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Plato the Perceptive


Last Updated: 6/16/2016

Oh damn his birthday passed and I didn't even update it on time. I'm so sorry buddy ;-; Good news is you became a gladiator for your birthday!

:bulletblue: :iconebc-ice: General Information :iconebc-ice: :bulletblue:

What Can Be found Here

Name, Gender, Rank, Species

Pronounced Play-toe

-- Has no nicknames yet

Ice Empire Gladiator

Starting Age: Newborn
Current Age: 3 Years Old
Born: June 1, 48 BC

Snow Leopard / Tiger -- Tabby mutation

Dominant Traits: Snow leopard spots, Teal eyes, eye markings, face mask, light sandy colored pelt
Recessive Traits: Inside spot coloration, long tail, nose gradient
Carrier Traits: Grey toned pelt, green eyes

[[Note: Carrier Traits cannot be seen. They are combinations that could have been, but weren't. ]]

:bulletblue: :iconebc-ice: Training, Mentors, Apprentices, and Armor :iconebc-ice: :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Past Training Experience :bulletblue:

  • All of his past training has finished. I'm too lazy to do anything else

:bulletblue: Mentor :bulletblue:


:bulletblue: Current Apprentice :bulletblue:



:bulletblue: Past Apprentices :bulletblue:


:bulletblue: Armor :bulletblue:

Basic green dyed leather armor that I'm too flipping lazy to fix.

:bulletblue: :iconebc-ice: Personality, Biography, and Role Play History  :iconebc-ice: :bulletblue:

What Can Be Found Here
Personality Traits, Background Information, Role play History, and Character Quirks

:bulletblue: Personality :bulletblue:

[ Thoughtful ] - [ Patient ] - [ Loving ] - [ Determined ] - [ Approachable ] - [ Curious ]

  • Thoughtful
    "I didn't want to take the last piece in case you wanted it, Mom."
    Plato has a tendency to think about others before he does something for himself. If there is only so much food left, he'll give some of it to his siblings or mother instead of eating it for himself. He also tries to not worry his mother too much. He loves to explore, but will keep in mind how much Nedria will panic if she cannot find him, and also tries to remind his other siblings that their mother is trying her hardest and loves them all.

  • Patient
    "I've been waiting for you to wake up since sun up."
    Plato will wait sometimes for hours on end before giving on somebody. He is the kind of cub that will listen to stories even when they're too long for other cubs and will wait until another cub is ready to play before forcing them to do so. He also doesn't get frustrated when things don't go his way the first time. Instead, he'll keep working at it.

  • Loving
    "If you need anything, just let me know okay?"

    Plato is not short of love in any way. He'll do what he can for almost anybody, even if they haven't done anything in return for him. He cares about his empire and those that contribute to it and because of that, he wants to show everybody he appreciates their contribution to the place he loves so much.

  • Determined
    "One day I'll become a great gladiator for my empire, you'll see!"
    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Plato lives by these words and will do everything in his power to get things done right the first time around. He loves learning and will stop and nothing to find out more about his empire and the world around him. He's going to become a great gladiator some day, and he's more than ready to prove those words to be true.

  • Approachable
    "Do you need somebody to talk to?"
    Plato is an easy feline to talk to. He won't turn others away when they need help and he most definitely will stop if he sees somebody is in need of an ear. He loves listening to others and will always try to find a way to help them out of their problems, even if he isn't exactly old enough to solve everything. He tries, and that's all that matters.

  • Curious
    "I've always wanted to know what was beyond those walls"
    Despite his caring and somewhat quiet disposition, Plato is very much the kind of cub that wants to go out and see new things and learn about everything in any way that he can. He asks questions all the time and sometimes it bothers his siblings because of it. He also loves to learn more about the empire gods and particularly respects and feels akin to Glacio. He sometimes jokes that because his father was never around, Glacio must have been his father, but some felines make fun of him for it.

:bulletblue: Background Information -- Birth & Cubhood :bulletblue:

[[ Sparkling in the Sunlight, Like Freshly Fallen Snow ]]

Plato's birth marked the end of an era and a friendship between Nedria and Ceres. Born from the Leader of Ice Empire and the Silver Gladiator's mate, Plato never really knew what kind of mistake his mother had made in order to have him. Kept blissfully unaware of everything by his sister, Anura, he and his brother, Orpheus, grew up without strife for the first few months of his life. He knew that it was unwise to travel too far away from his mother, and would often times keep close to her to keep her from worrying.

His siblings, Anura, Cyto, and Orpheus often played games and enjoyed the company of each other whenever it was nice out. The young cub had a family that he loved, and everything was always tight nit and caring. Plato learned to foster the same kind of feelings towards his empire mates, and would often tell his sister that she was the best big sibling he could ever have.

It wasn't long after his first time outside that he met more felines. Kota, Ruka, and Crispus, the young tabby tigers that were Ceres' cubs. He didn't know that he was related to them, and for quite some time, the secret was kept just that; a secret. With Ruka's constant ear aches and Kota's affinity to try and play with Anura, Plato would often times find himself asking Crispus if he wanted to play when none of his other siblings were around.

