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Charlie Weasley at Work

First time drawing Charlie Weasley, I hope you like it. The colors look too weak; I should photoshop them next time. Anyway...all done with pencils, old style ;)
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This is very nice, you have done Charlie justice for sure!
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I really like him! he's as strong and fierce ad I imagine him =)
and he has dimples (hasn't he?) n_n
InTheArmsOfUndertow's avatar
He does ^^. Glad you like it!
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dude, this is awesome.
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May I use this as my deviant ID?
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Great work outfit :) it looks perfect for dealing with dragons all day long
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excellent job, I like the little dragon ^^ :)
Kassyselska's avatar
Great work!! ;) He looks so handsome!! :D
SphereShadow's avatar
Weird; I'd always imagined Charlie with shorter hair. Not military-short, but still...
Vampirelover-freak's avatar
I LOVE it! You've made him so handsome and cool.
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That the best Charlie Weasley I had ever seen :)
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I have to agree here. This is Charlie in its very essence. Also, he make me think of badassery wiz Indiana Jones. Double the awesome, although it barely can go any higher when Charlie's already there <3
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OMG CHARLIE! :heart:
I love him so much! xD
leighta's avatar
I adore it!
It's great to see some amazing work featuring Charlie (and a wee dragon too)!
HPFanfictionFan's avatar
Nice ... :D
Got his phone number for me?

... Oh right, he probably doesn't have a phone does he?
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Charlie...:love:... Ya sabes qué pienso al respecto. Te quedó muy chulo niña...MUXO ^^.
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Thank you! I'm glad you like ' em ;)
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