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I'm afraid this is another one of those embarrassing apology journal entries...

However! I come bearing gifts! I just uploaded some new stock images about a half hour ago from a shoot I did this summer and then... just... forgot to upload the rest of the pictures. I have no idea how I let that slip my mind.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the new stock photos, has a lovely Christmas, and is enjoying their time off (hopefully you got some time off xD).

I myself am loving my time off school, am spending Christmas with my family, and then flying down to LA to spend a week with my boyfriend!

AND, my birthday is on Sunday!

Everytime I hang out with my friend PersephoneStock I always feel really inspired and miss this website. Just talking to her has made me come on and start to clear out my old messages and notes that are backed up from the past year, and I have been looking at lots of lovely art to be found around the site.

Coming back also reminded me that my subscription is almost out. Eep! If anyone wants to get me a nice birthday present, I could definitely use that. Deviantart is worthless without a subscription.

Anyway, just wanted to check in, tell you all that I still love you (I just love YouTube slightly more). But Deviantart will always be my FIRST love. And I'm never gone for good.

Merry Christmas!



1. Please let me know when you've used my stock and send me a link so I can see it and put it in my favorites gallery. *I prefer notes.
2. Credit. Please put my username/icon/a link to my account in your deviation description.
3. Do not just change the brightness/contrast or add a filter to my stock photos. Please make an effort to transform my stock into a work of your own. Remember, I allow you to use my stock, but the photos are still mine. Editing my photos makes the work a "Photomanipulation"; listing it under "Photography" is art theft.
4. You may use my stock in prints, just let me know when you do.

MY PHOTOGRAPHER: PersephoneStock
She is a lovely artist and photographer and has a nice stock gallery of her own if you fancy taking a look. I would appreciate it.

My Favorite Stockers:
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oh my god,happy birthday!!
I whould've got the subscription,I havent even got one myself so,sorry ^^;