A Couple of Rules

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Deviation Actions

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1. Please let me know when you've used my stock and send me a link so I can see it and put it in my favorites gallery. *I prefer notes, but any way you contact me is fine. 

2. Credit. Please put my username/icon/a link to my account in your deviation description.

3. Do not just change the brightness/contrast or add a filter to my stock photos. Please make an effort to transform my stock into a work of your own. Remember, I allow you to use my stock, but the photos are still mine. Editing my photos makes the work a "Photomanipulation"; listing it under "Photography" is art theft. 

4. You may use my stock in prints, just let me know when you do. It's common to offer the stock artist a free copy of the print if you do have them available for purchase, but I do not require this. 

5. Please email me at kristinamakesvideos@gmail.com about offsite use. Commercial use is not permitted without permission/possible compensation, depending on what you're using it for. 

If you'd like to contact me in any way, you can always send me a note. If that just doesn't seem to be working, my email address is kristinamakesvideos@gmail.com.

Thanks again for checking out my stock, I truly appreciate each and every one of you!

© 2006 - 2021 intergalacticstock
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Amazing shots! I will lwt you know! Indeed, it'll probably be for a book cover as such haha ;)
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So I can use them for making wattpad book covers ? I'll provide the credit of course. :) 
zendrion's avatar
I really want to use one of your amazing pictures but I have no idea how to tag people in my description.... 
DJMadameNoir's avatar
Is your stock available for commercial use, like in book covers?
TribalGraces's avatar
Hi, and thanks for making your stock available. I used one of your photos as a basis for this picture.
Serena1791's avatar
Hi, i used your pic for a picture which might end up as a CD cover for a band. I hope that's fine with you? (not a famous band, so all non profit)
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hi, i used ur beauty stock here [link]
I make complex photomanipulations as a form of fanart. I was wondering if I would be able to post some of my manipulations to ttfanfic.org to go with the stories they represent, and am asking because I intend to use your stocks in the arts.

Would it be possible for me to use them on that particular external website?

(I would always credit, with a link, and comment on individual stocks when they were used (with a link).)

Thank you for your consideration.
RicaBlack's avatar
Thank you for your wonderful stock pictures <3
Used it [here] (as a header for a little RPG <3 You're amazing
coprophage's avatar
Hello used your wonderful stock here [link]
dkjart's avatar
your stock is WONDERFUL!!!!
project-zero5's avatar
hey can I use your stock for a poster in school? I promise to give credit...
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Hello Pretty Girl, I used one of your stock images several months ago for a school project... I believe I provided the link to the completed image here on your page several months ago as I always try to do that. Anyhow, I have the opportunity to have my design... featuring your stock image... printed in an issue of Layers Magazine. It is not a money making opportunity. Just an opportunity to say that I've had my design printed in a well known trade magazine. Which in turn is an opportunity for you to have your image printed in a well known trade magazine. I would be sure that the article notes that I got the stock image from you and provide a link to your deviant page... or personal website if you prefer. So this is a really wordy way of asking your permission to allow the image to be used outside of Deviant Art.

Here is a link to the image: [link]

Please feel free to email at emailsarahs@yahoo.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Regards! Hope to hear from you soon!
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i tried to see if you'd allow any of the works i use your stock in to be put on another site as well as deviant art? i put some of my manipulations on a site called pxleyes.com and i would love to have the opportunity to use one of your pictures there in a manip. I will show to you before i post it there, and of course fully credit you. i just wanted to know before i finished it off. :)

i love your stock!
Tiikeriperhonen's avatar
Going to use one... Because i'm bored ^^'
labbaa's avatar
thank you, I used your stock here :) [link] thank you bery, very much!
KRaGG-presents's avatar
Used one of your stock pictures here: [link]
Hope, you're okay with it^^

Thanks anyway, I love the photos from that series
SuuTheBasketCase's avatar
I was wondering if I could use one of your stock pictures to make a base?
razmth's avatar
Hey, i used some of yours stocks, check it: [link]

thanks for share.
Lukesart's avatar
i would like to do a oil painting from you stock... on a live show at ustream what do you think
intergalacticstock's avatar
That would be awesome.
provokingdisaster's avatar
Hello. :]
I was wondering if I could use your stock for a DIV overlay myspace layout to make available on my site. You would of course be credited in the actual layout (probably with text imbedded in a picture so it can't be removed)
my website is:
CrackYourSkull's avatar
Im thinking about putting this ([link]) up for print. Is that alright?
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