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Hey kids I'm back at it again, I'm gonna learn how to do the paypal stuff and hopefully not cry, prices are subject to change in the future if I feel like they're too low, but I think for now they're fine
    Okay but please be patient with me if you want to buy with paypal <3 it'll take me a while to get used to it!

    I basically need commissions rn because I plan on moving out sometime soon and live with a good friend, so I need to save up so I don't starve and die next year, also college.... I'm going to die at college w/ out money, so please give money to your local starving artist pls and thanks <333

Click on the example pictures to look at them better ;0

100 points = 1 USD

I'll do
Anthros, ferals, humans, honestly any species
Some nsfw ONLY for points (or paypal might kill me)

I won't do
Nsfw that I'm not comfortable with (fetishes and stuff? just ask?)
Nsfw with minors and animals (humans are fine, anthros are okay I guess?eh)

Pixel Icon Aphrodite Icon :COM: by INTJay0724Josie Icon :COM: (1/2) by INTJay0724Aslan icon :COM: by INTJay0724:COM: Loki Icon by INTJay0724.:Sink:. Icon Contest Entry 2 by INTJay0724SALTIEST OF CORNS :COM: by INTJay0724
  • 30 points/30 cents
  • +10 points/ cents for shading
  • Bouncing or floating optional, you just have to tell me
  • No complicated designs 
Animated Pixel Icon.:Pil:. Icon Contest Entry 3 by INTJay0724.:Crow:. Entry 4 by INTJay0724Archie Icon :COM: by INTJay0724deviousways :COM: by INTJay0724asking passionately just what 'happy' is by INTJay0724
  • 100 points/ $1
  • +10 points/ cents for shading
  • Tell me what you want animated, I won't do anything too complicated
  • No complicated designs
Line artIgnore this by INTJay0724
  • Head Shot - 300 points / $2
  • Bust ( Waist up) - 400 points / $4
  • Full Body - 500 points/ $5
  • + 50 points/cents for each character added after the first
Flat Colored  Spike :AT: by INTJay0724Blaze :AT: by INTJay0724Super late gift is super late by INTJay0724
  • Head Shot - 350 points / $3.50
  • Bust - 500 points / $5
  • Full Body - 700 points/ $7
  • + 50 points/cents for each character added after the first
  • Optional simple bg
Shading Fire when the strobe hits you by INTJay0724My Demons by INTJay0724Ready to drown by INTJay0724 I can feel it when you leave by INTJay0724
  • Head Shot - 500 points / $5
  • Bust - 600 points / $6
  • Full Body - 1000 / $10
    • Background + 500 points / $5
  • For soft shading + 50 points/ cents
  • + 50 points/cents for each character added after the first
  • Optional simple bg
PixelOzzie :AT: by INTJay0724The Stand by INTJay0724Pix is a memer by INTJay0724Look Mom Its Me by INTJay0724

  • 300 points / $3
  • +50 points/cents for shading
Experimental-ish?Intensifying by INTJay0724I'm Radioactive by INTJay0724
  • 1000 points / $10
  • +100 points/ $1 for each character added after the first
  • Have a theme in mind? Tell me and I'll base it around it ;0
Chibi Oscar Chibi by INTJay0724
  • 200 points / $2
  • +20 points/cents for cell shading, +50 points/cents for soft shading
Digital PaintingsBound to Drown by INTJay0724Happy B day yoo by INTJay0724Kittehzadopts :COM: by INTJay0724Truly Blue :CONTEST ENTRY: by INTJay0724

  • Head shot - 2000 points / $20
  • Bust - 2500 points / $25
  • Full Body - 3000 points / $30
  • +500 points/ $5 for non-simple bg
  • +100 points / $1 for each character added after the first
  • Option between MESSY or CLEAN painting style
Cute Lil Squish things?!?Ah yes by INTJay0724The Fam Is Here by INTJay0724
  • 30 points/ $0.30
  • +30 points/ cents for each character added after the first
  • I won't do complicated designs for this ;-;
  • But they're cute and you want one I already know

Mkay! If you want to know something, want to talk about a price, any question at all?? Just ask <3

Comment down below or send me a note if you're interested! Just say something like "Can I commission INSERT WHATEVER YOU WANT HERE with INSERT REF OF CHAR?" and I'll say "yeah sure please give me money" because I highly doubt I'll decline a commission offer


  • I'll tell you when to send the points or money! Don't send them before I tell you to!
  • Tell me what the expression and pose shall be 
  • If your char has any accessories please tell me if you want them off or on 
  • Link a reference
  • You can pay first OR pay half and then pay the other half after I'm done.
  • If you want a background please go into detail. 
  • If you're paying with points I'll make a commission widget and you can pay there! because to my understanding DA won't let me transition them to actual money otherwise? It just makes me feel better
  • If you want to pay with PayPal note me!

One last thing! If you want a bg please describe it in detail and if there's a certain pose you want describe that too! It makes my job easier and you get a bit more control over the out come xux

If there's anything that I didn't put up there that you want then tell me! I'm sure we can get it done for you!
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