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Edit: I'm having so much fun with this, I've increased it to 15 people!

Okay I just couldn't resist any longer.

I got this from AnakMoon.

The first *15* people to comment in this Journal will be place in a spot below along with three of my favorite examples of their work. Here's the catch, if you want in, you have to do the same in your journal!

The pieces I choose to feature here are based on my own personal selection. :heart:

Just comment me here if you want in, and I'll take the first *15* in the order I recieve them.

1. jane-mirage

Daughter of the West Wind by jane-mirage Naiads by jane-mirage Sunset 14, Kyogle by jane-mirage

2. Vixie-Bee

:thumb40380895: :thumb29699700:

3. PersephoneStock

Decisions, Decisions by PersephoneStock Eternal Winter by PersephoneStock Lower by PersephoneStock

4. Gracies-Stock

Wind In Hair Portraits 1 by Gracies-Stock Ballet - Full Body 25 by Gracies-Stock Green Mermaid Girl Stock 8 by Gracies-Stock

5. MauricioEiji

Little Penguin by MauricioEiji Vampirella by MauricioEiji Delirium or Ooh, Bubbles by MauricioEiji

6. rosesnthorns65

Water Play by rosesnthorns65 Memories II by rosesnthorns65 Earth Play by rosesnthorns65

7. JadePixi

About a Boy - Wonderment by JadePixi Love - The One that Got Away by JadePixi What lies Beyond the door by JadePixi

8. SpazztasticPocky

Silhouette Avi Art by SpazztasticPocky Coloring Peanutchan's Art 2 by SpazztasticPocky Good Girl by SpazztasticPocky

9. annie252

Soft Lullaby by annie252 Discovery by annie252 Hazy Meadows by annie252

10. quicsilver

Friends by quicsilver :thumb43549293: somewhere there by quicsilver

11. ZeeZeeMonster

:thumb44463082: Bake a Cake by ZeeZeeMonster

12. Behana

:thumb39844374: :thumb40584310: :thumb42870669:

13. maelinn

The witch by maelinn Sadness by maelinn Dahut by maelinn

14. Solitairemiles

:thumb45290789: :thumb45024620: :thumb45059529:

15. wontbackdown

And you have just crossed it. by wontbackdown Paint Me by wontbackdown Please Stop It by wontbackdown


Since I love everyone on Deviantart so much, I am going to feature a few of my all time favorites here. :love:

First off, my lovely photographer and boyfriend:


My wonderful friends I know in real life:


Belle of the Ball 3 by PersephoneStock Kimono Krazy 23 by PersephoneStock Goddess Divine 4 by PersephoneStock Pretty Woman 8 by PersephoneStock


Vegas Girl 11 by cyber-stock Purple Dress 1 by cyber-stock Old White Dress 1 by cyber-stock Lady in Black 23 by cyber-stock


Nymph 13 by PhotoStockMarket Girl with the Earing 1 by PhotoStockMarket Belly Dancer 23 by PhotoStockMarket Little Red 2 by PhotoStockMarket

Deviantart friends features coming soon!

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Thank you! <3
B-610's avatar
I love featuring :)
intergalacticstock's avatar
Is this your way of saying " feature me as your #15, intergalacticstock"?
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maelinnHobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe i can be in your journal too ? Or it's too late ? :D
intergalacticstock's avatar
Done! [link]
That was easy and fun, haha, you are definitely one of my favorite artists I have met here on DA. :D
maelinn's avatar
maelinnHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm proud to be one of your favourite deviant ! Wow ! I hope i'll do another pieces you'll like ! Thank you so much :hug:
intergalacticstock's avatar
:love: You're welcome!
WrenStormbringer's avatar
MMM...I'd love to be in on this but my contest is taking up my whole journal right now. Drop by my page and take a look at my latest anyway, will ya?:)

intergalacticstock's avatar
Of course!
I really like "On Golden Wings", that's my favorite. :D
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starxdustHobbyist Photographer
I really :heart: your stock and i am planing to make something soon, hope you don't mind..+Me! XD
intergalacticstock's avatar
I don't mind at all. In fact, I can't wait! :D
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starxdustHobbyist Photographer
Oki yay!
ZeeZeeMonster's avatar
:wave: Hello! I don't know if I'm on time to be one of yoru featured people, but here goes :D. By the way, I really like the stock that you have up. (Now if I could just give myself a kick in the pants and base some art on it--if I do, don't worry, I'll go by your rules and tell you.)
intergalacticstock's avatar
You're on time! [link]

Thank you for all the kind words. :love: I absolutely loved YOUR gallery as well, SUCH cute pictures! Thank you!
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BehanaHobbyist Digital Artist
i love people who do this. :aww: :hug:
intergalacticstock's avatar
I'm having so much fun with it. Did you want on?
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BehanaHobbyist Digital Artist
yeah why not. lol.
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BehanaHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you!
quicsilver's avatar
i wana try ...if theres space :bounce:
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