge. Don't come there. I can't tell why, just my AI sense tells me that you shouldn't do this...""This is pretty suspicious..." Guy said. "Are you sure you're not trying to fool me?""I think she's right, Guy" Kelly said while typing something on the keyboard. "I have checked the database Sheila has here, and I found nothing about this so called Tara...""So what does it mean, Kelly?" asked Maz."It means that "Tara" is either a fake ID, or we got ourselves a...""SHAPESHIFTER!" Maz yelled, making everyone in the room shake out of surprise."A shapeshifter?" Kelly wondered. "Maz, where did you get such an idea from?""Well, we had a fight with Tim, who got himself ice powers, almost three days ago" Maz responded. "And we fought Terra-rist, with Earth-controlling powers. Let's not forget that we also have Guy transforming into a superhero. Oh, and did I mention we right now sitting in the secret lair with a giant computer screen with the AI named Sheila in it, that can talk! A whole lot of extraordinary things happens around us! So why can't I assume that there's a shapeshifter?" Kelly was about to say something, but backed off, frowning."Okay, you won, I give up" she said, unable to counter his words. "I have nothing to say against it...""Shapeshifter or not, I'm still doing this" Guy said seriously. "Sorry, Sheila..." on the screen, Sheila was biting her lower lip. "You go girl!"After transformation, SheZow approached her She-Cycle, exchanged one last gaze with everybody else in the room, and left the lair.***It was quite a ride getting all the way to Ebony street or finding the abandoned building, but who's to say it was hard to do so. Ebony street has merely one abounded building, a building standing tall and has been here for many years, no one ever approaches it but tonight was different."Okay, I'm here..." SheZow spoke to herself. "But what exactly am I supposed to do? Should I go in?" she asked herself, but the answer never came in, so she eventually entered the building.It looked almost abandoned, destroyed on the inside and out, but the inside looked half complete as if the building was never finished. It's quietness gave her chills, but she sucked it up."Huh, what is that noise?" SheZow said quietly, as she heard a lot of fussing somewhere deep in the building. Curiosity took her over, and she slowly began to move towards the sound.She entered some room and saw that it was some sort of the stage room - a big arena was in the middle, and on one side were a ton of seats, like in some cinema. SheZow herself was staying on a little balcony, and the staircase was going down to the arena. In the seats' area were a lot of people, likely taking their places for some show, creating the fuss that got SheZow's attention. She looked at the crowd. Among them she noticed Kelly and Maz."What are they doing here?!" she thought. To get down faster, she didn't get to the staircase, jumping down on the arena itself. Suddenly, a light shined brightly, making the arena place better visible. It turned out to be a special arena - a wrestling ring. People on the seats cheered happily, seeing the famous superheroine."Aah, SheZow, you're here" said the familiar voice, as Tara appeared on the ring, holding the strange remote."You wanted me here, Tara... Why?" responded SheZow with a serious look."You'll see it soon" said Tara, then turned to the seats' area. "Roft, everyone took their places?" she shouted."Everyone, Ms. Tara!" responded a man in a butler suit, taking the seat near Kelly and Maz, who were in the front row. "Even me, just as you asked"."Perfect!" Tara pressed the button on the remote. People all got locked on their seats with iron cuffs, which locked their arms and legs. Cheerfulness faded away, leaving the place for fearful exclamations and gasps. Even the butler got locked."Hey! What is it? It wasn't in my contract! Ms. Tara!" he shouted."Shut up, Roft!" she yelled, then she threw the remote away, beyond the ring, and turned to SheZow. "I waited for it for so long..." she said maniacally, preparing her batons. "There can only be one hero, and this gotta be me. Prepare to get vanquished!" as she concluded her speech, she instantly dashed towards the pink-clad superheroine. SheZow took a fighting stance, but wasn't prepared for a hard punch right in the stomach.The spectators gasped. SheZow stood in place, enduring the pain. Tara swung her batons to strike, but SheZow blocked them with her arm, then tried to lock Tara's head with her feet, but Tara ducked and tackled SheZow, throwing her away."You look like a whole mess, so bad..." Tara said with an insanity twitch in her eye. "It's exciting, so thrilling, SheZow will die by my hand, my and only, then I'd be the only superhero in this pathetic miserable city!"As the fight progressed, Kelly felt that her foot touched something under her seat. Struggling with cuffed arms, she managed to look under it and other seats. She saw a lot of black plate-shaped devices with wires sticking out and a timer display glowing red. She quickly understood what it is."Maz" she whispered to the boy, who was sitting next to her. "The situation is worse than we thought. There're bombs under all seats. But we have to-""Bombs under seats?!" Maz exclaimed, cutting off her words."Bombs under seats?!" also exclaimed the butler who heard this. Pretty soon, all people started shouting in panic about bombs under their seats."Bombs?" SheZow said in fear, stopping a little and looking at Tara. "Is that true?" Tara, who was smiling devilishly, nodded in confirm."Yes, there are..." she said with a