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EBC: Nedria the Valiant


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:bulletblue: :iconebc-ice: General Information :iconebc-ice: :bulletblue:

What Can Be found Here

Name, Gender, Rank, Species

Pronounced knee-dree-ah or Neh-dry-ah

-- Originally known as Ileana, which means "shining one"
-- Has no known nicknames

Ice Empire Gladiator: Caretaker Specialty

-- Will always take time out of her day to spend time with cubs. If you want her to watch over your character, feel free to do so!
-- Was once leader of Ice Empire, but stepped down due to personal strife.

Starting Age: 2 Years Old
Current Age: 8 Years, 11 Months
Born: October 12, 56 BC

Snow Leopard - No mutations
Being a snow leopard, Nedria has well muscled legs from years of traversing the mountainside both in and outside of Ice Empire's borders. Her paws are a hard, worn texture, despite her delicate stance and appearance. She stands at 2 feet, 5 inches at the shoulder and is a length of about 4 feet, 2 inches. Her tail makes up the rest of her length, being nearly three feet long. In total, Nedria's about 7 feet long including her tail. She is not small for a snow leopard, but she's not large either.

Dominant Traits:  Snow leopard spots, long and stocky build, thick fur, medium grey coloration, water resistance, distinct face mask pattern
Recessive Traits:
Color variation inside of spots, blue eyes, off-white underbelly and paw markings
Carrier Traits:
Dark grey-brown coloration, almost white coloration, slim and sleek build

[[Note: Carrier Traits cannot be seen. They are combinations that could have been, but weren't. ]]

:bulletblue: :iconebc-ice: Training, Mentors, Apprentices, and Armor :iconebc-ice: :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Past Training Experience :bulletblue:

  • Advanced Understanding of the Human Hierarchy:
    After years of standing besides humans and listening to them drone on, and on, and on about politics. Nedria understands better than most felines why the humans do what they do and why they do it. She also understands who is in charge and why they are in charge, either based on how they act or how they are spoken to. This information and knowledge is pretty useless in the wild though.

  • Basic Understanding of Bounty Hunter Lifestyle
    Nedria was in and out of the bounty hunter circle for most of her life. Visiting Massilia whenever the great and powerful roman Consul felt the need to travel to the city. More often than not, Nedria would spend days listening to gossip and learning all that she could of the Empires that were growing outside of the cities walls and how the Bounty Hunters were doing in containing this problem. She also spoke with them on occasion; especially when they escorted the consul to and from the different cities. This has given her a pretty decent understanding on how Bounty Hunters live and work.

  • Decent Hunting Skill
    Not quite the best, but not quite the worst, Nedria knows how to hunt in order to ensure her own survival. Instincts are more important to her when she hunts than common knowledge though.

  • Advanced Strategy and Defense Skill:
    Nedria has always had a natural knack for knowing exactly when to turn to deflect blows and where to attack. When it comes to massive scale battles, she can easily coordinate and navigate her way around and let others know what needs to be done. Although sometimes in execution she lacks the ability, her ideas and communication skills are what get her patrols through the battle without too much issue.

:bulletblue: Mentors :bulletblue:

Fellow Ice Empire Gladiators

When Nedria first joined Ice Empire, she only knew a few basic moves here and there that had saved her life while surviving on her own. It took many weeks, but she learned how to defend and protect herself as well as any gladiator with the help of Khione, the founder of Ice Empire, and her senior gladiators. Nedria always will be grateful for what they did for her.

:bulletblue: Current Apprentices :bulletblue:

Chara & Blaise

Chara is a hard worker that does everything she can to learn about the empire as a whole while Blaise has been a lot slower in his training. He's like Cyto in some ways, but seems to be perfectly content not being promoted. Nedria feels as if the lioness will reach Gladiatorship long before Blaise will. Cyto and Blaise are two birds of a feather, which sometimes causes Nedria to worry about what trouble Blaise will get himself into.

"Blaise and I have had very little interaction with one another, but he and Cyto are practically two birds of a feather... I love Cyto as if he was my own son, but I have to wonder how I managed to get myself into this kind of mess."

:bulletblue: Past Apprentices :bulletblue:

Cyto and Nedria have spent plenty of time together since he joined Ice Empire. The leopard is a son to her in more ways than just one and Nedria loves him just as much as she loves the cubs that were born to her. He flourished under her training, and although Cyto acts more like a child than he should, Nedria knows that deep down there is a very wise leopard waiting for the right time to emerge.

"He loves my children as if they were his own siblings and, although I regretfully couldn't have been able to see him through the last months of his training, I know that he accepts the family we have become. I wish him all the luck in the world. He is the kind of cat that deserves happiness just as much as he brings it."

