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Have a Request You'd Like Me To Do?

I do like requests, as it is easy to start to run out of ideas.
However, I am a poor college student, so when it comes right down to it, I don't have every costume in the world.

However, I have a few, and am pretty crafty at putting things together, so if you have a request in mind, ask away!

You can send me a note with these details:

1. Costume
What should I be wearing? Who/what should I look like?

2. Setting
Do you want me in front of a standard sheet, out in the woods, or somewhere completely different? Sitting, kneeling or standing?

3. Props
Self explanatory. Give me a list of props, or say so if you want none at all.

4. Pose/Expression
Should I be sad, upset, happy, jealous? Staring at the camera, or looking up, down, or to the side? What should my arms/legs be doing?

**I ask for specifics because I don't want to end up taking a whole series of pictures that wont work for you. If you answer these questions, then we're both happy!

Current Stock Requests</u>
(:star: = completed :star-empty: = not yet completed)

:star: Short floral dress, hair in 2 braids, showing back/not face. By TheatruMundi
:star-empty: Floor length black or red dress, playing flute. By ArtAndStock
:star-empty: Yellow sparkly dress, sitting on table as if dipping foot in stream, full body looking scared, and on ground as if asleep/knocked out. By ManipulatorMach9
:star: White "bandages" (or sheet) wrapped around upperbody down to midthigh, hair out fo the way. By madnessism
:star-empty: Legs and feet in different positions, wearing shorts. By ruma-ankanpoikanen
:star-empty: Pigtails with big bows and knee-hi lacy socks being all adorable. By cookiekitty-stock
:star-empty: Belle from Beauty and the Beast (with a blue dress and white blouse). By annie252

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Nayru-Fyora-Din's avatar
I really like your bright idea costume and look with the sunglasses. I was wondering if you could possible take pictures that I can use as a modeller. It would basically be a standard t-pose from the front back and side if you know what I am talking about... It would be so awesome :) It would be a little 3d model of yourself :) it would also be cool if you did a close up front, side, back, and possibly a 3/4th view of ur face?
If not I completely understand cuz it might be wierd...
Oh and with the sunglasses on if you do then possible front back side and 3/4's for the sunglasses themselves :)