And all Crispus ever did was glare at him and reject the offer. Confused, the young cub, from the moment one, was determined to get the other feline to play with him and see why he would reject the offer. He asked everything from playing bounty hunter to acting as if they were Ignis and Glacio themselves and yet still Crispus refused.

Finally, one fateful night, Plato gathered up his courage and asked the young tabby tiger, after a rather intense asking spree, why he didn't want to play with him... and that's when the truth came out.

Plato's birth had caused Crispus to lose their father.

Anura had done such a good job of keeping this information from him that at first Plato was shocked, and then everything fell into place. Scared of what his life meant and upset that he had caused such an angry outburst from Crispus, the cub bolted out of camp only to run face first into a very angry, very large, bear.

If Crispus hadn't come to his rescue, Plato probably wouldn't have been alive today. He is forever grateful for his half-brother's courage, and also feels that he will forever be indebted to the young apprentice.

[[ Wisdom and Kindness are all I need to get by ]]

After the bear attack, Plato and Crispus finally hit it off and started to actually treat each other like brothers. Plato won't ever admit it, but he loves being around Crispus more than he does any of his other family, mostly because the two of them are both so vastly different, and Crispus is actually willing to tell him things that Anura doesn't think he's ready for.

:bulletblue: Quirks :bulletblue:

-- Plato is deathly afraid of water, but he tries to play it off that he doesn't like it because of his mother's fears and not his own

-- Whenever Plato is scared, his ears flick back and his tail starts twitching uneasily

-- Plato hates how things get stuck in his tail because of how long it is

:bulletblue: :iconebc-ice: Relationships and Roleplay Example :iconebc-ice: :bulletblue:

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Family Lineage, Character Relationships, Roleplay Example

:bulletblue: Family Relations :bulletblue:

None -- :eyes:
Crush -- :eyes::eyes:


Family Lineage
Father: Tabby Tiger; Ice Empire Gladiator; Alive
RP'd by KaiserTiger

Mother: Snow Leopard ; Ice Empire Gladiator; Alive

Half-Brother: Tabby Tiger ; Ice Empire Apprentice; Alive
RP'd by The-Skykian-Archives

Half-Brother: Tabby Tiger ; Ice Empire Apprentice ; Alive
RP'd by stray-thought

Brother: Tiger / Snow Leopard ; Ice Empire Cub ; Alive
RP'd by HoundFlash

Half-Brother: Snow Leopard / Lynx ; Fire Empire Apprentice ; Alive
RP'd by The-Skykian-Archives

Half-Sister: Snow Leopard / Lynx : Ice Empire Apprentice ; Alive

Half-Brother: Snow Leopard / Lynx: ??? ; ???
RP'd by Rininiri

:bulletblue: Role Play Relationships :bulletblue:

I'm lazy. Plato likes a lot of characters. If you want him to be a friend of yours more like than not he already is.

:bulletblue: Roleplay Example :bulletblue:

The lion was not surprised to hear of the decision Andromeda had made when it came to name the silver gladiator. Aglaia had risen to the occasion while she was gone, and although Brutus had known that at some point he was expected to be silver... he was completely fine in not being that choice. The tigress was much younger than he was... and more than likely going to survive longer than he or Andromeda would.

It was sad, ever since Soren had died, death had been a constant burden on the lion's shoulders. The calls died out, and in that time, the lion was able to see Andromeda move from Skycaller's Rock. It was strange of the white lion to see the snow leopardess coming from a place he associated with the fiery lynx he had become good friends with, but all the same, he had always known this day would come. Soren had always been a fighter, and with that kind of spirit, it had always been likely that he would die in the lines of battle over that of quietly in his nest... Though he knew how much it tore Andromeda apart.

He had always thought the two of them would eventually be together as a happy couple, Soren and Andromeda, especially with how Andromeda had been so close to the little cub Soren had brought home with him all those moons ago... back when the hunters hadn't nearly doubled in force... before Abiola had died. Brutus would never admit that he knew who's cubs they were; the markings around young Ryusei's eyes were too much like another snow leopard Brutus had known... Nedria.

It wasn't hard to guess, though Soren had eventually admitted it to Brutus... if his memory served correctly.

"Andromeda" His gruff voice called out as the other felines milled away. "I approve of your choice... not that it matters." It seemed strange talking to her as a friend when she was now his leader, but Brutus pushed that thought away. He had treated Soren as a friend, and she had been a friend when she had been only a silver... what had changed? Other than Soren's death... "Do you want some company... maybe to go out on a patrol of the territory?" If it had been any other time, he would have said stroll instead of patrol, but he doubted being lax at such a time as this would ease the snow leopardess any. Andromeda was too serious for that kind of matter... and a times, he himself was the same as well.

This was going to be a hard couple of months on the two of them. "If you don't want to, I understand, but I figured that you would need the company..." He glanced away for a moment before quietly adding: "We have both lost a great friend... maybe even something more... I figured you would want somebody to have a heart to heart with. As a friend, you know I'm here for you if you need it."

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