:bulletblue: Armor :bulletblue:

Nedria's armor is varying shades of blue-grey forged silver with heavy padding in specific areas for protection. Though most of it is still leather, it is reinforced with metal in the areas that do not need to be as flexible. Her head piece has been replaced with a helm to protect herself from facial scaring. She still has her golden necklace, but when she is in her full armor, it is replaced by a throat guard to keep her safe and all gold that she wore on her old "blanket armor" has been reforged into the helm she wears. The stones she has are blue diamonds, said to be from Glacio the Guardian of Ice himself.

The old armor she wore is now used as a blanket for Anura to sleep in on extremely cold nights.

:bulletblue: :iconebc-ice: Personality, Biography, and Role Play History  :iconebc-ice: :bulletblue:

What Can Be Found Here
Personality Traits, Background Information, Role play History, and Character Quirks

:bulletblue: Personality :bulletblue:

[ Gentle ] - [ Quiet ] - [ Noble ] - [ Smart ] - [ Charismatic ] - [ Uncertain ] - [ Protective ]
  • Gentle
    "Being gentle does not mean I'm weak."
    Nedria is kind and mild mannered. Soft spoken and easy going, she was a gentle leader, and is even more gentle with her own children. Once leading her empire with a steady paw, Nedria now uses her gentle side to focus on caring for cubs and helping apprentices make it to that next step without feeling as if they are pressured into it. Nedria is still kind to most, if not all felines, and is compassionate in the direst of times. Nothing has changed since she has stepped down; she's still willing to give her life for her empire.

  • Quiet
    "I'm not going to strike up a conversation unless I feel it's needed."
    Even though Nedria was once outspoken in front of her empire, the snow leopardess actually prefers to be by herself in a quiet alcove over that of socializing with her empire. This has become even more frequent since the birth of Plato and Orpheus, since she still greatly regrets the decisions and actions that lead up to their birth. Nedria's emotions are a lot harder to read now than ever before, especially after Soren's death. Gaurded and uneasy around others, she keeps her defenses up despite her friendly demeanor. When she speaks, her words generally have a weight to them that few can ignore.

  • Noble
    "I like to think we're the ones in the right, and they are in the wrong, but is that always the case?"
    Nedria's upbringing has always had an impact on her. The way she speaks, the way she acts, even the way she moves hold some form of power to it. Leadership once suited her as well as Soren's Armor suited him, but now that suit is gone. She still holds the bearing of somebody in the position of great power. Her strides are made with purpose, though she may be going nowhere at all and her words still hold that sense of privilege to them. She stands with that of rank, even when she holds the title of gladiator.

  • Smart
    "Intellegence should be taken with a careful assessing eye... or else it can turn its back on you as fast as a rogue."
    Nedria is no fool when it comes to common sense and information. She is constantly in want of information and enjoys learning about the other empires when she is not focused on her own, but what surprises most felines is her sense of battle smarts. Despite having a blatant dislike for battle, the feline knows ways to stop fights and manage them as well as any strategist. She loves learning above all.

  • Charismatic
    "...We gather here today in Sator's Gift..."
    Nedria is good with other felines and knows what to say in order to make them feel better about themselves. She knows how to take action and can slide into conversations as easily as a fish takes to water. She loves to see the happiness others and is the first to crack a joke if she's feeling up for it. Now that she has stepped down as leader, this trait hasn't really been of much use.

  • Uncertain
    "I've made so many mistakes... what is right anymore?."
    Ever since the friendship meltdown with Ceres, Nedria has become increasingly uncertain of her actions. She doesn't understand why she did what she did and more often than not it tears her up on the inside because of it.

  • Protective
    "I'll die before you take him away."
    Nedria has always been a cat to jump into the line of fire for another, be it feline or even human. It has always been in her nature to rush to another’s aid when they need it. For instance, when Nedria and Soren first met, back when Soren was about the age of an apprentice and she was still a rather young cub, she raced to his side to help him almost at once after he collapsed. When Nedria travled on her own with Brutus for a time period, she was known to go out of her way to make sure that Brutus’s wounds were looked to. Now she uses this natural protectiveness to take care of her children and the cubs of those who cannot do so.

:bulletblue: Background Information -- Before Joining Ice Empire :bulletblue:

[[ As Snowflakes Fall ]]
Not all felines start out in the harsh cities in human chains. Some get to taste freedom for all their lives and some lose their freedom to the blood stained hands of humans.

