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Great Stock Features!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 22, 2008, 11:00 PM

Features below!

:nod:Please respect my stock rules!!!:nod:

Rules by Inthename-Stock

1. Send me a message on the front page OR stock picture comment section ,when you use my stock.

2. Put my icon in the description of your picture you made using my stock.
Its very easy, here's how you do it.
Copy and paste :iconinthename-stock : into your description, but after its pasted make sure you have removed the space between the hyphen dots  and the last letter like this k:
Then the icon will show up. Very simple:-)

3. Please DO NOT use my stock showing ANY sexual refrences, NUDITY, fetish, or racist pictures.
Read this:…

4. Go ahead and make prints without restriction and try to make a buck for yourself.

5. Have fun with my stock!

I'm very busy, so please don't expect me to comment on all art you use with my stock.
Some I may fave, some I may not, and sometimes just simply don't have the time.
I would like to see what you do though!:D
Thanks for using my stock!
~Sabrina AKA :iconinthename:

My Psychedelic club: :iconpsychedelictreasures:
Have a Visit!:D

These are some of my textures from this account. Don't forget to check out the gallery!:D

Beauty 6 by Inthename-Stock Beauty 2 by Inthename-Stock
Beauty 5 by Inthename-Stock Antique Texture 14 by Inthename-Stock
Antique Texture 5 by Inthename-Stock Pretty 2 by Inthename-Stock
Pretty 9 by Inthename-Stock Soft 11 by Inthename-Stock

Featured Art
Check out these stock gems!

Features by Inthename-Stock

Simple orchid on white bg by ALP-Stock Edge Master Encore 25 by Ahrum-Stock
White Kitten Arched Back by Della-Stock
:thumb89037752: Colony of Honey Bees by FantasyStock
:thumb89050825: London Folk 24 by Random-Acts-Stock
London Folk 2 by Random-Acts-Stock texturefloor_arsenal-greenfeed by arsenal-greenfeed
fwhw_last by jademacalla:thumb83007384:
Skate. by Grape-Stock butterfly stock1 by DemoncherryStock
Fire stock by AaronsDesk:thumb54793096:
:thumb85235294: Chobits 22 by Lisajen-stock
looking in the lake of dream by angelcurioso Background-stock 2 by AJK-Original-Stock
yellow sun dress hand on head by eyefeather-stock LS drop flower by lounalovegood-stock
Dancer by CFRstock meadow by ImStuck
:thumb87245264: Alley Stock 4 by AttempteStock
Cello 6 - playing by AttempteStock Victorian Mirror by mirrorimagestock
ball3 by LuckyStock On Eagles Wings by atistatplay
D_s1750_Wings_8l8 by DimagerStock:thumb81216474:
Water Lilly by EmptyHeartsBleedLess Sphere by Stock-by-Kai


My main account: :iconinthename:

I support:
Support Me? by dazzle-textures:thumb66312669:
Inthename-Stock Stamp by Inthename-Stock Inthename-Stock Stamp by Inthename-Stock


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June 22, 2008