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Firefox 2 Windows Media 11

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Firefox 2 Windows Media 11 Skin..!!!

Available for discharge...!!!

¡¡¡for Firefox 2.0+ only!!!

The package contains the theme and the necessary extensions for a better viewing of the skin... I thank to report any failure.

Thanks to all exelentes comments and critical for my job... My excuses by some error that can have.

Visit my galery for more jop... [link]

"I thank not to ask meaningless questions... the one that do not know to install the skin that be sought aid in another place... Thanks"
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You can build for firefox 3.... and more ? plz :)
when I change the max version in the install.rdf the skin is ugly ^^

Great skin !!!! Good job !!!!
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KenSaundersHobbyist General Artist
Hey that's a really sharp theme.
Did you ever submit it to the Add-ons site?
It was obviously very popular here.
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Its great, but the only usage problems I've had with it is that there are no drop-down boxes for the back and forward buttons, and the favicon for when a page is loading is forced to your default should be a loading icon.
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Looks nice !!
But does it work also on Firefox 3 ??
I know that you have written just for Firefox 2+ but many old themes even work on newer versions.
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OH NO! [link]

Well, I refuse to “upgrade” to ff 3 till I know I can use this most excellent theme. I cannot give it up now. That’s all there is to it.

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Can you please update this for 3.0
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Arrrrrgggggghhhhhhh have to go back to firefox 2.0 as this isn't working in 3.0

Really need an update for 3.0
Pretty please
aw c'mon I'm beggin
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could you make this a .zip file. My computer won't extract a .rar file.
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You have to extract the RAR file. I use the program 7-zip, which is free to do this. Once you have extracted the file, go to the Windows Media Skin fold and drag the Windows-Media file to the opened add-ons window located in the "Tools" menu. Allow the install and you should be golden.

Internauta, great job on the theme. Please tell me there will be a Firefox 3 compatible version coming soon. I absolutely love this theme!
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thanx a lot!!!
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To be sure, you should have the addons indw in the themes place
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Hi, thanx for that great skin (same goes for the Vista Black one)!! Can you please do versions for Firefox 3? I think the default will not be too nice, but the functionality will be on a good level so that one will like to upgrade to FF3, but painfully missing your Firefox themes - please do versions for FF3 if you have the time!

Also absolutely great would be having a Thunderbird skin in your style - thought about doing one? Because using FF and TB in matching themes is always what one wishes for - especially when it´s as great as your skins!
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Internauta2000Hobbyist Interface Designer
Coming soon new versions
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It's awesome job, thank you for this skin
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how about instructions on how to install this..?
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First of all, I just wanted to say how much I love this skin. I have been using it for a long time now.

However, I just realized that the scroll bar on the right side of the browser is not black the way it is shown in the preview picture. It shows up as a gray scroll bar, the same as in the default firefox skin. I tried re-installing the skin just in case I missed an update or something, but it still is not black.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, because I always felt the skin looked incomplete without the black scroll bar.
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really good
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It looks nice but doesn't fit into the Windows Classic theme :\

Otherwise I like what you've done with it.
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great skin.luv it and using it.
p.s. seems a lot of ?'s regarding installation.all we need to do is to drag and drop the jar into the add-on tab
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Muchas Gracias
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Internauta2000Hobbyist Interface Designer
Nada que agradecer... disfrutelo.
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