crazy tone flowing in her voice. "And right before I finish you off, I gotta blow up the place!""Are you crazy?!" SheZow exclaimed in shock. "The audience here are all innocent people! And you just want to blow them up?! What a hero are you after this?!""Forget what I said before! I just realized one important thing!" Tara responded devilishly. "I don't give any care of being a hero! All I want is to destroy you! I will make you feel the pain - the pain of loss! The pain you made me feel!""I told you this before and will repeat if you need it - I don't know you! I literally met you three times!" as SheZow said it, Tara dashed to her, preparing another attack, but now the heroine was ready. As Tara performed a kick, SheZow blocked it with her hands crossed, and then jumped forward, performing a countering kick. Tara flinched backwards, letting out a groan, as SheZow's strike successfully hit the target. She quickly regained concentration, swinging batons at the heroine. SheZow blocked the attack, then used her Ribbon Shooters to swing above and land right behind Tara, performing a hard punch. Tara groaned and stepped aside."She's pretty tough..." SheZow thought. "I must think on a fast way to take her down... I must perform several strikes, but she had to take them without any response..." suddenly, and idea came to her mind. Tara swung her batons to strike, but SheZow ducked and performed a sweep kick, making Tara fall. The woman grumbled something and stood up, but to her surprise, saw nobody around on the ring."Huh? Where is she?" she thought. "Hey, SheZow, where did you go?" she called in a slightly insane voice. "Come on, if you want to keep those crowd alive, you must stop playing hide-and-seek and come out to face me fairly" she gave out a crazy smile."As you wish!" SheZow's voice came out of nowhere. Tara frantically looked around, but saw nothing. Much to her surprise, she felt hard hits landing on her from various sides. She felt a fist on her stomach and kicks on her arms and body. She tried to fight back, but only hit an empty air. She felt a hard kick landing on her face and fell down, panting. SheZow slowly appeared right above her. "H-how..." Tara wheezed."Vanishing Powder to the rescue!" said SheZow, placing the little box of powder on her belt. "What about you..." she leaned to the woman, tying her up with ribbons from her trusty Shooters. "You stay here like a good hostess, I'm gonna take care of your captives".As Tara lied on the floor, panting, SheZow got down the ring and found the remote on the floor. She pressed the button, and all people were freed from the cuffs."I'm calling the police!" shouted the butler Roft, dashing away from here. People followed him, muttering and discussing what just happened. SheZow helped tied up Tara to stand up and led her out the building, holding her tightly, so she won't break free or try to run away.As they exited the building, a police machine arrived. Two cops emerged from there and noticed the pink-clad heroine with the tied villainess. SheZow sighed in relief - there was no Boxter among them."Ms. SheZow, I suppose?" said one of them."Yes, that's me" SheZow said, approaching their car."And this is our today's criminal of the week?" asked the other one."Exactly" SheZow responded. "Handing her to you, officers. Tara her name is, be careful with her - she's nuts when fighting and can just vanish when walking away..."Policemen nodded. As SheZow was about to get Tara in their car, the woman turned her head to her."Looks like I was wrong about you..." she said."Huh?""I assumed, that... No, I believed that you are her... But looks like I was wrong. You two are similar, but... This approach of yours... This energy you give out when fighting and talking..." Tara said, looking down in the void. "You're not her... You're SheZow, but not the one I knew..." she sighed. "Why I even assumed that you're her? I saw with my own eyes...""Wait a second, Tara..." SheZow cut her off. "What do you mean? You knew some previous SheZow? How? And what happened that you saw with your own eyes?""Nobody told you? Even that techno-head in her lair?" Tara said in a quiet voice and scoffed weakly. "Guess she knew better when to inform her successor about her end..."SheZow looked at her pitifully. "I don't know what exactly happened with the previous SheZow... I only know that she's dead" she sighed. "But I can say that she was a true hero..."Tara growled a little. "Yeah, you just don't know her..." she said. "Enough of these memories. Listen carefully, hero..." she looked at him angrily. "I will get out. And as soon as I do, I will find you and have what I deserve. I will have my revenge...""Then I'll be waiting, Tara" said SheZow as she placed Tara in the car. The cops drove away, leaving the heroine and her two friends alone. All the people already left as well."Hey, what about the bombs?" she exclaimed as she remembered about them."No need to worry, Guy" Kelly reassured him. "They were fake.""What?" SheZow said in disbelief. "Is that true?""I also looked, man" said Maz. "But these things are nothing more but plastic plates with numbers taken out some toy cashbox"."Looks like Tara used them to scare you" Kelly continued. "Or even worse - to motivate you for fighting...""Oof..." SheZow breathed deeply, rubbing her head. "So many things happened today... Let's go home, guys. But first... I have something to say to our dear computer..." said SheZow, approaching her She-Cycle, as her friends followed.