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EBC: Anura the Resilient


Last Updated: 11/16/2015

Drawn Reference update with some new text added

Bullet; Blue :iconebc-ice: General Information :iconebc-ice: Bullet; Blue

What Can Be found Here

Name, Gender, Rank, Species

Pronounced Un-err-ah, Ah-NOOR-ah, or Ann-er-ah

-- Named after a girl Nedria protected
-- Has no known nicknames (I imagine sometimes Crispus calls her Ana just like she calls him Crispy)

Ice Empire Silver Gladiator

-- Is a better fighter than hunter

Starting Age: Newborn baby
Current Age: 3 Years, 6 Months
Born: May 12, 49 BC

Snow Leopard xx Eurasian Lynx
Fully grown, Anura stands at 2'8" at the shoulder

Dominant Traits: "Cold fire" eye coloration, large spots, large ears, snow leopard spots, specific spot pattern on legs
Recessive Traits: Grey coloration, curly fur, mixed snow leopard / lynx build, thick fur

Carrier Traits: Green eyes, smaller spots, no snow leopard spots, no spot patterns

[[Note: Carrier Traits cannot be seen. They are combinations that could have been, but weren't. ]]

Bullet; Blue :iconebc-ice: Training, Mentors, Apprentices, and Armor :iconebc-ice: Bullet; Blue

Bullet; Blue Past Training Experience Bullet; Blue

  • Advanced Battle skills:
    Due to her training with Ceres, Anura knows how to extensively take on up to three opponents in battle of various sizes. She's great at offensive attacks that are used to take an enemy off guard, and knows what places are the weakest on a feline's body. She will not use this skill unless severely threatened against other empires or whenever she is fighting bounty hunters. 
  • Decent Hunting Skill:
    Anura has no patience and because of this, she's terrible at going on solo hunts. She can't wait forever and doesn't care to chase after an animal for hours or even days at a time. She's much better with fast moving, quick to catch prey such as rabbits and birds. On occasion you will see her bring home a deer, but its not often. 
  • Great Stealth Skill
    Although she hates to do it, Anura is really good at keeping quiet. She's just normally too impatient to try and do so. Why stay quiet when you can get things done quickly?
  • Natural Leadership Abilities // Good Charisma 
    Being the daughter of two leaders and having been trained as an apprentice by Ceres of Ice Empire, Anura has a very natural born instinct to lead. She is good at speaking to others and tries to her hardest to convey herself and what is needed to be known to others as best she can. Sometimes, her own attitude gets in the way, though. 

Bullet; Blue Mentors Bullet; Blue

Anura has a lot of respect for Ceres and loves her as much as a daughter would love her mother. She enjoys spending time with her talking about politics involving the other empires and sparring to keep each other on edge. Anura sees Ceres as both a parental figure and as a good friend. 

Bullet; Blue Current Apprentices Bullet; Blue

To be added when our RP is done 8D

Bullet; Blue Past Apprentices Bullet; Blue

To be added

Bullet; Blue Armor Bullet; Blue

I'm lazy and don't want to explain what her armor is. Look above XD

Bullet; Blue :iconebc-ice: Personality, Biography, and Role Play History  :iconebc-ice: Bullet; Blue

What Can Be Found Here
Personality Traits, Background Information, Role play History, and Character Quirks

Bullet; Blue Personality Bullet; Blue

[ Friendly ] [ Indepenent ] [ Charistmatic ] [ Boisterous ] [ Loyal ] [ Determined ] [ Tenacious ]
  • Friendly
    "Welcome to Ice, I'm Anura. Who are you?"
    Despite everything that has happened to Anura, she's pretty open to meet new faces and get to know other felines. She has adopted the same attitude her mother has, which is that all of Ice Empire is her family and should be treated as such. As a cub, she was constantly pestering other felines to see if they were up for playing and just enjoying themselves around her. Now that she is older, she uses this attitude to meet new cats and make sure they feel welcome.

