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Ruka the Shy


Last Updated: 5/19/2016

Needed to update Ruka so that she is now stated to be a full gladiator. The picture was drawn by Sky-Lily and colored by myself. The sitting picture on her reference belongs to KaiserTiger as she was the original owner of Ruka.

:bulletblue: :iconebc-ice: General Information :iconebc-ice: :bulletblue:

What Can Be found Here

Name, Gender, Rank, Species

Pronounced Rue-kah

-- Has no nicknames yet

Ice Empire Gladiator

Starting Age: Newborn
Current Age: Nearly 5 Years old
Born: July 49 BC

Tiger -- Tabby mutation
Unlike her siblings, Ruka's closer to the size of a female lioness compared to that of a fully grown tiger. This may be due to her childhood illness or some other unknown genetic defect.

Dominant Traits: None
Recessive Traits: Tabby coloration, blue eyes
Carrier Traits: Blindness (ONLY if she has a tabby or white tiger mate)

[[Note: Carrier Traits cannot be seen. They are combinations that could have been, but weren't. ]]

:bulletblue: :iconebc-ice: Training, Mentors, Apprentices, and Armor :iconebc-ice: :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Mentors :bulletblue:


:bulletblue: Current Apprentice :bulletblue:


:bulletblue: Past Apprentices :bulletblue:


:bulletblue: Armor :bulletblue:

Teal colored scarf with mostly leather armor. More TBA because I need to redesign her stuff

:bulletblue: :iconebc-ice: Personality, Biography, and Role Play History  :iconebc-ice: :bulletblue:

What Can Be Found Here
Personality Traits, Background Information, Role play History, and Character Quirks

:bulletblue: Personality :bulletblue:

[ Shy ] - [ Quiet ] - [ Oblivious ] - [ Hard Working ] - [ Kind ] - [ Awkward ]

  • Shy
    "H-hello. I'm... I'm Ruka"
    Ruka is nothing like her brothers, who are both loud and outgoing tiger cubs that love to rough house. Instead, she's the type of cub that will sit in the back and watch everybody closely before introducing herself. She finds making friends hard and more often than not doesn't know exactly how to react to other felines. She only trusts a select few, and even then, she's not the type to go running up to them and suddenly brush herself up against them. (She only does that to her mother) She'll instead approach slowly and smile shyly and let the other feline start the conversation.  

  • Quiet
    Why talk when it's so much better to watch? It's so much better to listen to other felines and hear their stories. Ruka doesn't need to be talkative to learn more about where she comes from and what she is supposed to do. Besides, she's not exactly that loud anyway. Her voice doesn't carry like her mother's nor does it sound as strong as her father's.

  • Oblivious
    "He likes me? There's no way! I-I'm not that good looking."
    Ruka doesn't understand the concept of flirting too well. If a feline likes her, it'll take her a long while to believe it. Not to mention, it'll take her a long while to even pick up on what the cat is actually doing. Besides being oblivious to flirts though, she's also oblivious to things such as borders and how empire cats should react to Hunters. Sure, she knows the stories, but not nearly as well as a cub should. If she ever ran into a hunter, she better hope she's lucky enough to be with cats that actually know what to do or else she just might be screwed. She also is completely okay with having friends outside of her empire. After all, what's the harm in having friends, right?

  • Hard Working
    "I'll do what I can, Mom. This empire needs somebody strong to look over it and we have to do our part, right?"
    Maybe it's because she wasn't around her brothers, but Ruka knows what in order to do well within the empire, she needs to work as hard as she can and do as much as she can. This trait increases when she finds out her mother is the leader of Ice Empire over that of Nedria. She has to make her mother look good, right? And with brothers like Kota and Crispus... she has to try pretty darn hard.

  • Kind
    "Do you need somebody here for you? I can listen."
    No matter what happens, for some reason Ruka can't find it in herself to hate other felines. She'll do anything to be there for those she loves and cares about, though it isn't quite to the point of loyalty. Instead, she's willing to listen and be a helping hand when things are going wrong -- or a shoulder to cry on.

  • Awkward // Clumsy
    "Heh, I... uh... yeah... well... what?"
    Ruka is very heavy with her feet and because of that she is known to trip and fall quite often. She's also easily embarrassed by her lack of ability in anything and everything. It makes her feel awkward in almost any situation she isn't comfortable with.

:bulletblue: Background Information -- Birth & Cubhood :bulletblue:

[[ As Calm as Standing Water ]]

Most cubs you spot within Ice Empire have tales about their parents being strong fighters in the coliseums before they either died or attempted to escape. Others can argue that they were at least born within the empire itself. Few can ever claim to be the children of Leaders or Silver Gladiators. Ruka and her two brothers, Kota and Crispus, are cubs that can do just that. Her mother and father were none other than the silver gladiator, Ceres, and her mate, Calidius.

Upon birth, compared to her two brothers, Ruka was small, undernourished, and weak. The healer, Bird, had originally speculated she would only last a few weeks, barely even a month past her birthing day, but Ruka somehow managed along. She was quieter than her brothers, and often times was jousted out of her suckling position by the two of them. It wasn't until she grew that she actually began to manage on her own, but even then, it was difficult.

That being said, she was still an active cub. A quiet playmate to her brothers, and a good daughter over all, even if she was smaller and a little sickly. She was actually pretty okay during the first three months of her life; the only issue was her size, which Ceres fussed over more than Ruka would ever like to admit. Though, after a time, the young cub figured it was just because she was the only daughter Ceres had. A protective mother is a caring mother, after all.