Nedria came from western most edges of the Mongolian Mountain Range, far away from humans and the city known as Massilia. Her life back then was simple as she grew up alongside her mother and father as the only cub in her litter, though Nedria will never know if she was their first and only litter or their last. She grew from bumbling newborn into a strong and healthy young cub; her first three months full of curiosity, adventure, and her parents' watchful eyes. She was young, spunky, carefree, and most of all; energetic. Always asking questions, always finding something new to play with, and always getting into trouble.

She was not the same Nedria that so many know today. Her parents kept her close as they took turns going off on hunting trips to ensure she was constantly under watch, which only increased when they heard news that humans were in the area. They even went so far as to move further up in the mountain range that they lived in; risking their ability to find food in order to find safety.

The first time she was allowed to go further than twenty steps away from the cave that was their home, Nedria experienced the worst shock a young cub could ever have. She was ensnared in a trap, and while her parents came to rescue her, they were ambushed by humans. Her father went to distract them as her mother helped release her, but their fight was rigged from the start. There were just too many humans for the two felines to handle on their own.

Humans took her away from the battle quickly, leaving Nedria only enough time to see a rain of arrows kill her mother and blood stained snow. They tied her up and took off without looking back. In those moments, she knew that her parents were dead.

The next few weeks were filled with the constant sound of jeering humans and horses' hooves. The young snow leopard didn't spend much time listening to any of it though, for she had spent too much of her time crying to really care about anything else. The band of travelers took her away from her homeland and into a different climate. The heat was nearly unbearable for the feline, and it didn't take long before she soon spent more of her time sleeping to keep from dealing with the heat.

It wasn't long after that when Nedria's little caravan finally stopped in a very large and very loud place. There were voices everywhere and large dens of sorts where humans seemed to appear in the hundreds. Nedria soon found that the ground was hot to walk on as she was released from her cage. It was then that she was broken of her wild ways, learning to not snap when hands were placed upon her...

Nearly four months after her birth, she was sat out on a podium before a large crowd of people. The Egyptians then proceeded to barter for her in the bazaar. They yelled out many different numbers, each one gradually beginning to dig deeper into their pockets for the money until one man came forward. He was rather skinny and had an important look about him, and when he spoke, the entire crowd fell silent. It was the current leader’s son, and as he smiled and asked for her, Nedria felt the first twinge of awe spark within her heart. How had he managed to do that? She wondered, her light silver blue eyes widening with surprise as she watched the man give the merchant more than the needed amount of money.

Once she was away from the other humans and in her new home, the boy brushed her coat out, gave her a headpiece and resulting gold chained earrings that were attached to it, and began to create plans to make her a great fighter. Yet, he didn't get far in his plans. The son’s father appeared from around the corner, his eyes assessing the young cub as he checked her paws and teeth as well as build.

It wasn't long before the man spoke many reprimanding words to his son about how she wasn’t a normal feline. Snow leopards, despite being pitted within the fighting pits, were not felines meant for battle. It was then settled, she and a vast amount of wealth would be given to the Consuls of Rome to show Egypt's peace and prosperity; a way to ensure peace between the Romans and Egyptians.

They prepped her with the finest of gold and the most expensive of cloth, sending her all over the place until finally, everything was ready and she could be sent out into the world on her voyage to the Roman Republic.

[[ A Blizzard Ensues in the Silence ]]

As soon as she and the other gifts arrived, the Consul to take note of her was none other than Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus. He checked her eyes, ensured that she was as clean and well-groomed as possible, listened through the speeches and of course, threw a great feast for the travelers before sending them on their way. He had a feeling his next great fighter was sitting between his feet, and so, armor was fitted upon the now five month old cub.

That was when her week of hell occurred, during the day, she was sent out into the arena, her paws rubbed raw from the harsh training an elderly leopard and his trainer put her through. She’d return to the consul's home late in the night, her tiny body so exhausted that she could barely even walk up to her 'nest' and curl up. During these long nights, Nedria was often visited by a tiny human girl, her blue eyes staring down at the cub with a sympathetic light.

It wasn't long before the girl went to her father and begged him to allow the young snow leopard to be a pet and guard to the home and nothing more. She would take care of her training and do everything in her power to make sure Nedria did a good job as long as she was no longer put through the hells of training. Somehow, miraculously, the father agreed. Nedria was more than thankful that the young girl had saved her from the fights, and because of that, she believed Anura to be her friend. She went everywhere with the young girl when she wasn’t beside the consul listening to his speeches and talks with the others of his rank.

Soon after this, the consul started making trips to the city of Massilia. The large port city had recently claimed to have the best fighters in the Republic and Pompey had to make sure he got to see the fights as well as look over their newly developed militia programs that involved feline fighters. He brought Nedria along on many of these visits, where she slowly began to learn about life outside of being a rich man's pet.