  • Independent
    "I've traveled this territory alone for most of my apprenticeship.... Sure, it may not be the safest, but I know places to hide and ways to get hunters out if anything should happen."
    Never being one to rely on others, Anura isn't going to sit around and wait for things to happen or wait for the love of her life to plop down at her feet. She's the kind of cat to go out and do things without others if she wishes and isn't afraid of the consequences of doing things alone. It's not that she's aloof, she just knows how to take care of herself if the situation calls for it. 

  • Charismatic
    "You're a brave leader, and will do just as well as our father did in Fire Empire." 
    Anura is a talker, though she isn't always as harsh with her words as she may come across as. She can speak well around others when she puts her mind to it, and because of that, can actually come off as pretty witty or even charming to those around her... though she is modest about this and often times says she doesn't feel like she's that good at speaking. 

  • Boisterous
    Anura's loud, rowdy, and ready for action, even if it's just running after Caribou with her friends, or actually fighting, she's going to be laughing and having as good a time as she can with it. Whether throwing taunts at her foes or just laughing at how silly Cyto is being in the middle of winter. This feline knows how to enjoy herself when all work is done.

  • Loyal
    "I am a feline of Ice Empire. There is nothing that will ever change that... even if I have a brother in Fire...."
    Anura will always be loyal to the feline she calls her friends and will stand by their side no matter what idiotic thing they do Yes, we're looking at you Kota. She is loyal to her own empire as well and knows that she could never put her love life or interests before her own empire. She has seen what it does to families and refuses to let it happen to her own cubs if she ever was to have any. 

  • Determined // Ambitious
    "Someday, I will follow in my mother and mentor's footsteps."
    Anura has always had a secret dream to become the next leader of Ice Empire. Knowing that her mother and father were both leaders, she feels as if it is in her blood to continue that line, but also knows that she won't be chosen just because she wishe to lead. She is determined to learn all she can before standing into that spot, and knows full well that it may be years before she ever gets to the point of being silver... if she ever gets there at all. The only cat that may know about this dream is Crispus.

    Another thing to take note of when it come to Anura's determination is that she will not stop until she has completed the task before her. A good way to look at this is by remembering her training assignment where Ceres had her fight off three different felines. Despite Anura failing multiple times, she pushed herself until finally, she manged to defeat all three feline before they could pin her down.

  • Tenacious // Battle Born
    "You will not take down my empire or steal cubs in the night. Not under my watch, hunter. Prepare to fight for your life, scum."
    Anura is stubborn to the point that she will go out of her way to fight others that threaten who she loves. Much like her best friend, Crispus, she will not stand by as others go to fight battles and see any fight involving her empire as a fight she must be in. Strong, determined, and certain of her footing in battle, she will always taunt and attack those that take freedom away. There is no respect for hunters in this feline's body. She probably won't leave a battle until she is too exhausted to continue, or the hunters are carting her away while she's knocked out. (Crispus gets annoyed by this as much as she gets annoyed at him for being the same way)

Bullet; Blue Background Information  Bullet; Blue

[[ I have literally RPed out everything in her history and don't feel like turning it into a story ]]

:bulletblue: Anura was born in Ice Empire to Nedria, who was leader. Her father was Soren of Fire Empire. This relationship was unusual being as both felines were leaders, and were from two different empire... something that is frowned upon within the empires due to the issues they cause.

:bulletblue: Anura grew up closely with her adopted sister Elektra and Ceres' first litter of cubs: Kota, Cripus, and Ruka. These cubs all got into trouble together quite often before Ruka fell sick. The group then narrowed down to just Anura and Crispus, being as for some reason Kota felt that Anura was cute and wanted to go on about it constantly... to which Anura was not amused by.

:bulletblue: The most important life event to happen to Anura in her childhood was when Kaien ended up falling into the ice when he and Anura went out exploring when they weren't allowed to leave camp. This has scared Anura for life because she was unable to stop her brother from being lost forever as he called for help. She has been determined to ensure she will do everything in her power to help others from this point ever since.

