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The Dog Walker 3

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Took my doggie Honey for a walk and *Justin-ps was along, snapping away. We decided to turn it into stock!

But boy, seriously, this dog walks me, not the other way around.

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2368x1569px 1.01 MB
Shutter Speed
10/5000 second
Focal Length
18 mm
Date Taken
Mar 26, 2007, 2:20:36 PM
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Hi I used this photo on my work here:
Tóth Tamás Works 
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Used this stock here : [link] . Thanks a lot!
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Úsed this here: [link] Thanks!
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I love that you've uploaded some unique stock. All I ever see are posed photos, so this is especially nice. Very natural and an activity that's taken for granted in stock.
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Hey, used this as a reference here: [link]
Thanks for the stock!
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thanks for this stock used as reference here:
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Hi there!
Awesome pic!
I used it in this deviation--->[link]
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hey! i used this brilliant stock here :D ([link]) (i saw how many comments were on your front page, and posted it here in case it got lost :))
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Beautiful dog.
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My dog used to walk me too :(
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Hahahhah it makes it really tough to take them on walks..
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This piece has been featured here: [link]

If you do not wish for it to featured, let me know!
Thanks for the great stock!
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How cute. I used to try to walk my cats, but they just flop down and roll around in the grass. :)
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Hahaha how incredibly cute.
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Aww! what a cute dog!! funny story, when i was a tiny tot, i used to try and walk my pet rat >_<
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HAHHAHA. OMG did you have a leash?
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Ahahah :blush: Yep, i even ade cltohing and hats for it :rofl: of the cuteness! hahhah
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Hahhaa didn't it hate that? Most cats if you even touch them wrong they're just like "You've got to be kidding me."
Haha I used to have a cat and I loved to try and dress it up (when I was really little) and I think it hated me.
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Ahahahahha, yea it hated being walked pretty bad :giggle: it was proberly plotting my death, but how can you be made at it when it's in a tutu :rofl: Ahahaha, dont deny it, you were dressing the cat up last week wern't you :aww: I think dogs are the only animals that will semi-tolerate the whole dressing up thing! :D
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I don't have a cat anymore!!!!!!! :cries:
My dog lets us put silly stuff on her, like hats and sunglasses, but only until she can get at it. Then she pretty much just wants to chew it to nothingness.
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I was gonna say..morelike..the People Walker... ;)
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Hahhaha I like that. :giggle:
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