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autumn mo(u)rnings
i hope i die on a cloudy day,
because i want the sun to mourn me.
& when the birds fly south for the winter,
i want them to tuck my name under their feathers
like a prayer
and carry it somewhere i'll never go.
i watch the leaves turn fiery,
& decay in mass graves on the ground.
my throat catches, stopping me
from making another sound.
when the snow starts to fall,
& evergreens are the only life around—
i won't be there to see it.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 18 5
Mature content
hot-blooded :iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 9 2
looking down instead of forwards
i could fill my walls with christmas lights & burn a thousand candles,
but i can't cover up all the holes you left,
& i can't get rid of the clothes you sent
or the box i was saving to send you.
by now, it doesn't really matter, because time doesn't heal all wounds;
it just smothers them the way you smothered me.
still, sometimes you creep into my mind
long after i told you to move out.
& while i no longer see you in everything,
i still see you in far too much;
yet you're out of sight & out of touch.
& i still think about how unafraid you were to hold my hand
right in front of my mother,
& i can't decide if it made you bold or just plain dumb.
sometimes i look at the mug you gave me.
the concept of forever is finite,
& these christmas lights, candles, & the sun will all burn out eventually.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 14 3
lucifer has kind eyes
blood ran like milk & honey in the promised land,
washing over your feet like rivers.
you thought to yourself, this is hell.
& you saw the demons getting drunk off of your sins,
smiles wide, laughter loud.
you'd always thought they'd have claws,
but you saw then that their hands are even softer than yours,
& much less bloody.
you realized, we do all the dirty work for them.
their cackles rung in your ears,
crackling through the air,
& you wondered what on earth you did to deserve this,
as if you weren't standing knee-deep in an ocean of all your crimes.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 17 3
stepping stones
when you wander in the woods, look for the hidden trails.
there is more to life than the path carved out for you:
every single step you take is one that can lead you somewhere you've never been,
if you'll let it.
listen for the running water:
sometimes the earth holds onto her secrets until the right person comes along.
& yeah, maybe you're terrified;
maybe you would rather plant your feet where you are because it feels safer.
but the truth is that the only way you'll ever see the future is if you walk there.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 52 7
i press honeysuckle into the spaces between my knuckles so that when i punch you,
you won't taste the blood; you'll just taste the wildflowers.
& yeah, i might knock all your teeth out, but daisies will grow back
in all the spots your bones used to be.
trust me, i'm doing you a favour;
pain makes you look prettier. broken & beautiful is the hot new thing.
now you'll cry pollen instead of tears, & boys will fall all over you.
they'll bring you buttercups & stumble over their words when they try to talk to you.
& when you die, everyone will cry & bury you in bleeding hearts instead of soil,
because they can't bear to cover you in dirt.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 19 2
under, undead, undone
i ask her to wear my collarbones like a crown.
she turns with bloodied hands & empty eyes,
one more betrayal away from nodding.
he can fit his fingers all the way around my wrists,
but then again, so can most people.
those who get close enough to try are usually too busy
holding my hand to bother, anyway.
i sit with my knees against my chest,
within kissing distance if i feel like
acknowledging the bruises.
sometimes i think about how beauty isn't skin-deep;
it's a battle that rattles your bones
until they rise to the surface.
being weightless would be freeing
if it didn't feel so damn heavy.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 16 3
the fog rolls in
& you wear blue like it's the only colour that exists.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 16 3
are to blame
shivers dance across your skin;
whispers curl over your lips like smoke from a poisoned cigarette.
you fill your lungs with tar & regret, & you're forgetting how to breathe:
how'd you forget that air is what you need?
the chill outside is icier than the glares of the broken,
so unaware & disconnected from each other.
we've got hate as our best friend & ignorance as our lover.
we have lungs blacker than our souls,
& sleepless nights are taking their tolls
arising as shadowed eyes & sparkling wine.