:bulletblue: Approximately three months after this incident, Anura's half brothers were born and she was left alone by Crispus because of it. After so many weeks of silence, she got fed up with him avoiding her. She then proceeded to wait for him atop a high rock before catcing him unawares. After pinning him down, she demanded answers from him, to which he asked why she wanted to even be his friend after what happened between their parents...

Needless to say, Anura called Crispus a bonehead... repeatedly.

:bulletblue: At over a year old, Anura was finally promoted up to apprentice, and given Ceres as her mentor. This both scared her because of the past the leader had with her mother and because she was the mother of her best friend... needless to say, it took quite some time for her to get over this "fear" of Ceres.

:bulletblue: After that point, Anura started training heavily in Ice, and was told about her brother in Fire. Determined to find out more information, the feline spent most of her time near Fire's border, hoping to come across her brother or the leader of Fire to learn more about her father.

:bulletblue: She eventually finds Garen and they proceed to meet up on occasion after she accidentally mistakes him for Kaien. They eventually find out they are siblings and the two go to Fire's camp, where Anura learns about her father and the empire she never grew up in.

:bulletblue: She and Garen both graduated to full gladiator at the same time (roughly around May of 46 BC)

:bulletblue: During the emergency gathering, she was caught off guard by her mother standing up and voicing her approval of the war. Shortly after, she agreed to go to Fire Empire with Nedria in order to keep tabs on her mother and let Zireena know exactly what Andromeda was up to.

:bulletblue: On the night of the war, Anura and her "squad" set out to find out information on the cats within the city. They were attacked and out of the group to go in, Kota, Elektra, and Nedria were captured. Anura blamed herself for awhile until she realized that there was nothing she could do about the cats that sacrificed themselves to save the others. She vowed to return to the city the next chance she got to find her family and bring them home.

:bulletblue: During this time she found her sister, Rylan (by nearly trying to tear her apart). When the battle was over, Rylan decided to go home with Garen at Anura's urging, knowing that he had no family related to him in the empire aside from Andromeda. Anura, on the other hand, had more than enough reassuring felines to help her through her inner conflicts.

:bulletblue: She was then tasked by Zireena to go into the city in a stealth mission alongside other Ice Empire felines to find and save the cats that they had lost in the war. Anura agreed to do so, valiantly leading the felines through the city as they tried to find where Kota, Elektra, and Nedria were being held. The only information they got was that the cats were no longer being held in the city.

:bulletblue: Returning home, Zireena promoted Anura to become her silver gladiator, feeling that the snow leopard/lynx hybrid had done more than enough to prove she deserved the position.

Bullet; Blue Quirks Bullet; Blue

-- When enraged, Anura's voice hardens and she scrapes at the ground with her paws

-- Anura's ears are key to telling her mood, especially when she may be trying to hide it otherwise.

-- When surprised, Anura used to react with claws first, though after a few times of catching Cyto and Crispus off guard, she's learned to stop swiping... now she just jumps up and yells angrily.

(NOTE: when she's stressed she'll still do it though... try talking to her when she's deep in thought over something WOOPSIE SORRY DIDNT MEAN TO NEARLY TAKE YOUR NOSE OFF!)

Bullet; Blue :iconebc-ice: Relationships and Roleplay Example :iconebc-ice: Bullet; Blue

What Can Be Found Here

Family Lineage, Character Relationships, Roleplay Example

Bullet; Blue Family Relations Bullet; Blue



Family Lineage
Grandfather: Snow Leopard; Fighter ; Status Unknown

Grandmother: Snow Leopard; Wild ; Deceased

Grandfather: Eurasian lynx; Hunter ; Status Unknown

Grandmother: Eurasian Lynx; Breeder ; Status Unknown

Mother: Snow Leopard; Ice Empire Gladiator ; Alive

Father: Eurasian Lynx; Fire Empire Leader ; Status Unknown (Believed deceased)

Brother: Snow Lynx; Ice Empire ; Status Unknown (possibly deceased) 