***"She-yeah" said SheZow, getting of her She-cycle, as she stopped it in the lair. With these words, the transformation reversed."Sheila!" Guy called drastically. "I need the information about Tara right now! I know you have something!" he looked angry, but in his voice was no anger at all - more likely, despair. "I'm sorry, Guy..." Sheila answered, as a lot of pity could be heard in her computer voice. "I can't tell you. I was ordered. I gave a promise...""Ugh, come on, Sheila!" Guy annoyingly screamed. "I am your new owner and you do what I order! And I ask... No, I demand you to tell!""Guy, I..." Sheila stuttered, almost at the point of giving up."Do what you are ordered to do, you stupid bucket of gears!" Guy shouted, as the tears emerged from his eyes. Sheila gasped, as his words touched her - even being the AI, she had her feelings. Maz and Kelly looked at the scene, unable to say anything. Guy was breathing heavily, and few teardrops flown down his face."I..." he said with shaky voice. "I'm sorry, Sheila..." he sat on the floor, covering his face with his hands. "Forgive me... I just...""Guy..." she said calmly. "I forgive you, don't worry...""I'm just tired of secrets..." he said, standing up. "You refused to give me information about Tara at first... And then Tara herself revealed that she knew the previous SheZow - thus, she knew Aunt Agnes. And that there's something I don't know about her... You see it? I can't just leave it be, I need to know!""I see..." Sheila said with a sad tone. "Looks like I can't hide things forever... Tara really knew her aunt, Guy..." she paused, collecting her words. "She was her sidekick, no, even more - she was her best friend...""And?" Guy said after a long pause, waiting for more."Sadly, I can't tell more..." Sheila said. "I'm sorry, but I really can't, no matter how much I want it!" "How?!" Guy exclaimed. "I can't believe that's all you have! There must be more!""Guy, she has reasons..." Kelly said, tapping the keyboard buttons. "I tried hard to get in the farthest corners of the database. I found the files, seemingly about Tara, but they're blocked. Very strong code that I may never break, even with all my skills in programming..." she sighed. "Looks like aunt Agnes didn't want anyone, even the next SheZow, to see the information about Tara...""But she kept it..." Maz said, rubbing the back of his head. "Why she just didn't erase it?""If you and Guy will somehow get in rough terms, will you be easy on deleting everything you have about your best friend?" asked Kelly with some irony in her voice."Fair..." Maz responded."So... All we can do is just take this little grain we have, heh" Kelly smiled, trying to lighten the mood of the situation."Yeah, dude!" Maz supported her initiative. "Let's take it nice and slow from now on"."Okay..." Guy sighed. "I'm so tired of all these mysteries and drama... I want some ice cream"."Sounds like a good option for me" said Kelly. "We take it, and then we can take baby steps to figure out all the things. Any mysteries unable to solve we will slowly but surely crack open like a nut, right?" she smiled at her brother, as he nodded."Besides, we're a trio here, Guy!" Maz added cheerfully. "No matter what happens, no matter what villain of the day or week you face, we will be there to help you. This trio will be together forever!" he put his hands up in joy. "The mighty She-trio!""I'm sorry" Sheila said slyly after a small cough."Oh, well..." Maz said, looking a bit embarrassed. "The mighty She-quartet..." he smiled awkwardly."Oh dear, stop it..." Guy said, covering his reddened face. "Guys, you're the best..." he muttered. This made his serious sister and his goofy friend hearts melt, as they commended a hug session. Guy hugged them back, his face full of happiness. Minutes went by but the hug session remained."Okay, guys, stop it..." he said , trying to break the hug to no success. "I just want ice cream, let me go" he struggled, yet failed, merely to give in.
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  3. Members will be respectful to each other and to visiting deviants who are not members
  4. No spamming or linking to harmful/illegal content. This is a matter that is a great concern to both the Club and the dA Staff, so be sure to report deviants committing such activity to Help & Support, not the Admin.
  5. This is a relatively clean group, in terms of Mature content the highest will be restricted to the American rating PG-13. Anything that shows overtly sexual themes, extreme violence (ex. gore), political and religious propaganda, racism, alcohol and/or drugs will be promptly rejected or removed. This rule applies to ALL member submitted content
  6. If you are so inclined to submit material that fits within the aforementioned restrictions, you may try submitting it to #SheZow-Fans or #Shezap-Fans. Again, we are trying to give SheZow a respectable image.
  7. If you have content that does not fit into any category within the Gallery Folders, submit it to the "For Sorting" folder and I'll create an appropriate folder to the content (if it's accepted). If you submit a deviation to the wrong folder, please notify me and I will move it to the appropriate folder.
  8. If you believe a rule should be added, amended, or removed, please send a Note to any of the current Admins and your request will be reviewed and responded to. Thank You for reading and Following the Rules.
Okay so there's a problem with pictures being sent to only the Featured folder, so I'm going allow submissions but then promptly move them to the appropriate folder.

- Administrator
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