She watched many battles unfold, and there were many times that she would look away from the battles when the final guttural shrieks were let loose and the victor was chosen. Some fights were much more fierce than others.

One such fight she remembers as clear as day, as well as what happened afterwards.

It had been seven months since Nedria had been born, the mountains nothing but a distant memory in this new life. Nedria, still a rather small cub comparatively speaking, watched in horror as a lynx and tiger fought each other to near death. Wide eyes couldn’t look away from the fight, for some reason, the lynx had taken her by total surprise.

She had never seen a feline that looked like him. He was dark red in coloration, with bright blue eyes that danced like the flames. It left her breathless.

The two monsters fought for what felt like years, each putting up a valiant effort. The lynx, who now was bleeding profusely from his face, seemed to appear as if he was close to fainting more than just once, but still, he continued onwards. The tiger was a furious mountain of fur, wild from the start and nearly uncontrollable, it was hard to even watch.

And then, the tiger fell. The lynx was named victor and the crowd nearly went berserk. Nedria and her master quickly excited the place that he had been sitting and made his way below to congratulate the winners. The two were also joined with a serval that was dusk brown in color as they went. The snow leopardess stayed silent, her eyes looking for the lynx that had won the final battle. For some reason, she was nearly panicked at the thought that he had bled to death before she had even had the chance to learn his name and see if she lived near him.

The broken feline was brought back as her master congratulated the winner while Nedria curiously began to pad towards the creature. Upon seeing the lynx, she realized just how afraid she was that this feline was not kind. She went to race behind her master’s robes once again, only to watch as the lynx tumbled forward and landed on his side, blood destroying the carpets of the extravagant hallway as he lay there.

She let out a quick squeak and raced forward, fear racing through her heart as she watched him get pulled away to be taken care of.

She had a feeling she’d never see him again.

The battle and the lynx played through her mind constantly throughout the next few months. Nedria continued about her business; learning how to protect her master and his family, lazing about, and curiously exploring the place she called home without issue. She continued to grow older and larger and due to this, she was forced to start learning the importance of staying calm, cool and collected. She would often stay by her masters’.

Whenever she made trips to Massilia, she would listen to the felines around her and would respectfully watch the bounty hunters do their job within the city. On occasion they would escort the Consul and Nedria to the outlaying cities. During these times, Nedria became brief acquaintances with Venari, Cosette, and a few other hunters. She would talk with all of them about various things such as what their jobs were and how Rome was. This was how Nedria was first introduced to the Empires that lived outside of Massilia.

It was during her second year that Nedria's master decided it would be wise to breed his prized pet with a coliseum fighter, Arcadius the tiger. The two had a single son by the name of Leonitus, whom Nedria cared for until he was two months of age, that was when he was taken from the snow leopardess to be trained and Nedria returned to Massilia one final time.

Upon one of her visits in Massilia, over two years after her birth, the snow leopardess found herself stolen in the night by thieves, taking her away from the only life she had even known.

[ A Storm Brews Around Us ]
Nedria's crate didn't get too far out of the city before it fell off of the wagon it was on and burst open. Instantly upon freedom, the snow leopardess made a mad dash for it, racing out into the night without ever looking back.

Though it wasn't long before Nedria's lack of knowledge forced her to stop running. She couldn't hunt, barely knew how to find water, and certainly had no chance surviving on her own. She nearly believed that she would be food for the crows before she'd ever find refuge with any empire, but that was when her rescuer appeared...

It was none other than a white lion by the name of Brutus. Though, their introduction was far from friendly. Brutus had been gorging on a deer when Nedria had spooked him, though the lion, in good nature, allowed the snow leopard to eat from the carcase after they had discussed her dirty pelt and rugged shape. He was the first feline to teach her how to hunt and fight, and for a little while, they were companions looking for a place to call home. They spoke of their lives and explained the families they had left behind, and there was plenty of talk about the empires.

Brutus told her of his life in the coliseums and his burning jealousy of his brother, whom had been selected to become a bounty hunter of him. Nedria consoled him during this time, helping the bitter lion become less upset with himself up until their separation via rock slide. This separation is what ultimately lead Nedria to Ice Empire and Brutus to Fire Empire. 

The night after her separation from Brutus, Nedria slept within a cave that she now knows as Sator's Maw, a landmark between Air Empire and Ice Empire's borders. For a few weeks the snow leopard lived within the cave, hunting and trying to survive off of the land as best she could. During this time she grew into the cat that she is now, and she vowed to never look back at the world she once belonged to.