nothing is as it seems; it's all hidden in our shattered self esteem.
high heels snapped in half lie in the hall;
hearts drowning in wrath ignore the call,
& tears run like a river down your face.
we're the kings & queens of one-night stands,
trying to erase our feelings.
constantly craving the touch of another,
love is something we discovered
& then threw out.
some of us are forgetting how to feel, but it's fine:
nothing's ever real.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 18 2
you've got me head over heels in love with life & you,
& if living means collapsing every moment
& bringing you to stand here with me at the center of it,
i'm okay with that.
every time i'm hurting, i just want to run to you.
i know you can't solve all my problems,
but you can solve at least a handful of them,
& that's enough for  me.
you're a safe place,
a head haze,
somewhere to go when i just need space
& no one else will give it to me.
i lose myself in you in the best possible way
& always walk away more whole than when i started.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 18 12
lemonade lips
i hold blue sky in my hands & blow away the clouds like dandelion seeds,
crossing my fingers & wishing for a summer greener & greater than any before it.
sweet summer citrus, sing me your song, & spill all your secrets into the soil.
teach me how to turn lemon smiles into lemonade;
feed me sugar from a spoon & drop the sour punchlines.
i'll sell orange juice on every city corner,
& limeade where the concrete fades away
into dirt roads & rotting buildings.
speak with a tangerine tongue, & learn to love with a fierceness
only the sun can rival,
soaking up rays on good days & rain on bad ones.
climb trees & scrape your knees & revere the scar on your ankle.
you're a four-season kid in a fair-weather world,
& living is what you're here for.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 27 14
unknown number
i'm sorry, but
the number you've been calling for a straight week
cannot be reached,
& you're reaching.
the only noise coming from your phone
is the dial tone
& your number's unknown,
you know you could hit the emergency call,
& through it all,
i still wouldn't answer.
you can try "star six seven,"
but you won't reach heaven
because god's too busy with me.
so maybe stop calling,
& we'll both stop falling
into this mess that we can't leave.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 15 3
tell her to keep writing poetry, because she never saw the way
she dances with language, pulling the metaphors close
& whispering all the words she won't say aloud,
but i did.
remember her favourite colours:
cherry blossoms in the spring,
light, cloudy days in the winter,
& forest streams gleaming in the summer sun.
never take her blinding light for granted:
she chose you, a tail without a comet,
from a universe of stars.
don't forget her love for sunshine,
or sunglasses,
or cherries,
or you.
she is a hurricane,
& she made you the eye of it.
treat her better than i ever did.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 28 6
there's a battle going on, but i can't write,
and if i can't get these words out
i won't ever win this fight.
so i shake my hand
and make a fist,
and the next punch comes
like a bloody kiss,
but this time i'm ready for it.
the sky bleeds red,
and the sun's near dead.
if this is the end,
let it come for me.
because truth be told,
i'm not really sold
on the idea of growing old,
so fucking try me.
you can knock me out
and shout until your throat's a ghost town,
but if you drag me down,
i'll just come back stronger.
i'll bang down your door
like an uninvited guest
and knock the teeth
right out of your head.
karma's a bitch,
but if i come for you,
you'll wish
it was her instead.
there's a battle going on, and i can't write,
but i am getting better,
so get ready for a fight.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 18 8
letters to ghosts, i.
feel the sorrow of these heavy clouds crashing onto me
nostalgia grips my throat; i said, "please, won't you let me leave"
walk into the funeral home, don't know where to put my hands
regret flows through the floorboards on which i stand
this guilt is a weight i can't stand to bear
yet here i am, meeting your eyes as i choke on air
every time you told me sorry,
and asked, "do you forgive me?"
comes flooding back,
& all i ask
is that you understand:
i forgive you,
& i'm sorry, too
i should've been there when the world turned its back on you
i know that i can't blame myself
or hope to change the past,
but i'll stand here, if you need me,
for as long as we'll last
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 21 5
Mature content
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