It wasn't long after fall settled into the mountain range that Ruka fell terribly ill. She couldn't hear correctly and she had troubles keeping her balance. It wasn't hard for Bird to realize it was an ear infection, but taking care of the issue was an entirely different story. He had to keep a close eye on her during the time of the infection and preferred having her close by in the healer's den instead of having her go out and about the camp. She spent most of her time sleeping, and the time she was with her mother was spent pretending to sleep. Due to her issue, she rarely went out with her brothers, which she will admit wasn't such a bad thing. They were too rough anyway.

Ruka doesn't remember much of her father. Calidius wasn't really around much when she was sickly. (She always figured he was busy with other things, he was a busy gladiator) He watched over her on occasion, yelled at her brothers when they got too out of hand, and discussed things with her leader. The young cub didn't really even question when Calidius stopped coming around completely. Granted, by this point, she had come down with some other weird sickness and was yet again stuck in Bird's nest.

It wasn't long before Ruka heard news about her mother and father splitting up. She didn't fully understand it, but unlike her brothers, she didn't get upset over it or wonder what was happening. She merely quietly accepted it and moved on.  The same can be said about how she reacted to her half-siblings; she accepted them for who they were and didn't get upset that her father was gone. If he didn't want to be with Ceres, what could she do to stop him?

[[ When the Sun Reflects it's Gaze ]]

:bulletblue: Background Information -- Apprentice And Beyond :bulleblue:

[[ Love is always in the Heart ]]

I don't have much to add for Ruka's story, if only because I'm really bad at staying updated with my own characters

:bulletblue: Quirks :bulletblue:

-- Due to the ear infection Ruka had as a cub, she shakes her ears a lot and can't stand having water in her ears

-- Ruka loves to swim and fish despite the above stated fact

-- When things start getting really awkward, Ruka's tail slowly starts to stand upwards with only the tip of her tail moving

:bulletblue: :iconebc-ice: Relationships and Roleplay Example :iconebc-ice: :bulletblue:

What Can Be Found Here

Family Lineage, Character Relationships, Roleplay Example

:bulletblue: Family Relations :bulletblue:

Crush -- None


Family Lineage
Father: Tabby Tiger; Ice Empire Gladiator; Alive
RP'd by KaiserTiger

Mother: Tabby Tiger; Ice Empire Leader; Alive
RP'd by stray-thought

Brother: Tabby Tiger ; Ice Empire Apprentice; Alive
RP'd by Sky-Lily

Brother: Tabby Tiger ; Ice Empire Apprentice ; Alive
RP'd by stray-thought

Half-Brother: Tiger / Snow Leopard ; Ice Empire Cub ; Alive
RP'd By DappledSun

Half-Brother: Tiger / Snow Leopard ; Ice Empire Cub ; Alive
RP'd by Scarflash

:bulletblue: Role Play Relationships :bulletblue:


:bulletblue: Roleplay Example :bulletblue:

The lion was not surprised to hear of the decision Andromeda had made when it came to name the silver gladiator. Aglaia had risen to the occasion while she was gone, and although Brutus had known that at some point he was expected to be silver... he was completely fine in not being that choice. The tigress was much younger than he was... and more than likely going to survive longer than he or Andromeda would.

It was sad, ever since Soren had died, death had been a constant burden on the lion's shoulders. The calls died out, and in that time, the lion was able to see Andromeda move from Skycaller's Rock. It was strange of the white lion to see the snow leopardess coming from a place he associated with the fiery lynx he had become good friends with, but all the same, he had always known this day would come. Soren had always been a fighter, and with that kind of spirit, it had always been likely that he would die in the lines of battle over that of quietly in his nest... Though he knew how much it tore Andromeda apart.

He had always thought the two of them would eventually be together as a happy couple, Soren and Andromeda, especially with how Andromeda had been so close to the little cub Soren had brought home with him all those moons ago... back when the hunters hadn't nearly doubled in force... before Abiola had died. Brutus would never admit that he knew who's cubs they were; the markings around young Ryusei's eyes were too much like another snow leopard Brutus had known... Nedria.

It wasn't hard to guess, though Soren had eventually admitted it to Brutus... if his memory served correctly.

"Andromeda" His gruff voice called out as the other felines milled away. "I approve of your choice... not that it matters." It seemed strange talking to her as a friend when she was now his leader, but Brutus pushed that thought away. He had treated Soren as a friend, and she had been a friend when she had been only a silver... what had changed? Other than Soren's death... "Do you want some company... maybe to go out on a patrol of the territory?" If it had been any other time, he would have said stroll instead of patrol, but he doubted being lax at such a time as this would ease the snow leopardess any. Andromeda was too serious for that kind of matter... and a times, he himself was the same as well.

This was going to be a hard couple of months on the two of them. "If you don't want to, I understand, but I figured that you would need the company..." He glanced away for a moment before quietly adding: "We have both lost a great friend... maybe even something more... I figured you would want somebody to have a heart to heart with. As a friend, you know I'm here for you if you need it."

:bulletblue: :iconebc-ice: Roleplay Tracker, Wanted Status, and Empire Point Tracker :iconebc-ice: :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Role Play Tracker :bulletblue:

Currently in the process of being created

:bulletblue: Empire Point Tracker :bulletblue:

Currently in the process of being created

:bulletblue: Wanted Status :bulletblue:

Not wanted currently

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