Brother: Snow Lynx; Fire Empire Gladiator ; Alive

Sister: Snow Lynx; Fire Empire Gladiator ; Alive

Half-Brother: Snow Tiger; Ice Empire Apprentice ; Alive

Half Brother: Snow Tiger; Ice Empire Apprentice ; Alive

Uncle: Eurasian Lynx; Bounty Hunter; Status Unknown


Bullet; Blue Role Play Relationships Bullet; Blue
Anura's Relationships by DappledSun

Bullet; Blue Roleplay Example Bullet; Blue

Anura quietly stood there for a few moments, looking at the larger feline with wide, expectant eyes. She had no idea if Andromeda was going to mention anything too painful for her. Soren may have passed away some time ago, but it would be hard to talk about such matters. Anura wanted to say something, to let her know that she didn't have to talk about anything that hurt too much, but the leader let out a long sigh. Anura didn't notice the slight softening of her eyes, which was probably a good thing. 

"Legacies are not left in one's wake without great sacrifice and a firm resolve." The snow lynx smiled, suppressing the sudden feeling of a giggle bubbling up in her chest. This wasn't the time to not take things seriously, and although it sounded as if Andromeda was introducing one of the great gods and not her father, Anura knew there was probably a reason behind it.  "He treated each member of his empire like family, and he was the best father you could imagine. In peace he was gentle, compassionate; traits I'm sure he bested me with. In battle he was fierce and noble."

And yet that didn't save him in the end. Anura thought to herself quietly. Her mother had only lead to mention that Soren had been thought to be killed by hunters, and that when he had passed on, Fire Empire had lost one of it's brightest flames, but Anura didn't want to mention that. Andromeda already knew the story better than the snow lynx ever could. She didn't want to know that story as well as Andromeda did, she was certain of that. 

"He loved his empire dearly, above everything..." The pause there made Anura glanced up at the snow leopard, her ears flicking forward for a moment. "...and he loved them just as much as your mother." Anura felt some form of pride in that comment, knowing that her mother had claimed such a feline's heart... it was easy to see how they had managed to fall for each other in the first place; both leaders had a very strong sense of duty to their empires. 

And that is why they could never be mates forever. They both cared too much. She sighed for a moment, before suddenly Andromeda's voice turned broke her thoughts. She glanced up in confusion as the leader started mentioning something about nobody needing to earn their right, and for a moment, the younger feline tried to catch her brother's eye. He would understand what she had meant... right? Yet, she turned her gaze back towards Andromeda when she heard her name. 

 "...I don't know you well, Anura," The feeling of her tail brushing against her pelt was different, but she did not flinch at the touch. The leader probably meant well, and Anura would take it as much. "...but I can tell if you've come all this way just for information, that you'd go to any lengths necessary for those you love." Anura stood there, looking the leader of fire in the eyes for as long as she could. She did not wish to break the eye contact that the feline had made. It was too important for her to hear the last words that Andromeda wanted to say. There was something there... she knew it. "And that is very much like your father. I know he would be proud." 

If there was anything that would have made Anura feel any better, she couldn't think of it right that moment. Making her father proud... even if he wasn't around... had always been something she wanted to do. It's why she worked so hard to become a gladiator, and why she wanted to do everything she could for her empire. It's why she had come all this way. 

"I-I" Anura swallowed for a moment, composing herself. "I don't know what to say, but..." She exhaled. "I think I can understand why my-- our..." She shook her head. "Why Nedria and Soren... fell for each other in the first place..." She looked at her brother for a moment and glanced back and Andromeda. "By the way you talk of him, it sounds like you two were close as well.... I-I wish things could have turned out better... for you and him..." She smiled warmly at the snow leopard before her. "You're a brave leader, and will do just as well as our father did in Fire Empire."

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Bullet; Blue Role Play Tracker Bullet; Blue

Currently in the process of being created

Bullet; Blue Empire Point Tracker Bullet; Blue

Currently in the process of being created

Bullet; Blue Wanted Status Bullet; Blue

Not wanted yet

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