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Twilight Sparkle Changeling

Another vector for a future wallpaper. :la:

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Dat face tho.
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:iconfiremanplz:<that twilight is a mother fudging changeling!!







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Um,why do they have those creepy smiles?
It's just a question,nothing offensive,I promise
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Oh wait,never mind
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I'm having a hard time using these vectors, because when I try to make it white so that the area surrounding it will be transparent, there is still some white that is pixel specific. Can you try to help in my problem? If not, thanks for listening.
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Twilight: I'm being....LISTERINE'D!!!
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OWO...Twilight and the others as Changelings...

Can somebody do MORE of that?!I'm surprised there isn't any more pictures of the girls as Changelings,I would have expected to see millions after Chrysalis debuted.
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I'm just the only one awesome enough to do it! :D
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XD YES!Please do More of the girls as changelings.I'd be impressed if there was a full form version of them as changelings :3.
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Her expression is priceless! Just all smug and whatnot.
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That's great. :D
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I find this delightfully adorable.
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:D it shall be done! ^^
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changelings are best pony, just kill real one, steal identity and voila!
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or for your concern, wait till they die from age o.O
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