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Hiya! My name is Nadia and I love drawing, painting and the like. I do take comissions, because I'm a poor student, check out the link above and message me if you're interested. I have a cat (Sammy) and keep tropical fish and half a rainforest of plants (I love ferns). In my free time I play tabletop games like DND and Betrayal with my SO and friends. I've said for years that I didn't want to persue a career in arts, but then I discovered a course called "Creative media and game technologies". I could become a concept artist or art director, which sounds super awesome to me! So now I'm busy learning maya and being a student overall. I'm trying to get back to drawing every day but my study is taking most of my time right now. Follow me on instagram and view my story to see what I'm up to besides drawing x)

Buy Me a Coffee at

Feel free to ask me any questions about me or my art or anything really (:

By Keyoto-theFox
By Keyoto-theFox


Got taggen by Keyoto-TheFox 

Rules: You can't pick starters or legendary pokemon as in answer in any of the questions except in questions 19-21
It would be unfair to be able to pick those pokemon in any question, because I bet all of us has like 5 favorite starter or legendary pokemon, and I'd like to see some love to other pokemon than these!

As an answer you can use a pokemon sprite from the bulbapedia webside, just search a pokemon and there should be pixel sprites of it on their bulbapedia page.

1. What's your favorite BUG type pokemon?
Volcarona, I trained one of these from 1 to lvl 70+ to get it to evolve and my god it was worth it this bab is so stong <3
Spr 5b 637.png

2. What's your favorite DARK type pokemon?
Houndoom. Everybody knows I'm edgy like this, pretty hellhound still reflects my teenage years <3 
3. What's your favorite DRAGON type pokemon?
Noivern, I never played past black/white2 so I only know this one from the anime but I love it none the less. 

Spr 6x 715.png
4. What's your favorite ELECTRIC type pokemon?
Manectric. Nostalgia <3 I always used this guy in emerald and looks how stinking rad the shiny is!
Spr 5b 310.pngSpr 5b 310 s.png
5. What's your favorite FAIRY type pokemon?
Sylveon, guilty pleasure; look at the pretty ribbonsss
Spr 6x 700.png
6. What's your favorite FIGHTING type pokemon?
I think I have a lucario in every game lol, he was so cool in the movie x)
Spr 5b 448.png
7. What's your favorite FIRE type pokemon?
Arcanine, it's a doggo big enough to ride to battle and it spits fire, what more do you want? Oh. yes. Extreme speed. This thing is awesome.
Spr 5b 059.png
8. What's your favorite FLYING type pokemon?
Aerodactyl, because the dragon pterosaur from the prehistoric times is fucking rad.
Spr 5b 142.png
9. What's your favorite GHOST type pokemon?
Normally I'd say giratina but since that isn't allowed: mismagius. Dunno, just like it x)
Spr 5b 429.png
10. What's your favorite GRASS type pokemon?
And now I can't pick my first pokemon ever to reach lvl 100: sceptile D: I guess I like sawsbuck, pretty tree deer. 
Spr 5b 586A s.pngSpr 5b 586W s.pngSpr 5b 586 s.pngSpr 5b 586S s.png
11. What's your favorite GROUND type pokemon?
Garchomp is so awesome, land shark can fly too. I had a pretty strong one in diamond. 
12. What's your favorite ICE type pokemon?
Another pokemon I've never used and only saw in the anime but it's a DiNOsAUR and aurora borealis themed, epic. 
Spr 6x 699.png
13. What's your favorite NORMAL type pokemon?
Zigzagoon is so fucking cuteee <333 and his evolution was my tm slave on emerald xD
Spr 3e 263.png
14. What's your favorite POISON type pokemon?
Crobat is such a bae, super quick and FOUR wings, godda love things with four wings <3
Spr 5b 169.png
15. What's your favorite PSYCHIC type pokemon?
Futuresight cat, I mean Espeon. Pretty kitty with psychic powers. If only it's shiny was black or something...
Spr 5b 196.png
16. What's your favorite ROCK type pokemon?
IT's A T REX. Never used it but my god this thing is awesome. 
Spr 6x 697.png
17. What's your favorite STEEL type pokemon?
Metal triceratops! Aggron was a pokemon I worked very hard for to get on emerald. Stong baby <3
Spr 5b 306.png
18. What's your favorite WATER type pokemon?
You may or may not know that I fucking love Lapras, I have multiple of these in multiple games at lvl 100 this thing is so fucking awesome I love it. I even have a plushy from the pokemon center of one. 
Spr 5b 131.pngSpr 4h 131.png
19. What's your top 3 favorite starter pokemon and why?
#1, my very first pokemon ever, the first pokemon game I played was emerald and each time I would pick treecko. I love this guy, good times man.
Spr 5b 254.png
#2, I mean, who doesn't love this dragon? Also awesome shiny. 
 Spr 5b 006.pngSpr 5b 006 s.png
#3, Swampert, I have no clue why I like him, but I do <3
 Spr 5b 260.png
20. What's your top 3 favorite legendary pokemon and why?
#1 Rayquaza, emerald has the best legendaries man, this thing was so epic to finally catch. Also, dat shiny.
Spr 4d 384.pngSpr 4d 384 s.png
#2 Kyogre is just very pretty x)
Spr 4d 382.png
#3 The movie was so prettyy, I still listen to Lugia's song. I really like it's design.
Spr 4d 249.png

21. What's your top 4 most disliked pokemon and why?
wtf is this shit? Ew. 
Spr 6x 660.png
litteral trash
Spr 5b 569.png
Staph he has a crotch mustace
Spr 5b 476.png
this veiny bastard is so gross.
Spr 5b 534.png

I tag:
:icontroblsomtwins829: curious what your faves are. 
:icontimeglitchd: also you andddd
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Dawnbreaker Page 5
//Beginning||Previous page||Next page||Cover\\

I really hope I can start making these pages in some sort of ordered frequency but it takes a while to make them x) 


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