Now at two years, four months of age, Nedria found a place that was much like her old home within the mountains, and, to her surprise, she came across a patrol of felines that belonged to what was known as the Ice Empire. Unfortunately, none of the friends that she had made that met her on this patrol lived through the great sickness that befell the empire five months later.

Brutus ended up joining the Fire Empire and the two friends were reunited during one of the gatherings, much to her own joy, but they understood the boundaries that were now set up between them. They came to an understanding, and both respect each other for the things that they’d gone through as well as for the position of gladiator that both had attained. It was a pleasure to know that the other had survived the wreckage, but they both also knew that if the time came, the two would have to fight each other if their empires came into conflict.

It wasn't long after that when the Snow Leopard found she had obtained the leadership position in Ice Empire.

[[ If Only I had Known ]]

:bulletblue: Background Information -- Since Joining Ice Empire :bulletblue:

[[ Melting Ice ]]

To Keep from overloading the document with text, I'll be uploading a quick read link to go here

:bulletblue: Quirks :bulletblue:

-- Nedria loves cubs and will do anything for the cubs she has both as adopted family and as real family

-- Nedria has recently become rather recluse around felines

-- She suffers from depression due to the mistakes she's made, the loss of her son, and Soren's death.

:bulletblue: :iconebc-ice: Relationships and Roleplay Example :iconebc-ice: :bulletblue:

What Can Be Found Here

Family Lineage, Character Relationships, Roleplay Example

:bulletblue: Family Relations :bulletblue:

Arcadius (Dead), Soren (Dead) ; Calidius

Leonitus (Alive), Kaien (Unknown), Anura (Alive), Garen (Alive), Plato (Alive), Orpheus (Alive)

Family Lineage
Father: Snow Leopard; Fighter; Status Unknown

Mother: Snow Leopard; Wild; Deceased

Half-Brother: Snow Leopard; Bounty Hunter; Status Unknown

:bulletblue: Role Play Relationships :bulletblue:

Relationship Drawing to be added

:bulletblue: Roleplay Example :bulletblue:

The lion was not surprised to hear of the decision Andromeda had made when it came to name the silver gladiator. Aglaia had risen to the occasion while she was gone, and although Brutus had known that at some point he was expected to be silver... he was completely fine in not being that choice. The tigress was much younger than he was... and more than likely going to survive longer than he or Andromeda would.

It was sad, ever since Soren had died, death had been a constant burden on the lion's shoulders. The calls died out, and in that time, the lion was able to see Andromeda move from Skycaller's Rock. It was strange of the white lion to see the snow leopardess coming from a place he associated with the fiery lynx he had become good friends with, but all the same, he had always known this day would come. Soren had always been a fighter, and with that kind of spirit, it had always been likely that he would die in the lines of battle over that of quietly in his nest... Though he knew how much it tore Andromeda apart.

He had always thought the two of them would eventually be together as a happy couple, Soren and Andromeda, especially with how Andromeda had been so close to the little cub Soren had brought home with him all those moons ago... back when the hunters hadn't nearly doubled in force... before Abiola had died. Brutus would never admit that he knew who's cubs they were; the markings around young Ryusei's eyes were too much like another snow leopard Brutus had known... Nedria.

It wasn't hard to guess, though Soren had eventually admitted it to Brutus... if his memory served correctly.

"Andromeda" His gruff voice called out as the other felines milled away. "I approve of your choice... not that it matters." It seemed strange talking to her as a friend when she was now his leader, but Brutus pushed that thought away. He had treated Soren as a friend, and she had been a friend when she had been only a silver... what had changed? Other than Soren's death... "Do you want some company... maybe to go out on a patrol of the territory?" If it had been any other time, he would have said stroll instead of patrol, but he doubted being lax at such a time as this would ease the snow leopardess any. Andromeda was too serious for that kind of matter... and a times, he himself was the same as well.

This was going to be a hard couple of months on the two of them. "If you don't want to, I understand, but I figured that you would need the company..." He glanced away for a moment before quietly adding: "We have both lost a great friend... maybe even something more... I figured you would want somebody to have a heart to heart with. As a friend, you know I'm here for you if you need it."

:bulletblue: :iconebc-ice: Roleplay Tracker, Wanted Status, and Empire Point Tracker :iconebc-ice: :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Role Play Tracker :bulletblue:

Currently in the process of being created

:bulletblue: Empire Point Tracker :bulletblue:

Currently in the process of being created

:bulletblue: Wanted Status :bulletblue:

Nedria is currently wanted by bounty hunters because she was once the leader of Ice Empire (and as far as the hunters know now, she still is) and because she was a Consul's pet

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